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Musical based games for Xbox and import question.

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I know this has probably been beaten to death, but here are all my music based games. I have what I believe is all the Rockband games and packs. I have never imported any content to my console besides customs. I don't even know which games I could still import or did Xbox shut that whole thing down. Can anyone guide me to be able to import as much of these as I can?

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So I believe the Track Packs have an insert with a code on them. If you have this insert, put in the Track Pack disk and then there should be an export option. It should still work and export to xbox which Rock Band 3 will recognize.

For the Full Game Exports I believe you are out of luck, they are no longer active.

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There is ways, but its not legal & Im pretty sure we cant talk about that. The legal way is already gone away with. You can export to Rock Band 4 but of course a lot of people have got the opposite console version like, having the better Xbox 360 version RB3, but then getting a PS4 because its claimed to be the better of the 2 consoles & then getting RB4 for that console but it does not transfer that way either. It kind of sucks for me because I liked RB4 although calibrating is terrible, but I very much like PS4 over XBone. Point being, although theres also songs that wont transfer over due to licensing, theres also no way to get back those licensing without finding them online, which are done illegally.

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