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Requests: J-Rock / J-Pop & Misc.

japanese rock pop anime

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Posted October 20, 2019 - 07:59 AM

Hi all,


Very first post on here so pardon me if I missed something about the rules - hopefully I got it all.

First off, just wanted to say thanks to everybody who contributes to these customs/charts - the work and output is amazing.


I noticed theres been an increasing amount of Japanese music on here, so I just wanted to throw out a few requests for songs that I think would chart well into RB3 or be fun to play in general. Some songs stem back to some old animes, others I discovered in my recent trip to Japan.


I'll try to list them in order of preference/precedence (Artist - Title).

Also, sorry if some embed and some don't? It seems to randomly choose what to embed or not


LiSA - Gurenge (Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening)  

Notes: Great build up, high energy, and amazing anime. Other LiSA songs have been charted as well

Hihume ft. Mafumafu - Deathly Loneliness Attacks

Notes: Also great build up and high energy song

Byoushin wo kamu - The second hand of the clock moves

Notes: Fast paced, high energy, piano

Yorushika - "Say It."

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rewrite

Notes: More traditional rock sound


Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Well Then, See You Again Tomorrow

Notes: Again, more rock than pop, and good bass/guitar parts


Frederic - Oddloop

Notes: Damn catchy (for better or for worse), upbeat


Home Made Kazoku - Thank You!! (Arigato)

Notes: High energy, upbeat, funky


Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Re:Re:


Drop's “Kowashite” Studio Session

Notes: Someone described it I think as more 'blue grass'? 'Dunno, but great sound and live band!


FLOW - DAYS (Eureka 7 Opening)

Notes: Full band... with lots of added violin?


Chain - BACK-ON (Air Gear Opening)

Notes: More rock, think Japanese Linkin Park


Kozue Takada - Himitsu Kichi (Eureka 7 Ending)

Notes: Slower song, marching band type drums, great piano song


Halcali - Tip Taps Tip

Notes: Just a fun song.. might not chart well though


MONDO GROSSO - Labyrinth

Notes: Not sure about charting this either... but its sort of like Plastic Love and that was a great song charted



Mentions: Nujabes? (Shiki no Uta)


Also just want to throw out.. new(ish) No Doubt! Off the latest album Push & Shove,


No Doubt - Settle Down



No Doubt - Push and Shove




Those are more or less all my suggestions. Thanks for hearing me out, and if nothing comes of it I hope someone at least found some new songs to listen to! Looking forward to whatever comes out



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