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Okay, it's along shot...

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Posted August 8, 2019 - 09:01 AM

Hi,  I have been away from the RB/GH scene for a while....until I realised it was possible to play customs on the PS4.  The LibForge ForgeToolGUI that Maxton released has made converting the .con files a breeze. 


When I was playing customs they were on Wii (Guitar Hero) and I had successfully created a few customs of my own.  I say a "few" but the truth is more likely that it was two at the most!  I'm pretty sure it took me a helluva long time and they were far from perfect! 

I've attempted, and failed miserably, to make a custom in the past week - it was messy and was single track.


Anyway, I now have a PS4 with Rock Band 4 (and 1 x guitar, 2 x mic, 1 x drums) and would love to (attempt to) play some stuff that just isn't available for purchase anywhere.


I'd essentially like to play multitrack (G/B/D/V) songs similar to the ones you buy from the official store, y'know, where the instrument/vocal being performed is silent (or at least at a greatly lowered volume) until you hit it.  Keyboard isn't required, for my purposes anyway.


I read another post where someone had asked for some songs and someone suggested offering payment or the like, however in the sticky it prohibits this soooo yeah, I'm not sure what the etiquette is with regards to song requests.

For reference, if the below songs were available through then official store the I would pay for them.


.con or .fpkg (PS4) files if possible please.


The Afghan Whigs - okay, so any song by the Whigs is highly appreciated, but in particular I'm looking for Fountain & Fairfax  Miles Iz Ded  Debonair  Into the Floor  or any song they've recorded basically.


IDLES - SCUM  Danny Nedelko  Colossus  Never Fight a Man with a Perm  Mother  or literally any IDLES song.


The Bronx - Stroble Life  Transexual Blackout  Inveigh  I'm repeating myself but yeah, any song aside from the 4 official and 1 custom already released would be great.


And finally, my 7 year old daughter asked if it was possible to get either a Lizzo or Charli XCX song (aside from Boom Clap obviously.)  

Truth Hurts  Juice  Good as Hell  Break the Rules  5 in the Morning  okay, I admit it, I'll throw down on these after a few beers too!


I know it's a long shot but I thought I'd try.  Hopefully I haven't broken any forum rules here.


Thanks in advance.




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