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Forum searching did me no good... so...


So when I try to build in Magma, I get to Project Compiler Phase 2, and it throws the following error:

"ERROR: MIDI Compiler: Stream error: Can't read from <unnamed>"


and then the compiler hangs.


I can't figure out what MAGMA thinks is unnamed -- the midi file has a name. I just double checked the midi file itself and all the part tracks and the events/beat/venue tracks all are named. So what is the probable cause of this error?

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guaranic, one problem is you're using invalid practice-section markers in your EVENTS track. The docs have the list of valid practice sections. They are case-sensitive, so be sure you get the spelling and the case right, otherwise Magma will complain.


The Magma compiler has explicit checks for valid practice sections, so this may in fact not be the reason why Magma is failing with such a cryptic error. Either way, though, this will prevent your custom from compiling properly, so fix the practice markers and see what happens, and we can go from there if the errors persist.

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