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Chart-a-thon Final Day, Final Release! C3 NYE Bash!

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Day Twenty-One Slot 2: Single


5-Lane Keys/OD/Reductions: ejthedj

Audio Source Lineage: 1972 Quad Mix -> 2005/6 "5.1 Surround" Reissue SACD -> Audacity (EQ/Mixing) -> New Mix-down .wav file

Another one of the Moodies biggest tracks. Not much to say about it, though I think the guitar solo combined with the horns from the refrain is one of their best musical moments.

If you download any of these songs, or if you enjoy our Chart-a-thon content, please consider making a donation at chartathon.com. 90 cents per download is the suggested donation, and all proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.

SONG COUNT: 177777777

Next up is BornGamerRob

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The Beatles Rock Band Customs? You probably said no, we said yes, you said stop, but we said go, go go! This is a little different to the standard Chart-a-thon release in that we aren’t releasing cust

... F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 ...

GENTLEMEN START YOUR ENGINES Because you know it's time for DAYTOOOONAAAAAAAA! (And two other huge bangers)   Let's Go Away is often regarded as the title track to the cult game that is Daytona

Posted Images

Getting down to my final releases, and these are some of my favorites, especially since they're relevant specifically to this month. No, not Happy Honda Days, sorry to disappoint. These releases are directly related to Christmas, but not necessarily your typical holiday cheer. The three songs below represent the season a bit alternatively, which is why I deem them my Punk Navidad pack.

First up!

The Kinks - Father Christmas

My neighbor introduced me to this single back in the 80s, and once I heard it, it's been part of my regular rotation during the holiday time. The song essentially tells a tale of less fortunate children insisting with violence that Father Christmas hand over cash and save the toys for the rich kids. Sounds harsh, but the message is on point. Since it wasn't already a custom, I found it a great opportunity to get it in the database. And what a GREAT song for Rock Band; you're gonna love it to play.


The Vandals - Oi to the World

Similar to Father Christmas, violence is a central theme. They're a punk band, whadya expect? However, the difference here is, by the end of the tale, tolerance and peace are achieved. This song was also covered by No Doubt, who brought it more into the spotlight in 1997 than The Vandals had a year prior. Having now mainstream exposure from No Doubt, The Vandals re-released their version in 2000 with completely different album art (the album art on this custom is from the original release). The Vandals still regularly play their version live during their tours.


Poly Styrene - Black Christmas

Who is Poly Styrene?? She was a British singer-songwriter who formed a punk rock band X-Ray Spex in the 70s. She eventually went solo in the 80s and stayed solo for the rest of her career in music. I have huge respect for this female punk pioneer who was unconventional in every aspect of the norms, but persevered and continued to record music all the way up until her death from breast cancer in 2011. This song is the more depressing of the bunch and was meant to be the polar opposite of the lyrical prose "dreaming of a white Christmas." Simple for Rock Band, I hope it finds a place in your holiday setlist.

If you've downloaded this holiday music, why not log it as part of your tally of songs from this event and consider giving at least the $10 minimum at chartathon.com.

Song Count: 180

NEXT UP! grubextrapolate and yaniv297 return with something that will change your life!

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This Is the Day your life will surely change


I've had The The on my wishlist for a while, so when Yaniv posted that he was looking for collaborators to work on "This Is the Day", I jumped at the chance to be part of their Rock Band debut. Soul Mining ranks as my favourite The The album and I'm hoping to bring more tracks from it in the future.


Released in the fall of 1983 as the lead single for the first The The album, Soul Mining, "This Is the Day" reached number 71 on the charts before quickly disappearing. Despite the performance of the single, the album was critically well-received and holds a 92/100 aggregate score on Metacritic. This Is the Day is about emerging from adolescence with the world in front of you, self-inflicted sleepless nights, and an inability to quite grasp the sheer enormity of it all. It’s about time slipping through your fingers, and self-doubt – but mostly, it’s about change, and the lack of control we have over it.


The The - This Is the Day


Authored by grubextrapolate & yaniv297


These songs are a part of Chart-a-thon. If you download these songs, or if you enjoy my content, please consider making a donation at http://chartathon.com. All proceeds are donated directly to the American Cancer Society.




Next up, Kloporte returns:

-Is five a lot?

-Depends on the context. Bands members? No. Albums in one year? Also no.

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Hey there!

