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I organized my gear (custom guitar hanger/shelving)

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I've seen some of you guys storage plans. This is mine. My gear was all over the place in a corner. Wife was bothered by it. So I sat down and drew up some plans to make shelves. After 2 prototypes I found one that worked great. Anyone have some input? Yes the shelves are level. It looks off due to the keyboard having a slant.


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To clarify, I only made the shelves on the left and right holding the guitars. The ladder shelving was existing. if anyone wants to know how to make one I can give my measurements and draw it out.


The guitars are in a slot at a 45 degree angle, and to keep them there, I chiseled out a groove downward for the necks to "slip" into, so my subwoofer wont shake them off.

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Love your drums, how much were they? Been wanting upgrade from my basic ION kit :)

It's the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit. It's really nice. I got it at Guitar Center for $350 new. The plan was to learn basic drums. But we really only play rockband with it, so since this picture I've adjusted the cymbals to match up with the RB Pro cymbal setup. In hindsight The Ion Pro kit I have is still probably the most ideal setup. Besides larger pads and cymbals, it stands higher off the ground. I cant get the Nitro any higher, So when you sit on the throne the height throws me off.

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