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Issues with "Foreplay/LongTime", "Train Kept A Rollin'", "Won't Be Fooled Again", and "Green Grass And High Tides"

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So, as I read in a previous thread, a few songs from RB1 don't work after adding harmonies and keys. I'm told I can fix it via editing some stuff in the .dta file, but I'm too paranoid to just try it via process of elimination.


Can someone help me and walk me through it? I'm just worried of messing it up. Thanks for the help everyone!

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  1. Open C3 CON Tools (download it if you don't have it).
  2. Select Quick Pack Editor (middle left).
  3. Drag and drop the LIVE/CON file into the top white area.
  4. Click "dePACK" and wait.
  5. Once it's finished processing you should have the unpacked version of the song.



Okay, I'm still not getting it. I get to the Quick Pack Editor and drag the file to the top but dePACK isn't an option (but Batch dePack is).

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