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Sean's WIP Thread!

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#1 SuperRiderTH

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Posted January 14, 2018 - 09:11 AM

I've decided to make a thread on things I am currently working on, with my current progress in each of the tracks I have decided to author. I work on things pretty randomly, so some songs may be finished before others. I'll also have my planned tracks here, because at the very least, you guys will know what I am planning to work on, haha. If anyone would like to help me with any of these tracks I am working on, feel free to contact me either here, or on the C3 Discord server.
Last date updated: 7/9/2018
Current WIP Updates:
Aqours - MY Mai☆TONIGHT: Drum, Guitar tweaks. Added Venue.
Asa feat. Kasane Teto - Yoshiwara Lament: Tug Of War updates, additional fixes.
Current WIPs:
Aqours - Thrilling・One Way: H - Charted, G - Partial.
Atsushi Kitajoh - NOW I KNOW: H - Charted, K - Charted
DIVELA - Cool Medley ~Cyber Rock Jam~: D - Partial, K - Partial.
Eli Ayase (CV. Yoshino Nanjo) - Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate: V - Charted.
Goose house - Hikaru Nara: H - Partial, D - Partial.
Guilty Kiss - Shadow gate to love: H - Charted, G - Charted, D - Charted, PK - Partial.
James Landino - Mr. Nevermind: H - Charted
Jeff Williams - Ruby Mix (BBTAG Special): Tempo Mapping
Maki Nishikino (CV.Pile) & Nico Yazawa (CV.Sora Tokui) - Zurui yo Magnetic today: H - Charted.
Minami Nitta (CV: Aya Suzaki) - Mitsuboshi ~For Minami rearrange MIX~: V - Partial.
ODDEEO + Karma Wears White Ties - Chinatown Blues: H - Charted.
KonranP ft. admk - GAME OVER: G - Charted.
Saint Snow - DROPOUT?!: Tempo mapped.
Shoji Meguro - Beneath the Mask (Live): H - Charted, K - Partial, D - Charted, B - Partial, G - Partial.
shu-tP feat. MEIKO - Change me: PK - Partial.
Tsunku - I Love You, My One and Only: H - Partial.
yuukiss - Nostalogic (Live): V - Charted.
Planned songs:
40mP feat. galaco - Warning!
Asa - Yoshiwara Lament (From the Meisho Philosophia album.)
Asa feat. Kasane Teto - Dougenzaka Neon Apartments
Asa feat. Kasane Teto - Meishou Romance
E.L.V.N feat. MEIKO - Kowase Kowase
individuals - ∀NSWER (M@STER Version)
Masayoshi Soken - Rise
MJQ x EmpathP - Target
THE PRIMALS - Locus (Band Arrangement)
Saint Aqours Snow - Awaken the power
samfree - Luka Luka★Night Fever (Live)
Shoji Meguro - Rivers in the Desert
Shoji Meguro - The Battle for Everyone's Souls
Shoji Meguro - The Whims of Fate
Soralon - Matryoshka -Band Arrange ver.-
μ's - START:DASH!!
μ's - Hello, Hoshi o Kazoete

#2 moepOOO

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Posted January 15, 2018 - 12:50 PM

Amazing. Always looking forward to your releases.

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