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amazarashi Can't believe we don't have any

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Posted April 15, 2019 - 06:37 AM

amazarashi (lit: weather beaten) is a two-piece Japanese rock band with distinct vocals that border on rock and rap. Their name is pronounced more or less how it's written, except the I at the end is silent. So, "uh-mahz-uh-rah-sh". (It's kind of satisfying to say.) They are most well known for their song Sora ni Utaeba (lit: Singin' to the Sky), which was the third opening theme for the anime My Hero Academia. But, they have a lot more songs than that.


Here's the video for Sora ni Utaeba. Try to listen without smiling. But, it's one of the happiest songs they have.


Their song Speed to Masatsu is from the anime Ranpo Kitan, and, while still a bit upbeat, is more in line with the rest of their songs. Here's the video for that one.


The video for what I consider to be their best song, Living Dead, has some disturbing content, so instead, here's a video that shows the lyrics so you know what they're saying. This will give you a taste of their meaning. I also think it's their best singing, along with Sora ni Utaeba. So here's that lyrics video.


They also did the theme for the 2019 adaptation of Dororo, which is an anime from the 60s or 70s. The title of this song is さよならごっこ, which translates to "Goodbye Game," but it was released in the US as "Play Goodbye." I'd always prefer to link to official media, but they only did a music video for the theme, which is a fraction of the length of the actual song.


And then there's それを言葉という, or "We Call Them Words"/What We Call Words. Their video is a lyrics video, but it's only in Japanese.


Any of these would be awesome to sing... Wikipedia says they have vocals, guitar, and keys... so yeah, it's one guy singing with a guitar and one guy singing with a keyboard. I don't know if they use a drum machine or what. I suck at picking out individual instruments. I just know it sounds good.

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