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RB3 help

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#1 Jasmynne

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Posted August 14, 2019 - 02:54 AM

Hi, I'm extremely late to the party.


I have a drum kit because I'm learning to play the drums. I thought it'd be cool to hook it up to rockband 4. Did some research and thought I only needed the midi adaptor. Wrong. I need the limited quantity wired adaptor, which people are only selling for ludicrous prices that are more than the drum kit even was. So my next idea was to just get rockband 3 and then I could download custom songs and still get to play songs I really wanted to play. Well, now my problem is I can't find any files for the RB3Maker. Every link I find is so old it's no longer there. So far, they've only led me to error pages.


Is there any hope for me, or am I just too late to the custom song party?

#2 TrojanNemo


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Posted August 15, 2019 - 03:01 AM

You're not late to the custom party. You're just looking at wildly outdated technology that isn't even part of what C3 ever did. Start at the beginning and read through what's on here.

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