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C3X World Tour, Week Fifteen: Eclectic Broadway Collection

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#1 Emotional Flight

Emotional Flight
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Posted December 28, 2018 - 04:59 PM

Eclectic Broadway Collection


Hosted at 54 Below


Broadway holds a unique variety of music across a wide range of genres. From the radical guitar solos to the operatic vocals, Broadway makes for a truly eclectic collection. Thanks to GreenPanda12KamotchRyanHYK and guyshenig for their help on this pack!


The lights dim for a moment before the first song breaks out:




In The Heights is a soaring testament to the skill and talent of Lin-Manuel Miranda. It features an intense harmony section, setting up several themes and ideas used later in the musical. Drums is filled out with a percussion section amidst the more traditional beats, while keys varies between various themes and octaves during the chorus.




When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock stands out from a lot of other Broadway pieces by embracing rock music as its source. The guitar is the real star of this track, varying between strumming and riffs. The vocals, while lacking harmony, are also a blast thanks to the lyrics. Drums and bass both feature standard beats broken up with riffs and keys fills out the track with backing synth and a difficult bridge.




Waving Through a Window is Evan's character defining song, and a desperate appeal to be noticed. The vocals are complimented by backing harmonies during the second half. Guitar is sparse, but the bass is energetic and bouncy. Meanwhile Keys is the real star of the instruments, reaching down to create some startlingly difficult sections by the end of the song.




Keys are a highlight of this track, going from difficult to insane through the middle before mellowing. The crescendoing vocal performances tie the song together for the bang of a conclusion.




The most operatic piece in the pack, Love Changes Everything is a dramatic entreaty to love in all of its forms. The vocals really do soar, and the piano accompaniment fills the song with chord filled drama.




Better known for its Oscar winning performance in the movie Once, Falling Slowly is a soulful, stripped down song about vulnerability and regret. Just listen. It's worth it.




Thanks to RyanHYK for help with Bass and editing!

Dead Girl Walking is just all around fun, with an intense guitar solo, drum fills, and a Big Rock Ending capping it off.




If I Had My Time Again is a character study that swirls Rita's optimism and Phil's negativity into an absolute bop. Vocal harmonies is a star here, with Phil, Rita and some backing vocalists singing over the glissando filled keys part and guitar strums.




One Day More! is a harmony fever dream. Mixing together all the characters while giving each a moment grows into a call to action in a grand manner.




The lights come back up, and chatter swirls. There is an anticipation in the air as the second act approaches. Everyone looks up at the stage, and:




By far the shortest song in the pack, I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today successfully rides the comedy line. Keys are a monstrosity for something this short, but it acts as a fun diversion from long, intense songs.




Thanks to Kamotch for contributing this song to the pack!

Another Day is a consistent piece of fun. Roger and Mimi's vocal performances are blended with excellent instrumentation. Keys and Drums are both highlights here.




Popular shows how great lyrics can really sell a song, and as such, the vocals are incredibly fun. Keys is the other standout, with long, difficult chord sections over the keyboard.




Thanks to GreenPanda12 and guyshenig for contributing this song to the pack!

The harmonies and bass are both great pieces of this song in some of the finest teen angst available.




Thanks to RyanHYK for Guitar, Bass and Drums!

King George shines in this comedic performance. Vocals are the star, and are particularly challenging with their two octave range before 'da'ing with the harmonies to a close. Drums and Keys are also highlights, both with challenging sections.




This song is one of my favorites because of its inherent charm. The Vocals and Keys are a fun romp, and the other instruments are surprisingly fun for something so simple. The slow ending pulls the energy back before giving three taps right at the end.




Superboy and the Invisible Girl features a strange 11/8 beat that gives the song a unique flavor. Every instrument presents a unique challenge, but Drums are my favorite with a hi-hat beat before going into several fills and capping off with a Big Rock Ending.




Thanks to GreenPanda12 for contributing this song to the pack!

When It's Time is an acoustic piece that is best experienced with a guitar and a microphone singing longingly at the television.




Hadestown as a whole is one of the strangest Broadway recordings I've listened to yet. The intense nakedness of the Live part of the album recording leaves it feeling raw and whole in a way a more polished recording wouldn't, and that is reflected in this song. If there was one song here to tug at your feelings, this is it.




Therapy is one of the best argument songs ever. With a slow build up, this song really gets going around the half way point, when the insane vocals finally kick in. Good luck keeping up. Keys and Guitar are no slouches either, with crazy riffs and patterns by the end.




Some of you probably know Suppertime better from its role in the You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown animated special, but this version is so, so much better. The vocals are completely insane, with crazy lip flapping, huge slides, rolled r's, and a wealth of other challenges. Keys are also bonkers, with more four chords than would normally be warranted. You've been warned.


Bonus: Cut Songs


There is a hubbub in the air as the second act comes to a close. Is this the end? But another singer comes to the stage...




Dessa brings life to her performance as Angelica here, now brought to Rock Band so you can hit Alexander with some sick burns.




Ukulele isn't usually the instrument of choice, but this song is a purposefully small and condensed piece. Whistling is only on harmony and has been pitched, so you can sing solo instead for a slightly easier time to avoid the whistling.




This is by far the easiest song here, but that's okay because it makes up for it with it's soul-crushing style and atmosphere.


And that's a wrap! Thanks once again to GreenPanda12KamotchRyanHYK and guyshenig!

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Posted December 28, 2018 - 06:25 PM

Incredible undertaking all, thank you for making this awesome set of Broadway come to Rock Band!

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#3 Farottone


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Posted December 28, 2018 - 06:59 PM

Definitely in the run for Best Pack of the Year, easily

#4 JCLexicon

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Posted December 28, 2018 - 07:47 PM

Rent, Hamilton, Spring Awakening, Avenue Q, Wicked, Les Mis


Pretty much a Top 5 or 6 plays right there!


Thanks to all you guys for authoring this week; plus props for the Book of Mormon inclusion and Tick Tick Boom (pre-Rent Jonathan Larson).


Also looking forward to jamming In The Heights to get a feel for Lin-Manuel pre-Hamilton; sounds promising.

#5 mcatrn

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Posted December 28, 2018 - 07:48 PM

Absolutely amazing. Thank you!

#6 yaniv297

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Posted December 29, 2018 - 01:19 PM

Absolutely amazing pack. With Disney, this, and the absolute madness that awaits in New Year's eve, this December was simply insane. Thanks for all the work!

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