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Chart-a-thon Day 11, Slot 3! nsw1-6 Presents... more Rapid Ear Movements? I don't know

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Hello, hello, helloooo!


Here I am back with my third release, a pack of singles, no particular theme, anything goes. I got 3 songs and before we get started be sure to watch the trailer HERE! (I spend time on these so if you watched it, props to you)


So let's get started shall we?




Jean-Jacques Perrey was a french composer who pioneered the use of Moog synthesizers. His tracks were considered as part of the very first electronic music waves, and this is his biggest hit. Supposedly, this song was a huge inspiration for the theme song of Futurama, along with Psyché Rock by Pierre Henry, another french electronic pioneer!



This band was one of the first on my "Discoveries and Curiosities" playlist on Spotify, where I keep track of all the obscure (in France at least) stuff I find. I heard this one on a 1984 Blockbuster reel, the odds sometimes.




I wanted to author this song first because it's a bop an second in memory of a loved close one I lost this year, who was on life support for months, and that the makers decided to drop after poorly feeding him, leaving Harmonix in charge. That's right, we still love you DropMix :).


All of the above authored by yours truly, TheSheepQueen


These songs are part of Chart-a-thon.  If you download the songs, or if you enjoy my content, please consider making a donation at chartathon.com, all proceeds are donated directly to the American Cancer Society.

Speaking of numbers, That's 80 songs for the event, but for me, that's 299! I wanted to do something big to celebrate, so my next release will be a single song, but oh boy, what a song.
Next up are Yaniv297, FujiSkunk and drummerockband who are bringing a classic from this funk band. This funk band? I thought there were 64 of them!

Sheep sheep I'm a beep

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