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I have a few   Queen-Great King Rat and Ogre Battle   AC/DC-Bad Boy Boogie and Problem Child   Blur-Country House and For Tommorow

I dont think this was thought through, so many requests & future requests on here that its going to be time consuming & also its going to be pretty tough getting to them all. Sorry in advance.

Hmm, heres a couple random song requests.

Level 42 - Something About You (short or extended)

Politics & Assassins - Its Your Last Shot

Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing

Dishwalla - Counting Blue Cars

Johnny Cash - Singing Nasty Dan to Oscar the Grouch

Uncle Kracker/Dobie Gray - Drift Away

Uncle Kracker - Smile

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Say anything - alive with the glory of love

Say anything - admit it!!!

Jank - Caitlyn

Jank - Versace summer

Tiny moving parts - caution

Tiny moving parts - applause

Tiny moving parts - always focused

Tiny moving parts - vacation bible school

Remo drive - strawberita

Remo drive - trying 2 fool u

Modern baseball - your graduation


Pretty much anything from any of these guys lol

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I'd honestly lose my mind if anyone posted any songs by Grandson! Not a lot of people seem to know about him, his music is really good and I feel that his lyrics send a very powerful message.

While I'd love to have absolutely ANY of his songs on PS, "Apologize", "6:00", "Kiss Bang", and "Blood // Water" are some of my faves. :D


8 Graves is another good band. "Beast", "Hang", and "Bury Me Low" are some of my favorites! Missio is also good, I really like their song "Rad Drugz".


Obviously I don't expect you to do all, of these; I feel like literally any of them would be a fantastic addition to the library :shobon:

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