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Guitar Hero Controller vs Rock Band Controller

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GH controllers >>>>>>>>>>>> RB controllers.


The buttons being flat with the neck, and especially the silent strum bar, make playing with the RB controllers a difficult experience. It's honestly like playing without any hyper speed for me where I just can't play properly. That's how bad they are IMO. RB's guitars are absolute garbage as far as I'm concerned. I don't mind any of the GH ones.


Favorite/best controllers are the World Tour ones, followed by the 360 Xplorers. A lot of people seem to prefer the Xplorer, and I would too if it weren't for the terrible button layout, making activating star power a pain in the ass. I've resulted in using a foot pedal to activate star power while using an Xplorer and that has been working well.

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As much as I hate to admit it, I prefer the GH guitars in general, with the GH:WT/GH5 totally-not-Stratocasters being the best of the bunch. With their raised non-mushy fret buttons, they feel more like a game controller, which I prefer, perhaps paradoxically. Plus I've had more RB controllers break on me than GH controllers, so the GH ones seem a lot more durable.

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