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Error 204036 on RB3 for Wii

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#1 Videoman87

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Posted January 22, 2019 - 06:39 AM

Since the Wii store is shutting down the end of this month I thought it was wise to get backup downloads of the songs I have.  But I have ran into problems.


One SD card (32gb) has over a hundred songs on it, but when I put it in today, while it says the content is loading I get a lot of "addon conent cannot be restore to system memory" and the songs don't show up in the play list.  Never saw that before.  So I tried deleting one song and try to redownload it again via the Rock Band store (heard that fixes things sometimes) and I get a 204036 error.  I thought it might be my WiFi connection so I hardwired it, but same result.


I found a old 2gig card with 10 songs in it and that loads fine in the game.  But if I try to add any more songs, same 204036 error.  I have tried clearing the cache as discussed in the how-to for the Wii but it hasn't made a difference either.  I thought maybe the 32gig card was bad, but that is doubtful when the 2gig works fine, just won't download any songs just like the 2gig card.


Both cards are only DLC and not customs so I am at a loss what is going on.  Any ideas?  I want to get this cleared up as I can't imagine customs working at this point.  Not to mention I want to get the backups before the store goes poof.

#2 Videoman87

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Posted January 26, 2019 - 07:15 AM

Well I figured it out.  Something was wonky with my IOS56.  I reinstalled one version older (5661) with Dop-Mii and it now works. :)  Now on to customs! :)

#3 Atruejedi

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Posted January 26, 2019 - 06:13 PM

Another Wii user! :wub: 


Hello, kindred spirit. I assume you've already checked Stack's guide and mine as well, but since you're so early on in the process, I urge you to check mine out because it'll help you maximize your Wii's, um, interesting custom packing situation. Tally-ho, and good luck! We're here if you need us.

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