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PikedPike's WIP

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Posted August 5, 2019 - 01:11 AM

Hey so I have begun work on my first ever custom, just one to begin with.

The song being 'Spray On Pants - Kisschasy', a great Aussie 2000s hit. But I also picked it because both the keys and the bass are just copy and paste fests, and I just wanted to start with something really easy but that I also enjoyed.

Here is the progress I have made on the song so far

Tempo - Mapped correctly (hopefully)
Drums - Expert Finished I think, I genuinely can't tell if there is ghost notes in the chorus so I left them out. If you people can hear them then I can readd them
Bass - Expert Finished (there is only 4 noted played over and over, it was pretty easy)
Guitar - Just started
Single Vocal - Haven't yet touched
Harmonies - Haven't yet touched
Keys - Expert Finished
Pro Keys - Expert Finished
Mapped Keys - Haven't yet touched
Events - Haven't yet touched
Venue - Haven't yet touched
Beat - Haven't yet touched
Pro GB - Not even gonna try sorry.

Also what is Dry Vox, they were not present in the tutorial that I watched.

But yeah this is the song I am working on, I hope to get it done very soon, glad the bass and keys are just copy and paste fests.

I beat Roundabout on Keyboard Once, that means I am good right?

#2 doa

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Posted August 5, 2019 - 01:41 AM

Sounds like you are making good progress with your custom!


Dry vox is typically the custom author singing along to the vocal track and recording it in Reaper. This is used by Magma (when the song is compiled) to animate the singers mouth in-game.

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