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Custom songs in PS3 Amplitude? (No Encryption)

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#1 DanTheMan827

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Posted August 17, 2019 - 04:21 PM

I was poking around in the game files for Amplitude and I noticed that the track format seems quite similar to rock band.


There's a .mid file, .mogg, .moggsong, and some other files I'm not entirely sure about...



#2 Alternity

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Posted August 19, 2019 - 06:30 AM

I don't know about the mid_ps3 or the png_ps3 file, but the moggsong, moggsong_dta_ps3 and dta_dta_ps3 files are most likely files in the dta format.

#3 TrashRBPlayer

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Posted August 23, 2019 - 08:37 AM

So I actually tested this the other day, but with the PS4 version.


The issue is, "on disc" customs aren't an option, as we can't edit the ark files, and I don't know if Amplitude has support for DLC. I tried creating a custom DLC package in a similar format to what other Forge engine titles use, but the game didn't detect it and without the game having DLC, it's somewhat of a educated guessing game.


for a quick run down on file format.


.mid is a mid, if you've used done RB customs before, you should be familar with it.

.mid_ps3 should be a copy of the mid, that is pre-processed to save load times maybe? I don't know what the game loads from, this or the regular mid...

mogg is a mogg, standard rock band format.

moggsong is basically the DTA file, , it tells the game which mogg and mid to load, along with the length of the song, the tracks included in the song, the audio mix, scoring goals for the song, and the song meta data/unlock requirements etc.

moggsong_dta is a copy of the previous file, but structured slightly differently.

png should be album art in theory, but at the same time, the game doesn't appear to use it anywhere to my knowledge?

png.dta gives the game some info on what to expect from the png file, such as it's compression, file type etc.



I'd like to do further investigation on the game loading DLC, in theory it should be able to detect DLC, and Harmonix did mention that DLC is planned during the Kickstarter and other games using the same engine have DLC, so who knows...

#4 DanTheMan827

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Posted August 24, 2019 - 12:05 PM

is there anything preventing someone from making ark/hdr files? or do we just not understand the format completely?

#5 TrashRBPlayer

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Posted August 25, 2019 - 02:52 AM

Well, I know we talked about this on Discord earlier, but figured i'd make a post here for anyone else.


As a follow up on my previous post. This is based on PS3 version but I'm assuming most will cross over to PS4.


The mid_ps3 is unused, and the game loads the raw .mid, that means, like Rock Band, we can author the customs in REAPER :) . We'll probably need some time to document the format properly, but for expert, the game uses MIDI notes 118, 116 and 114.


Game does not appear to have any DLC support, I tried every option I could think of, but the game ignored it all. I did find a plus however, the game doesn't have a hashcheck on ark files! This means with extreme patience, you can manually edit the ark files and generate a working custom. :smug:



The next step i'd say is for a tool to edit the ark files, that would make life a lot easier in not only figuring out file formats, but also would remove a lot of restrictions that I'm encountering manually editing files.

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