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C3X Thanksgiving Festival, Day 3: Brian Hazard's Creative Selections + Suede

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#1 GreenPanda12

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Posted November 25, 2018 - 04:50 AM

It's time for the man himself 'Brian Hazard' to make his pack debut.
You may have noticed over the past few months that songs from his one-man band 'Color Theory' have been popping up by yours truly. He has slowly turned into one of my idols in music and I listen to his content on repeat. The sheer talent that comes from this one man is beyond incredible and I respect him in every way possible with his music. Even though he is still an indie artist, he has made a name for himself in the 2 decades he has been making music. One of his songs was even mistaken as a Depeche Mode B-Side which funnily enough is one of his favourite bands.
So in light of this release, we take you to his humble studio in Huntington Beach, California where he works and produces music. With the help of ejthedj, we have been able to bring you four tracks from his discography, each one from a different album.
From his latest release earlier this year "The Majesty of Our Broken Past" to as early as his album "Life's Fairytale" which was released in 2001. There's plenty of variety in this pack of assortments with 3 of them including 'Multitracks' provided by none other than Mr. Hazard. In addition to the tracks, we've also added in PRO Bass charts for all the songs for your amusement.
So without further ado, may I present "Color Theory C01":
'Everything I Thought I Had to Be'
Chart provided by ejthedj (Thanks to TheWay123 for the drum touch-up)
PRO Bass chart and Venue by GreenPanda12
'I Should've Kissed You'
Chart, PRO Bass and Venue provided by GreenPanda12
Chart, PRO Bass and Venue provided by GreenPanda12
'In Motion'
Chart provided by ejthedj
PRO Bass chart and Venue by GreenPanda12
Hope you enjoy these amazing tracks. With that, I'll leave you in the hands of yaniv297.
Normally my charting choices are pretty methodical: choose a pack/artist and work with that. But once in a while there comes a song so special, that I like so much, I just decide to quit everything else and push it to the top of the queue. The release of “Life is Golden” was never planned. It was not on the schedule two weeks ago. I’ll do a Suede pack at some point, but I didn’t even want to wait for that. I just found myself so addicted and excited about this song, I charted it so quickly when I should have been studying, and added it to the nearest date I could find. So on the song itself: Suede are mostly known as a great 90’s brit-pop band, with hits such as “The Beautiful Ones”, “Animal Nitrate”, “Trash” and many more (shameless self promotion – I charted “Trash” and “The Drowners” before, look them up in the DB!), and for their absolutely amazing first two albums (seriously “Dog Man Star” is a top 20 album for me). Since their comeback in 2012, they’ve released three albums that are more ambitious, experimental and instrumentally varied than their old work.
Those are all great albums, but this tune – “Life is Golden” from 2018’s “The Blue Hour”, released just two months ago – is special. There’s just something about it – forgive the pun, but Suede have truly hit gold with that one. It’s been insanely well received (Clash Magazine has called it “arguably their best song in twenty-two years”), it’s only been out for a few months and it’s already used as the climatic closing songs to their concerts, chosen over their wide range of hits. It’s a huge, emotional, catchy anthem, and is already a huge favorite and among the band’s best songs. Rock Band wise, it’s not extremely challenging, but it’s fun on all instruments. Guitars and bass are melodic and ever changing through, with a variety of parts to play and a soaring guitar solo at the end. Drums are basic but fun, keys have some nice strings parts, and vocals, as always, rule them all – belting out this chorus is an absolute joy, and there’s some nice falsetto too! This song will probably never be as popular as it deserves too, but I’ve been fairly obsessed with it recently, and I’m very happy to bring it to you. Hope you give it a try.


'Life is Golden'




Chart by yaniv297


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#2 yaniv297

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Posted November 26, 2018 - 08:42 AM

Some really cool songs here, always great to find out about lesser known artists!

And I'm really happy to present the Suede song too :)

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#3 Nintendo113

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Posted November 26, 2018 - 04:16 PM

I'll give these songs a try! 

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