First off, let's start with a trailer:



I've been obsessed with this band for a long time now, and I figured it would be a blast to play their songs on Rock Band. I won't go in detail and describe every song, so I'll just say this:

when I began working on this pack, I wanted to pick songs from different albums and, incidentally, different genres. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard features 7 band members, so, suffice to say, there's plenty of instruments to chart.

It's also a challenge in itself, because you also need to pick which instrument to chart: one of the three guitars, one of the two drummers, and a keys chart which often features flute, harmonica, and one of several keyboard tracks.


When I was done with the first 4 songs, I decided to chart more of Polygondwanaland and worked on the first half of the album. Since most songs blend into each other, I decided to also compile the first half as one custom for people who want to play it in one go (I did).

If you're wondering, I will definitely author the second half of the album someday, and I've already started working on the 6th track, Loyalty.



King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - The River






King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Planet B






King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - People-Vultures







King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Crumbling Castle







King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland






King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - The Castle In The Air






King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet






King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Inner Cell










King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland (Part 1)


Combining Crumbling Castle, Polygondwanaland, The Castle In The Air, Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet and Inner Cell








Song Count: 189


Next up is GreenPanda12, bringing you an album (yes, an album) from a band that have been on tour with Coheed and Cambria, Say Anything and many more, theyre signed up to Equal Vision Records and have released at least 4 albums with a 5th album on the way. Any clue who it is?

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Hello everyone and welcome to my 1st release to Chart-a-thon! Today I bring you an album from a band I have quickly fallen in love with over the past 5 months. I firstly have to thank CUTstudios for showing me this band from one of their interpretations of a song they had written. From there I listened to them non-stop, like seriously non-stop. They quickly became my most listened to artist/band on my Spotify account. So I originally planned to make a 4-pack of these songs with FUGGNUTZ but as I grew to appreciate the songs more I took it upon myself to do the whole album instead. This was a big undertaking but I'm super proud of the results. Some of these venues are the best I have made to date and the tracks are so much fun to play, especially drums and vocals. I hope to do more from this band in the future but I've got a lot on my plate atm so we'll see what happens. Without further ado, here's I The Mighty with their album "Connector":









































Song Count: 202


Next up is Yaniv297 with an indie track.

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So, after previously charting "My Kind of Woman" and "Freaking Out the Neighborhood" from his "2" album, it's time for more Mac - and this time we'll move to the next album, "Salad Days"!


"Let Her Go" (which, by the way, is completely unrelated to the Passenger hit) is one of the highlights of this record. Mac pleads and advice with a friend not to mislead his girlfriend - "Tell here that you love her, if you really love her/But if your heart just ain't sure, let her go". Musically, it has everything we know and love from Mac - great guitar lines all over, funky bass, some grooving drums and his great melodies. It's another one of those catchy, fun and beautiful songs Mac is known for.



(I like the red formatting I'm bringing it back)


Next up is TheSheepQueen with a perfectly timed pack that will surely happen before they leave Europe!

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Look, I know it's ironic to do a joke on Brexit and have people wait on you, but you know how communication is eh.


So here is For Britain Only Part 2, which was for the occasion renamed For UK Only Part 2 (But mostly because it's UK artists now).




Here is a fun sorta post-punk song you might remember from a video game featuring rabbits, or from a phone company advert if you're french. Open Book isn't even a single from the album, but it definitely is the most recognizable track with its catchy hook.




Souvenir is another OMD hit, and another french company advert music. The song is very chill and will surely put you on a little cloud, I tried to recreate that feeling with the venue.




Yes, here it is, that one song you would have thought to be official DLC since release, but never happened, so here it is now, the best song the 60s never wrote!



Gorillaz's last album is full of great discoveries, and Tranz is the definition of a space jam. Now we have yet to figure if it is about drugs or masturbation, or both. Who knows, it's 2-D.



The lack of Aphex Twin in the game is perfectly understandable, due to the complexity of his music. Nonetheless, here is one of the best tracks from the SAW albums, that rap heads might recognize as the sample in Ugly Boy by Die Antwoord, which has a black Aphex Twin cameo amongst the other stars.


All of the above authored by yours truly.




Next up is BornGamerRob who will bring us a song that surely isn't by british decoration magazine Living North!

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I'm on my second to last release, and it is absolutely one of the best charted vocals I've done that features three part harmonies. Since there is no "lead singer" in this one, I kept true to the band and the instruments they play when they sing, so it may seem off that the bass player starts out the song whistling, but that is exactly how the band plays it. I hope you love...

