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2112 is a multi part song performed by Rush that we all know & love. There were 2 versions made of 2112.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock


Rock Band 3


The question is, which version do YOU think is most superior?


For me, Id honestly say I prefer the 2112 chart & naration from GH:WOR, it was one of the main selling points & one of the things that kept me coming back to GH:WOR. Unfortunately the RB3 chart to me is unfairly difficult as I can pass GH chart. The naration in GH is also a wonderful addition to storymode as well. Curious to know what you guys will say.

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I loved the whole experience in GH. I don't remember enough from each to tell which sounded better or which chart was better, so I'll guess the RB chart and audio is probably better. But the narration and effort put into in GH was excellent.

Rock Band honestly sounded better due to them being better quality all together, but GH put love into their storymode. I wish RB could get that aspect right, tour mode was decent in RB2 but repetitive songs made it a pain to play. Truthfully I wish it was acceptable for someone to try to rip the naration & put it into RB but idk if thats not allowed, that would but sick!

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I'd say the RB version nailed in giving the whole 20 minutes to play, instead of only the 7 split parts. The Pt. I re-record not as... good(?) as the original in RB, but the Pt. VII chart, not having the "BRE", is way more fun to play. Also, I think GH drum charts are better for not having disco flip, and it added to the song experience. Yeah, in short, GH!

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To my understand, both "versions" of the song aren't the studio original. Some of the audio actually came from (or is mixed in with), their live performance from the All the World's a Stage album.



Biggest giveaway, at least at the beginning, is the guitar at ~1:06 that doesn't sound like the studio. I think there is a general blending between the studio and that live recording. That's what gives the versions their slightly different sounds. I never played GH:WoR since I stopped at GH3, but I know the versions are similar.


As for the narration and such... I'm a huge fan of them. However, I think it should have been an option. Same reason why, when I created the Clockwork Angels medleys, I added in the book narration snip-its in between songs. It was a free way to give the player some relax time in between songs... but I think it's a huge mood setter in terms of the story being told throughout the album. Same goes for 2112 in GH. However, it was unfortunate for them that they were never given the single full song. It's a reason I was VERY happy with RB getting 2112 in full as an option.


The chart differences, from what I've looked up before, I think are a huge part due to the differences between each game, and how charts usually "feel" on each game. RB chart's are more "tight" and "succinct", which I think leads to them being generally harder. It's a big thing on Guitar due to the HOPO system and feel. Also, not having broken chords means some sections needed to be charted less naturally.



After a little research, it looks like a big issue was that the original studio tracks were completely recorded in multi-track. Overture and Temple were done as a mix of the live and/or studio re-recording, while the rest was the original to my knowledge.

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