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Can you use an actual Guitar or Bass pedal in place of the RB2 Overdrive pedal?

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#1 Trouble

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Posted April 6, 2018 - 12:46 AM

So I was wondering....exactly what the topic title states. Haha. Buut, just to clarify:

I have (or had, I guess... it's outta commission until further notice, lol) one of the RB2 overdrive pedals that I found on Ebay, thankfully before they all seemed to just vanish from the internet completely (unless you wanna pay almost $100 for one....I think I paid $40 for mine when I got it about 2-3 years ago), but... it's broke. I'm guessing that either....wiring has gone bad or simply a connection has come loose somewhere inside the pedal (I've opened it, the setup inside is really simple, just two wires going from the button to where you plug the cord into, on the side)...so anyways.. since then, I've swapped out the standard guitar plug/hole thingy that the cord plugs into on the guitar (I use the wooden strat replica, so it didn't use the tiny little headphone-looking jack like the regular RB guitars did if they had the option on them to plug in the overdrive pedal) and temporarily put in the tiny jack so I could use the drum pedal until I could either... A. fix my current pedal or B. get a new pedal (leaning more towards getting a new one, to be honest, since i have no idea what the issue is and my digital multimeter can't even seem to tell me where the issue is at when I test all the wiring and whatnot inside the overdrive pedal...)

BUT.... I got to thinking.... Could I use an actual guitar pedal instead of the RB2 overdrive pedal? They look almost identical really (at least to me they do, someone who has no real experience with playing a real guitar or bass...or having any knowledge about them really, lol), except a real guitar pedal has the little dial things on em, which obviously I'd just not mess with... But simply plugging the pedal into the guitar....would hitting that button on the pedal work to activate the overdrive in RB??? Does anyone know for sure? Has anyone ever tested this out to find out? :o I don't really know anyone who I could even borrow a guitar pedal from to try this out...so really hoping that someone here has tried it or knows for sure whether or not this would work. If it would, I'll gladly go out and buy an actual pedal, since they'd probably be cheaper and probably hold up a lot longer than the RB pedal did (since the RB2 pedals are....getting up there in age, let's be honest lol).

I play quite a bit of RB - not as much as I used to...not anything close to what I used to... but I'd say I still play a fairly decent amount - so if a real guitar pedal would work... that'd be awesome. I want/need something that can hold up to a lot of playing. Mostly it's that when I do get to play.. .I play for very long stretches of time, since the time to actually play doesn't come around as often as it used to.

Anywho.. if anyone knows, please please please pleaseeee let me know!!! Really would love to know if this would work...hopefully it would. Lol. :D

Was streaming on beam.pro prior to it turning into "mixer".... may or may not pick the streaming stuff back up again, we'll see. Need to get my RB guitar fixed up first (my wooden stratocaster replica :( sad to say it's taken a beating and needs some repairs) then I'll think about getting back into streaming. Makes me sad that I can't play at my best right now without my awesome guitar (seriously....no other RB or GH guitar plays as well as this beauty does....)


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#2 Atruejedi

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Posted April 6, 2018 - 12:53 AM

I have no response to the original post except to say that the signature has finally pushed me to get to work on a custom of Peggy Sang the Blues by Frank Turner.

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#3 Wolfpack Awoooo

Wolfpack Awoooo
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Posted April 6, 2018 - 01:16 AM

I use a Rock Band drum pedal.

#4 Alternity

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Posted April 6, 2018 - 06:08 PM

I'm pretty sure anything with a button that is linked to a 3.5mm jack will work. You can use your imagination lol.


But yeah, real guitar pedals are sound effect pedals, not switches/buttons.

#5 Kylr0y

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Posted April 6, 2018 - 07:11 PM

me i just found a durable foot switch and basically hardwired it, not detachable but if it quits working i just replace the wire and it works again, the headphone jack is likely your problem, they are easily wrecked!, i also hardwired power to the guitar saving me tons of money on batteries, mobility takes a hit though!!!!


oh and i also removed the noisy tilt sensors, I hated them!!!



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Posted April 6, 2018 - 07:39 PM

I made my own pedal using this method:




It's still working over 2 years later and is far easier to use than the original. It does works to activate overdrive, so in theory, you could attach the sensor to anything and make your own creative overdrive triggers

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