The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company

Although this song debuted in 2014, it didn't make its splash until 2017 when a YouTube video of the song was released and piqued the interest to any who caught a glimpse. The catchy bluegrass number features four musicians from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (yup, Bluegrass is alive and well in Canada) whose instruments and harmonies together are as smooth as baby oil on porcelain. You just HAVE to grab two other people and sing this one harmoniously as it is as much fun as you can have singing in Rock Band. There is actually no drums in this song, but I charted the kick drum to the snapping to make it a full band journey.

If you download this catchy Canadian bluegrass number, why not log it as part of your tally of songs from this event and consider giving at least the $10 minimum at chartathon.com.

Song Count: 209

NEXT UP! In the spirit of keeping it Canadian, yaniv297 is bringing an Canadian artist whose only ever had a single #1 Hot 100 hit, despite a very robust catalog (and yes, that #1 will be in the mix, as it'd be crazy not to).

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Hello everybody!

After a long while, I'm finally Going Back to charting my favorite musician of all time. My number one. The one guy whose music I'll take to a desert island, if I had to choose. In my opinion, the best there ever was. Neil Young.


So let me take you to a Journey Through the Past, a journey through the career of this legendary musician - with a lot of customs!


We start our story in 1970. Our Neil has done quite a lot of stuff for a young boy.

He was a member of cult band Buffalo Springfield, who had one major hit with Stephen Stills "For What it's Worth" (the only Young song who made it to be official RB DLC). He was a part of CSNY hit album "Deja Vu", and contributed some classics to the band like "Helpless" and the raging "Ohio" (charted by Nunchuck).


And he released two solo records - the second of which, "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere", is an absolute classic that introduced the world to Crazy Horse - Neil's unique, unhinged, kinda bad but totally legendary backup band. Crazy Horse are maybe best introduced through quotes:


Joni Mitchell: "They should not be elevated to concert level".


Bob Dylan: "They got a good beat, but can't play".

David Crosby: "They should've never been allowed to be musicians at all. They should've been shot at birth. They can't play. I've heard the bass player muff a change in a song seventeen times in a row. "Cinnamon Girl" - all those years and he still can't play it right! I'd say to Neil, 'What the fuck are you doing playing with those jerks?!'. He said 'they're soulful'. I said 'Man, so is my dog, but I don't give him a set of drums'".


Nobody really understood Crazy Horse, but somehow those guys are the backing group to some of the best rock music ever made. And they're fucking brilliant at it. Their debut record have included quite a few classics: "Cinnamon Girl" (charted by MrPrezident), "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere", and the brilliant 10-minutes guitar jam "Down by the River" (charted by mrcoupdaet).


Which brings us to 1970:




Musically, "After the Gold Rush" is kinda all over the place. An attempt to combine the Horse with CSNY, a weird mix of solo acoustic performances, loud guitar jams, CSNY harmonies and a Don Gibson cover, it really does have a bit of everything. But man, pretty much every single song on this record is a classic. Absolute classic.


And this song certainly is. With CSNY style harmonies (that actually feature Stephen Stills himself, alongside Crazy Horse members, and future Bruce Springsteen bandmate Nils Lofrgen), this is a beautiful, touching ballad inspired by the breakup of Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell. This song was Neil's first top 40 hit, and was covered by a long line of artists - most famously synth-pop band Saint Etienne.


Fun fact: the piano on this song is played by guitarist Nils Lofrgen. Neil liked Lofrgen a lot, but thought his guitar style was too virtuoso for the simple sound he wanted. His solution? Neil decided that Nils will join the band as a piano player, an instrument he never played. Poor Nils - who was given about a week's notice for that - had to frantically learn and practice the piano almost 24/7 to get ready for recordings. Neil would pull similar tricks in the future - such as making slide guitar player Ben Keith play Saxophone on several of his songs.




Authored by Bansheeflyer and me. Thanks Banshee for the custom and the following writeup!


Part of Neil's opus magnum After the Gold Rush, "Don't Let it Bring You Down" is a bittersweet theme of not letting the bad get to you, although the song appears to come off as sarcastic as much as it is meaningful. Amusingly the track was introduced by Neil on CSN&Y's Four Way Street album as, "Here is a new song, it's guaranteed to bring you right down, it's called 'Don't Let It Bring You Down'. It sorta starts off real slow and then fizzles out altogether." Neil often plays this live as an acoustic arrangement (Live at Massey Hall 1971 is an excellent example).
The song has been covered many times from artists like Wolfmother, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Chris Cornell, The Hold Steady, Guns N' Roses, and arguably most famously, Eurythmics's former singer Annie Lennox.
It's composed of many complex chords and tunings (the guitar is tuned to double drop C) and, while sounding hauntingly beautiful, was a pain in the butt to chart pro keys for. Generally easy to play but being an older folk-ish song it tends to not know whether it wants to swing or not so you'll have to pay attention to when you need to hit those notes!




