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RB Equipment prices.

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#1 lifeismusic5

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Posted October 7, 2019 - 05:34 AM

Heres an interesting question. Why are RB parts so expensive on both Amazon & Facebook Marketplace? Ive been looking for Cymbals since my one cymbal broke, but the RB3 cymbals cost an arm & a leg. Getting a replacement set is like wow. Sure it would have been easier to have gotten an ION Drum Kit, but thats really expensive too. I get that it takes time & money to produce those Drum kits for RB, but theyre old now & I feel like they should have dropped in price not raised in price haha.

#2 i0brendan0

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Posted October 7, 2019 - 05:36 AM

the price for any product relies on supply and demand. rock band peripherals are no longer being made/supplied and the demand has increased, thus the increase in price.

#3 Shroud

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Posted October 7, 2019 - 07:20 AM

The basic RB equipment is very cheap to buy second-hand. You can easily find a RB1/RB2 drumset or a RB wired/wireless guitar for 10 bucks each. There are also frequent bargains with drums+guitar+mic+games for as low as 20 euros. Keyboards are more rare and therefore more expensive, but you can still find them for 20 euros.


Then there is more advanced equipment, and here is it clear that those did not nearly sell as much as the basic back in the day. They are now rare and therefore the prices are higher. Pro guitars can be found for 40e, but I've never seen the pro drums cymbals sold at a reasonable price. The MPAs are reasonably priced for Wii and Xbox, but have extortion prices for Ps3. Oddly enough, there seems to be quite many new MPAs around rather than second-hand (as is the case with other equipment), which means in general the price isn't going to be particularly low in any case.


But yeah I've noticed it too that pro cymbals are a real oddity. I started to look into those last year and was seriously disappointed... but eventually the bright side was that it prompted me to look at different solutions. I first found an ION for only 60e but was not fast enough and it got sold to someone else. In the meantime I started looking for cheap second-hand real eDrums, and got an MPS-200 for 30e (granted, it isn't really a good eDrums set and it's already a pretty old model, but for 30e I'm not going to be picky!) Now, if only I could find an MPA for Ps3 that at least is from a European seller so that I don't have to spend an extra 30 bucks for delivery...

#4 EcoFreak

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Posted October 9, 2019 - 12:30 PM

i see his point, because every part is so hard to find these days or expensive. if anything happens to the kit i have I'm stuffed i wont be able to rebut most of it.


i wish i went for one of the rock pedals the base drum pedal that was made from a real pedal id love to have one of them, I've got a second rate substitute instead.


id also love a way to a fix the second pedal to the left down foot of the drums to make it feel more like it i don't know how. cos currently the double pedal just feels in the way and you don't want it too close to the main base drum pedal.


i also acquired recently the overdrive pedal, that took some finding. 


i really have quite a kit, bass guitar wireless split strum red, wireless less paul beatles version, the red fender 120 button, rock band 3 drums with extra poles and brackets, extra pedals, drum shield. expensive subwoofer speakers, hd projector (cos when you've got a bit group its needed), 3 wireless lips mics with only one mic stand. 3 sets of drum sticks including ones that light up on contact. 


I recently had my 30th birthday and hired out a huge room at laser world just to play RB with my friends and get drunk doing it. laser world has a bar. Sorry I'm going off topic but i know how hard it is to find replacements of this stuff, sadly its a dying game but its this community thats kept it going and more interesting. they amount of weird songs we played is unreal. 


id love the find the drum shield that just says rock band on it. and find someone who's selling a rock pedal for the game. 

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