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Looking for community help to complete my list

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#1 Brad

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Posted March 3, 2019 - 03:13 PM

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help in completing my favorite songs list. I have gone through all of the available song list so if there are songs with charts out there I would be filled with gratitude if anyone can show me where. If I have overlooked some of these, my apologies it's not my intention to be lazy and not look.


I do hope to try and get into the game maybe once the summer hits (I teach so that's my free time) and try and knock a few of these out.


Thanks for reading



  1. A Perfect Circle thinking of you
  2. Aerosmith amazing
  3. Aerosmith dueces are wild
  4. Alexisonfire no transitory
  5. Alexisonfire waterwings
  6. Atomic Rooster death walks behind you
  7. Beastie Boys 3 mcs and 1 dj (live video version)
  8. Beastie Boys alive
  9. Big Wreck the oaf
  10. Blind Guardian a past and future secret
  11. Blind Guardian into the storm
  12. Blind Guardian the bard’s song (forest/hobbit)
  13. Blind Guardian the curse of feanor
  14. Blind Guardian time stands still (at the iron hill)
  15. Blue Rodeo diamond mine
  16. Blue Rodeo hasnt hit me yet
  17. Blue Rodeo head over heels
  18. Bruce Dickinson the tower
  19. Bryan Adams back to you (live)
  20. Bucket Truck i am the new york times
  21. Def Leppard breathe a sigh
  22. Def Leppard die hard the hunter
  23. Def Leppard gods of war
  24. Def Leppard white lightning
  25. Def Leppard two step behind
  26. Disturbed intoxication
  27. Disturbed remember
  28. Elton John can you feel the love tonight
  29. Elton John circle of life
  30. Elton John daniel
  31. Fear Factory final exit (edit)
  32. Fear Factory invisible wounds
  33. Fear Factory resurrection
  34. Fear Factory securitron (police state 2000)
  35. Fear Factory smasher/devourer
  36. Foreigner long long way from home
  37. George Harrison my sweet lord
  38. Grand Funk Railroad inside looking out
  39. Green Day redundant
  40. Guns and Roses you could be mine
  41. I Mother Earth one more anstonaut
  42. I Mother Earth rain will fall
  43. I Mother Earth summertime in the void
  44. Incubus a certain shade of green
  45. Incubus deep inside
  46. Incubus summer romance (anti gravity song)
  47. Marilyn Manson disassociative
  48. Marilyn Manson dogma
  49. Marilyn Manson kinderfeld
  50. Marilyn Manson lamb of god
  51. Marilyn Manson misery machine
  52. Marilyn Manson the last day on earth (live)
  53. Marilyn Manson the man that you fear
  54. Marilyn Manson the speed of pain
  55. Marilyn Manson valentines day
  56. Megadeth kick the chair
  57. Megadeth the world needs a hero
  58. Metallica four horsemen
  59. Metric gold guns girls
  60. Metric speed the collapse
  61. Moist leave it alone
  62. Moist ophelia
  63. Moist ressurection
  64. Moist tangerine
  65. Neil Young needle and the damage done
  66. Nine Inch Nails and all that could have been
  67. Nine Inch Nails copy of a
  68. Nine Inch Nails right where it belongs
  69. Nine Inch Nails sin
  70. Nine Inch Nails the becoming
  71. Nine Inch Nails the big come down
  72. Nine Inch Nails the great below
  73. Our Lady Peace clumsy
  74. Our Lady Peace theif
  75. Ozzy Osbourne perry mason
  76. Pink Floyd astronomy domaine
  77. Pink Floyd marooned
  78. Pink Floyd nobody home
  79. Pink Floyd southampton dock/the final cut
  80. Pink Floyd the fletcher memorial home
  81. Pink Floyd when you’re in/obscured by clouds
  82. Prodigy smack my bitch
  83. Radiohead pyramid song
  84. Radiohead there there
  85. Radiohead where i end and you begin
  86. Rage Against the Machine township rebellion
  87. Refused new noise
  88. Refused summerholidays vs punkroutine
  89. Sam Roberts Band brother down
  90. Slipknot my plague
  91. Slipknot spit it out
  92. Stone Temple Pilots lady picture show
  93. The Chemical Brothers block rockin beats
  94. The Crystal Method trip like i do (spawn remix)
  95. The Tea Party psychopomp
  96. The Tea Party release
  97. The Tea Party the bazaar
  98. The Tea Party the messenger
  99. The Tragically Hip bobcaygeon
  100. The Tragically Hip fully completely
  101. The Tragically Hip wheat kings
  102. The Who go to the mirror
  103. The Who were not gonna take it
  104. Twisted Sister burn in hell

#2 MrPrezident


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Posted March 3, 2019 - 04:32 PM

More than a couple of those are on my radar.  You have excellent taste in music.

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#3 naginalJJ

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Posted March 4, 2019 - 01:21 AM

More than a couple of these are also released already and official DLC

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#4 Atruejedi

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Posted March 4, 2019 - 01:46 AM

Brother Down by SRB should be coming this year for Canada Day.

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#5 Bansheeflyer



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Posted March 4, 2019 - 02:02 AM

This is an awesome list but please remove songs that are official DLC otherwise I will have to lock the thread. Thank you!

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#6 RealCheese

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Posted March 4, 2019 - 02:52 AM

I noticed at least two songs that are currently on my to-do list

#7 CUTstudi0s

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Posted March 4, 2019 - 08:34 PM

A couple of these songs I'm working on, too.



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#8 Brad

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    Paradise, NL, Canada

Posted March 4, 2019 - 09:03 PM

Ok, I got rid of the two I noticed. the comma in Janie's and periods in 3am got me. I think that is it.


As for the others, I am primarily looking for FB as I want to play all of them. I am confident I have the CCC ones but you know spelling sometimes alludes me :)


Thanks for the help everyone. I'm super excited for the work everyone here as put into the songs that I already knocked off my list. I believe I have close to 200 customs on that list so you guys are amazing, especially the Canadian ones :D

#9 MrPrezident


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Posted March 4, 2019 - 11:53 PM

 you guys are amazing, especially the Canadian ones :D



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#10 Basedjayz

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Posted August 19, 2019 - 02:16 AM

Daniel by Elton John would be LEGENDARY

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