Next came "Harvest". The best selling album of 1972 in the US, it was a huge, insane hit that made Young a national superstar. Harvest was created spontaneously - Neil just happened to be in Nashville, where he met producer Elliot Mazer, who wanted to produce Neil's next album. Neil agreed, but on one condition - that recording will start tonight.


Mazer scrambled to find Neil a band in several hours notice, and a group of Nashville session players who just happened to be available that Saturday night - got their names down in music history. "Old Man" (charted by MrPrezident) was recorded in the very same night. Neil dubbed his new band The Stray Gators.


Hardcore Neil fans tend to look down on the Harvest album. It's the mainstream favorite, it has all the hits. It's polished, played with slick session musicians rather than the wild Crazy Horse. But not even the biggest Neil snob can resist this beautiful title track. Quite easily the best song on the record - Neil said it's "one of my best songs, certainly the best thing on Harvest", this is a tender, touching, sensitive ballad, featuring some beautiful piano and slide guitar playing. It will not be difficult to play, but I swear to you - you will not find many songs as beautiful in Chart-a-thon.




Updated with permission from a custom by SpinDoctor and Sideshow.


This one surely needs no introducing, right? Neil's only number one hit and one of his signature songs. This is an updated version of an old custom by SpinDoctor and Sideshow - it now features pitched vocals, harmonies, keys , an updated guitar chart (as the old one had harmonica played on guitar) and improvements to bass and drums. So thanks SpinDoctor!


So Neil was now a superstar, but his life was falling apart. The tour was difficult for him, his relationship deteriorated, and the grim reaper knocked on his door. Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, who became addicted to heroin, has died, which Neil felt partly responsible for. Shortly after, roadie and friend Bruce Barry also lost his life to heroin. Those events inspired the "Ditch Trilogy" - a succession of three dark, difficult, sad and amazing albums Neil released. "On the Beach" featured "Walk On", "Revolution Blues" and a breath-taking second side, while "Tonight's the Night" - the darkest, and in my opinion the best album Young made in his life - featured "Mellow My Mind" among many other songs I will someday chart.


Fast forward to 1975:




After the difficult ditch trilogy, the first line of the album sets the tone of Zuma: "Don't cry no tears around me".

The sunshine was getting back to Neil's life, and it shows. Zuma is also the comeback album of the Horse - with a new guitarist, Frank "Poncho" Sampedro (who couldn't really play all that great either), added to the lineup.


Zuma is mostly known for the monstrous "Cortez the Killer" (charted by MrPrezident), but "Barstool Blues" is a huge gem in there. A song Neil doesn't even remember writing because he was too wasted, a melody completely stolen from Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue", somehow it manages to be an unforgettable, and thoroughly original tune. Neil Young's biographer had written: "If God asked for a definition of beauty, I'd play him 'Barstool Blues'". Who am I to disagree?


This great tune is now available for you to rock out to, and scream along to the iconic lyrics: "Once there was a friend of mine who died a thousand deaths". And did I mention it has two guitar solos...?




By 1978, it was clear: Neil Young does whatever the fuck he wants. He shied away from commercial success, released a bunch of weird albums, put demos out rather than actual recorded versions, quit tours in the middle because he "didn't feel it". Everyone around Neil learned to expect the unexpected, but then in 1978 he shocked them all again - by doing exactly what they wanted for years. 6 years on, Neil have finally delivered "Harvest 2".


"Comes a Time" was originally an acoustic solo album, but when played to studio executives, they suggested adding a full band. To everyone's shock, Neil - who loathed anyone interfering with his music, let alone record company executives - agreed. Maybe that was his way of repaying the studios who put up with his incredibly noncommercial behavior for years. Or maybe he just happened to be in a good mood.


Anyway, Neil went back to Nashville and hired a full ensemble - no less than 35 (!) players were hired to overdub over his acoustic demons, including a full strings section. Most of the Harvest band made a comeback. Studio executives couldn't believe their luck - in one month, "Comes a Time" would outsell all 6 records since "Harvest".


And musically? Well, needless to say "Comes a Time" isn't as emotional, experimental or brilliant as his Ditch Trilogy, but it's still an ultra-beautiful album, full with amazing melodies and gracious arrangements. To my ears, it's better than Harvest. The title track, charted here, is quintessential Neil and has become one of his signature tunes. It also includes the ultra beautiful "Lotta Love" - which actually uses an acoustic version of Crazy Horse, doing their best impression of the Stray Gators.


