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Weird note misalignment error

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#1 ironbatarrow

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Posted June 9, 2018 - 07:41 AM

The song I'm currently working on is throwing up this error about the first note in the second harmony being misaligned, saying that the correct location is near the track's end.


I've tried redoing the note, the lyric, and the phrase marker, but none of them helped with the issue. I'm starting to run out of ideas at this point. Is there something that I missed on here?


Image of section with the problem:



REAPER Project File:



And here's what Magma tells me:


Magma: C3 Roks Edition v3.3.2
Build started at 02:14

Starting Nemo's MIDI Validator...
Everything looks good, continuing...

Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process started.
Added drum mix events successfully.
Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process completed.

Loading MagmaCompilerC3.exe...
Reading the archive
Project Compiler: Reading project 'E:\Documents\RB\lostmymusic\lostmymusic.rbproj'...
Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 5...
Metadata Compiler: Starting...
Metadata Compiler: Done.
Project Compiler: Entering Phase 2 of 5...
MIDI Compiler: Starting...
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (HARM2): Misaligned note at [52:4:000] (expected at [213:2:000])
ERROR: MIDI Compiler: (HARM2): Missing vocal note at [52:4:000] for lyric 'Da-'
MIDI Compiler: Done.
ERROR: Project Compiler: Midi compiler failed.

#2 Farottone


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Posted June 9, 2018 - 10:40 AM

That usually happens with overlapping notes, however your project has structural issues regardless of that.


- Your phrase markers are way too long. Aim for 2 measures phrase markers, don't go over 3, otherwise your lyrics won't display

- Your notes are way too long. I haven't listened to the audio obviously but there's no way every single note in the song is separated from the following by 2 1/64th

- Phrase markers are different from H1 and H2 when there is no need to

- You have OD on H2 and H3 which is not allowed. You can also remove it from H1

- OD must be identical between H1 and Vocals but you have different phrases covered by OD

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