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Sunfire Cobra's WIP Thread

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Hello, since the database is down, I'd like to share my completed Messiah Complex by Haken. The 5 parts will be available individually when the database is back up, but I'd like to give you guys some new content to tide you over! Here are the full 17 minute version links. Enjoy!

1x Bass

2x Bass


All my WIP charts!


I'm American, so edit dates are Month/Day/Year, not backwards like those silly hippies in Europe.


Songs notated with an asterisk (*) means that I may not feel like getting back to them. Let me know if you want to take over on those.


Contact me on Discord! Username: Sunfire Cobra#9958


In the works:

Flying Colors - Infinite Fire (Tempo map complete), 12/30/19


The Reign of Kindo - Breathe Again (Drums complete), 6/4/19


*Wavves - Nine is God (Tempo map complete), 5/26/19


Psychostick - Orange (Drums complete), 1/11/19


*Haken - Host (Drums complete and released), 1/10/19


*Haken - The Good Doctor (Drums complete and released now under beard216), 12/14/18




Haken - Messiah Complex, 10/7/20

     I. Ivory Tower

     II. A Glutton for Punishment

     III. Marigold

     IV. The Sect

     V. Ectobius Rex

Destiny Potato - Love Song, 8/25/20

Haken - Veil, 8/15/20


Soundgarden Collab w/ AJFOne23

Soundgarden - Halfway There, 5/26/19

Soundgarden - Worse Dreams, 5/24/19

Soundgarden - Blood on the Valley Floor, 5/16/19

Soundgarden - Black Saturday, 5/11/19


Thank You Scientist - Feed the Horses, 5/1/19

Haken - Puzzle Box (Collab w/ Doxophobia), 4/17/19

Jon Lajoie - Wtf Collective, 4/11/19

Psychostick - Uhhhnngg, 1/21/19


I probably need to finish some of those WIPs


My old Frets on Fire page for anyone that want to convert those to RB3:



Updated: 10/7/20

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