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[Don't read this part if you just want to see the problem] I already made a topic on this problem but I wrote it when I was very annoyed I couldn't find what I needed, So because of me writing it when I was mad/pissed/annoyed it was very hyperbolic and not very helpful to whoever was trying to read it. If you want to check it out it's called "Help Authoring/Making Customs". The reason I made this topic is that I wanted to redo it with as much information as possible. The other topic is still there because I don't know how to delete a topic...


Now onto the problem:

My main issue with trying to start making customs is missing links to a few Tools/Scripts for doing so, so far I can not find any working links for Official RBN Tools/RBN plugins for REAPER and the CARV (Automatic Chart Validation Script). Does anybody know whats going on with these links? (I'm talking about the ones in the pinned topic "LIST OF ALL AUTHORING STUFF" (when you click The CARV link you're brought to another topic but the actual download for CARV is broken, I downloaded python in the other link)). I'd like to know if I actually need these two links I'm missing or if anyone has a working link.

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Tools and RBN plugins links should now all be fixed. CARV's thread is damaged I think, I can't edit the link, but it's not the most used tool, I'll try to fix it later on. Anything else should be fine now.

much love

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