Fun Fact: An hilarious lack of communication in Young's camp led to 8 different guitarists being hired for the Nashville sessions. Neil's solution? "well, let's just use them all". And indeed, no less than eight guitar players (outside of Young himself) are credited on the record - all of them playing at the same time.




Thanks HighFlyingBirds for assisting with guitar charting!


By 1978, Neil Young (33) was considered an old-timer, in fear of becoming irrelevant. Punk-rock was the new thing around, and while it sounded different, it had the same attitude rock and roll used to have, before it became commercialized arena tours and radio stations (as the Clash said, "Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust"). While many of his fellow old-timers hated punk, Neil embraced it - he recognized their realness, and briefly, he embraced their sound. For the "Rust Never Sleeps" tour, Neil has turned on the distortion all the way up again.


"Rust Never Sleeps" was recorded live, on the road. The electric side of the record only has 4 songs - two of them are fairly mediocre by Neil's standards - but it was one hell of a statement. One of them, "Hey Hey, My My" (charted by Nunchuck) would became a rock and roll anthem. One line - "it's better to burn out than to fade away" - was very controversial, criticized by many included John Lennon* and ended up being quoted in Kurt Cobain's suicide note. The other song, "Powederfinger", remains one of Neil's greatest works.


"Powderfinger" is the story of quick, pointless and young death. It tells the story of a young man, who attempts to protect his family from an approaching gunboat, but is shot in the head before he could fire a single shot. Nobody seems to agree what it's about - is it set in the Civil War? is it about the mafia and organize d crime? Does it criticize gun laws and violence in the American society? Neil surely wouldn't embrace any political/historical connection ("it shows the futility of violence. Guy's gonna take a shot but gets shot himself. It's just a scene, y'know?").


Nevertheless, it's a highly affecting, beautiful song, with a very emotional last verse. Musically, it's pure rock and roll, with two brilliant guitar solos and the Horse at their unstable best. In 2014, Rolling Stone magazine has named it as the greatest Neil Young song of all time. It's definitely up there.


*Not-so-fun fact: Here's Lennon's complete quote on that line: "I hate it. It's better to fade away like an old solider than to burn out. I don't appreciate the worship of dead Sid Vicious or dead James Dean or dead John Wayne. Making them heroes is garbage to me. I worship the ones who survive - Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo. I don't want Sean worshiping dead John Wayne or Sid Vicious. What do they teach you? Nothing. Death. Sid Vicious died for what? So that we might rock? It's garbage. If Neil Young admires that sentiment so much, why doesn't he do it? Because he sure as hell faded away and came back many times, like all of us. I'll take the living and the healthy".

Of course, this quote became very tragic. as this turned out to be Lennon's last interview - he was murdered just three months after it.




The 80's were very complex for Neil Young, a series of experimentation, personal troubles and musical mediocrity. But unexpectedly, in 1989 he made a huge comeback with the biggest hit of his career - "Rockin' in the Free World" (converted from GH by TrojanNemo). "Ragged Glory" - A brilliant, hard rocking album with Crazy Horse followed, and a collaboration with Pearl Jam began - which will yield, among others, "Downtown" (Charted by MrPrezident). Neil reinvented himself as "the Godfather of Grunge" - before making yet another sharp turn, and getting back to his gentle, folky sound with "Harvest Moon".


"Harvest Moon" have seen almost the entire original Harvest band back - plus Nils Lofrgen, this time on guitar. The title track is one of the most romantic Young has written in his career, and it's straight up gorgeous. A tribute to his wife Peggi, it's a simply, gentle and dreamy song that captures the essence of romance. It became a huge hit as well, and became one of Neil's biggest hits, a staple of his career and a classic love song.


Fun Fact: this song was performed in Neil's Unplugged set, where guitar engineer Larry Cragg have joined the band - playing a broomstick.




So that's it! Hope you made it all the way. If you did, here's one last thing: a suggestion for the perfect Neil Young RB setlist! In true Neil Young fashion, and like many shows over his career, it's split in two sets: an acoustic set and an electric set. So you can pick either set, or play the whole thing in a row!


Set 1 – Acoustic:
Set 2 – Electric:
12. Ohio


Well, that's it! I hope you have enjoyed the journey. Next up is another Canadian - MrPrezident - but this time bringing you an Australian band.

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