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Multiple Tracks Have the Same Beat?

Beat Track Multiple Tracks Same Beat

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#1 TsarDragon

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Posted February 8, 2019 - 02:03 PM

Hey all. Hoping you can help me with this one.


So I've charted dozens of songs for personal use so far that have worked. Usually I can find out how to fix an error on my own or through a Google search. But this one doesn't seem to come up in my searches so I'm reaching out to you guys. It's probably something simple that I missed also...

Welcome to MIDI Tester 1.1
This program is intended to quickly let you test MIDI after MIDI for compliance with RBN2.0 standards.

All you have to do is drag the MIDI file(s) here. This program will read through it, and create an adequate test project. MagmaCompiler is then called to process the MIDI for RBN2.0 compliance without actually compiling the song (so no time wasted compiling the audio).

You can do back-to-back MIDIs without having to close this form.

Ready to begin....


Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process started.
Added drum mix events successfully.
Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process completed.
Starting Basic EMH Check..
WARNING: PART DRUMS Hard only has 5 notes but Expert has 1347 notes
WARNING: PART DRUMS Medium has the same amount or more notes than Hard.
WARNING: PART DRUMS Easy has the same amount or more notes than Medium.
There were only 3 problems reported
This means the charts most likely have reductions charted except where reported in the log.
Ready to send files to MagmaCompiler ... hold on.
Output from MagmaCompiler follows:
Reading the archive
MIDI Compiler: Starting...
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (MIDI FILE): Multiple tracks share the name BEAT
MagmaCompiler reported some errors. Please see the log for details on what must be fixed.

Process completed in 0 minutes and 1 second.
You may drag another MIDI or just click Close to exit.

That was through MIDI Tester. Let me know if you need the midi file or anything else.

#2 Oddbrother

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Posted February 8, 2019 - 04:29 PM

It says that you have more than one MIDI track that contains the Track Name marker called "BEAT". Check your tracks in Reaper's MIDI editor to see which ones have them.


Or does your project contain more than one BEAT track?

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