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I'm quitting RB3 customs - here's my projects (most unfinished) if anyone would like to work from them

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#1 petergaveglia

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Posted February 5, 2019 - 03:00 AM

*quick link to mega folder*


First of all I'd like to thank everyone here for making Rock Band an even better game than it already was. Ever since I realized I could add customs the game has just been such a good time for me!


After about 2 years, I'm deciding to leave the community - I never had much of an impact but I was still one of the many people who would download a lot of new songs and refresh the site every day.


I'm putting my projects out here because it's possible someone here might see a song they planned on working on and I have a chunk of it done.

I've included all of my projects I have worked on, or was working on before I lost interest in the game. 


Most of them just need things like EMH difficulties and animations. They're all tempo-mapped as well. Unfortunately most of the audio files are scattered around my drive, but they could all be found with a simple youtube search. Just load the youtube mp3 into reaper and it should be fine.


There's a folder titled "Gorillaz" where a lot of Gorillaz songs are pretty much done too. I had plans to make another Gorillaz pack after a collab with battlepenguin but it never really got anywhere. These songs are:


Intro/Last Living Souls
Dub Dumb
Glitter Freeze
We Got The Power
Bill Murray
Intro/Last Living Souls has full band charted, but Last Living souls needs vocals.
Dub Dumb is a rare track and I wouldn't really chart it but I'm doing it for the sole purpose of testing multitracks, since that is the only song I know that has full multitracks. It has Drum, Guitar, and Bass charted. Vocals are incomplete, only humming is charted. Keys are also incomplete.
I crossed out Glitter Freeze because the song doesn't really appeal to me, and we got the power for the same reason. Plus, glitter freeze only has the tempo map, and we got the power only has the drums charted. 
Charger has the tempo map too, and partially has guitar, but I gave up since it was way too difficult to chart.
Bill Murray is pretty much done, just needs phase markers and overdrive and events and cleanup and stuff like that. 
The other songs are from Misc artists, I have some Tyler the Creator, Kali Uchis, MF DOOM, and Vince Staples, in there too. 
You could all do what you want, rework them or complete them! I don't mind, I would love to see them done!
A mega folder with all the files could be found with this link.
Thank you all so much for a great time on this website! I hope that my projects could serve some use and that you enjoy my previously made customs that I made as well  :D
- peter

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Posted February 5, 2019 - 05:00 AM

We're sorry to see you go Peter. Your Gorillaz enthusiasm has always been fun and it's been awesome seeing you put out some Gorillaz tracks! Thank you for all your work and for being a fun part of the community.


Should you ever decide you want to start charting again, we'll always be here. :)

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#3 Synth

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Posted February 5, 2019 - 05:39 AM

See you space cowboy...


Dsco - Sweet Trip

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