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Solo animations

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#1 Atruejedi

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Posted March 11, 2018 - 05:05 PM

From the RBN Docs:

These are close up shots that are used to emphasize a player, specifically hand animations, lip sync, and kick pedal movement. They are great for interesting vocals sections, guitar or bass solos, or parts with heavy drum work.

  • [directed_vocals_cls]
  • [directed_bass_cls] = fretboard shot *
  • [directed_guitar_cls] = fretboard shot *
  • [directed_drums_kd] = drummer’s kick pedal *

The asterisk says:

*These free directed cut flags only involve unique camera angles while still using looping animation flags authored on the instrument tracks.

What precisely does this mean? I am not sure what "looping animations" are, for example... but I am familiar with [play], [idle], etc.

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#2 atupomaruru

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Posted March 11, 2018 - 05:22 PM

It means that the way the characters animate is the same as if you had used a generic cut, e.g. [coop_all_near] or [coop_g_near]. While the generic camera cuts just control the camera angle, directed cuts also trigger special animations, like the guitarist kicking the camera or the band jumping and landing on the beat. The "directed cuts" marked with an asterisk are actually mislabelled in this regard, in that they don't actually "direct" any special movement. However, they do make for some very unique camera angles, and that's why they're grouped with the directed cuts.

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