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I know many aren't into country music, but...

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Well I wish you luck in putting it together and I hope to see it on here in all it's glory. If I knew how to do it, I would do them all myself. I may try it myself later, but I don't think I am ready for the headache yet when it took me 2 weeks to just get how to put the songs on the wii. I was very stumped on the tutorial, like the part at the beginning of the tutorial where he said there will be 2 folders with a string of numbers in the sZGE packer folder, but there isn't any folders there. I actually figured it out once I downloaded a custom song for wii and had 2 folders sitting in front of me with the string of numbers lol...so yeah, it was a pain to figure it out, but now it's a cinch. I know I should of asked someone, but I didn't want to bother anybody. I guess I'm just like that sometimes lol


Well happy song making, and hope to see lots of more great hits from you. :shobon:

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If we get get a million anime songs on here, I'm sure we can get a million country music songs as well.

Haha! I hope so. I like some anime, but I don't really think I'm into playing the themes on Rock Band. I would rather have real music. I did however download the Mortal Kombat theme and played it. It's okay I guess.

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