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Okay, so Ive been on a debate with friends trying to decide which of the 2 popular Guitar Hero Dragonforce challenge songs are the harder of the 2.


Dragonforce - Through the Fire & Flames.


Dragonforce - Fury of the Storm.


Now theres a few variables going into it.


Which version of Through the Fire & Flames?

Well, theres the OG Guitar Hero 3 chart, which many people still think is one of the hardest songs to complete unless you know the specific techniques.


The Smash Hits re-chart with the special tap notes which people say is the easier of the 2 due to the game engine of Smash Hits & the tapnotes.


For Fury of the Storm theres only 1 notable chart I can think of, its the Warriors of Rock chart, which to me is a solid chart but again were only looking at Guitar.

If you were say, looking at every instrument (considering Smash Hits is full band as well) then maybe you could also debate Drums, Bass & Vocals, but lets just leave it at Guitar to simplify things.


I might have to give the edge to Warriors of Rock. I can get a way better score & note hit percentage on TTFAF than I can on FOTS, thats even with the Smash Hits version, which I have a harder time hitting the notes on.

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