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C3X World Tour: Leg Three, Week Three: Guilty Pleasures, et cetera

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Three is a magic number, one of which I appear to have dominion over

The goal for this week's release was for authors to release customs of tracks by artists that they would hate to admit they love or like to listen to. During preperations, the event was bestowed upon me, so I have provided some results here for anyone willing to enjoy some synthpop and some extra things.

For the main attraction, we have three tracks from a-ha's first album Hunting High and Low. This was a record I had picked up a few years ago at the behest of my mother. I only knew the band for their big hit "Take On Me", and am mostly a progressive rock/jazz kind of guy, typically staying away from synthpop and a lot of other mid-80s.....eh-hm....."tripe". After a few listens, I softened to the album and continually enjoy some tracks on it, those of which I have selected to make into customs for RB3. I felt there really wasn't going to be any other time to get to making these, so here they are now.

Special thanks to ghostbyob for helping out on guitar parts.

There's some 2x pedal action going on in this one. If you're into that stuff, get it here.



As an addition, we have three tracks provided by ghostbyob~ !





I'll see you again next week


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I'm genuinely surprised to see more a-ha. I thought they were too niche for people to know of or to bother with (beyond their obvious huge hit), though I will admit I wasn't necessarily expecting these particular songs. I actually assumed that if anyone added more a-ha eventually that it would probably be me, especially after all this time, so kudos to you guys.


It's a shame I no longer live near my parents since my mum would probably love this, though I'd have to check with her if she likes these particular picks, though I'm sure she probably wouldn't turn her nose up at any a-ha. You can thank her for my knowing as much as I do about them.


Edit: So I do know Train of Thought; good choice there. Do I spy a undone fade and drum crash ending? I don't recall if any version I'd heard didn't fade out, so great work there if so.


Only downside is no keys, but I can understand that can be complicated to add, especially pro.

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