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Preview time?

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#1 DaveEvo11

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Posted April 22, 2018 - 11:04 AM

I'm trying to build my song in magma and I get this message:


Magma: C3 Roks Edition v3.3.2
Build started at 11:59
Starting Nemo's MIDI Validator...
Everything looks good, continuing...
Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process started.
Added drum mix events successfully.
Nemo's MIDI AutoGen process completed.
Loading MagmaCompilerC3.exe...
Reading the archive
Project Compiler: Reading project 'C:\Users\miniminion\Desktop\Games\Phase Shift\music\RBN\Better Late Than Never\dngbetterlate.rbproj'...
Project Compiler: Entering Phase 1 of 5...
Metadata Compiler: Starting...
ERROR: Metadata Compiler: [C:\Users\miniminion\Desktop\Games\Phase Shift\music\RBN\Better Late Than Never\dngbetterlate.rbproj] preview_start_ms: time is 0:00 (-1 ms), which is less than the minimum time of 0:00 (0 ms)
ERROR: Project Compiler: DTA compiler failed.
I've tried to change the preview time but it doesn't work


#2 DemonUnicorns

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Posted April 22, 2018 - 02:53 PM

How long is the song you are compiling?

#3 DaveEvo11

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Posted April 22, 2018 - 03:51 PM

Only 1:30

#4 BornGamerRob

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Posted April 23, 2018 - 01:53 AM

That time should be accepted. Did you take a look at this thread?


http://customscreato...start_ms: +time


I have NO idea why this would have anything to do with that error message, but maybe give it a try. Should have gave a different error message I would think.


If not, you might have to post your file. Hard to troubleshoot some of these errors sometimes.

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