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[PS3] Current situation with loop-ending affected songs

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#21 Shroud

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Posted November 10, 2019 - 06:26 PM

All songs are by The Beatles, except for Commotion by CCR.


Hi, do you mean that all the songs in your list suffer from the loop ending problem, or are you only guessing they probably do so because of the discrepancy between midi and audio lengths? Be aware that there are many songs with such discrepancy but no loop ending problem.


Also, remember that when the custom is not multitrack, you can use method 3 from my list (extracting the audio for phase shifter, then rebuilding in Magma) which doesn't require to modify the midi file, and actually doesn't require any choice on your part. I spent some time trying to unsuccesfully fix the midi of "Would I Lie To You?" which I probably already messed up myself at the first attempt, only to remember later about method 3... which fixed it immediately.

#22 Spike1958

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Posted November 11, 2019 - 02:29 AM

When I first played Day Tripper and it loop ended, I did not think much of it, I just put it down to not play it. The next time I played I picked it, and had the same problem, so I figured something was up.

When I posted about that, wondering if it was a d/l issue or something, you directed me to this this thread.


I then played through all the Beatles songs I had d/l(which was, all of them).

The list above was all the songs that loop ended. Lucy only sort of loopended, it would repeat for a while and then exit, but I changed it to remove that issue as well.


I barely made it through working with Reaper. I'm sure I would have accidentally launched nuclear missiles if I had fired up Magma!

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