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"He's a one-trick pony" - Atruejedi's Vocal Contributions to Other Authors

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Hey rockers and rockettes,


For a while I've wanted to create a thread linking to the custom songs to which I've contributed vocal charts, both for users' and my own sake-- so I know exactly what I've created and can link others to my works. I've also mentioned songs below that are either not yet revealed and released or not yet updated in the database. So this might whet your appetite. And yes, those placeholders are alphabetized. So have fun guessing.


For the majority of these songs, I contributed vocal charts from scratch. However, in my nascent days of creating vocal charts, I would simply (well, very awkwardly) correspond with both funkydunkleman and Chainsaw Octopus to relay to them what changes needed to be made to their vocal charts to make them more accurate. I didn't even know what Reaper was! Because of that, those early works are probably lacking somewhat compared to my recent contributions. That is to say, those first efforts probably have vocal tubes that are too long and slides that are either somewhat inaccurate or completely missing. Hell, it's still tedious for me to make satisfactory slides. But you live, you learn, and you get better. If you do notice a significant issue with a vocal chart of mine, please, send me a message and a suggestion on how to fix it. I'm a vocal enthusiast, and I know how frustrating it can be to sing well and be told you're Messy! Quality Control, right? (Oh my god, are we making a custom of that now? :cool: Please!)


[sappy story - You can skip this]


Although I've said it many times before, I'd again like to offer a sincere thanks to both funkydunkleman and Chainsaw Octopus for stimulating my interest in contributing to this community. It all started early in the summer of '17 when, after finally getting custom songs to work on my Wii, I downloaded Chainsaw Octopus's custom of Short Change Hero by The Heavy. One night I was drunkenly (but accurately) voxtaring the song with a friend and so frustrated that my pristine singing wasn't getting Awesome!s. I posted a comment on the song entry in the database in April... which Chainsaw Octopus never saw, of course. So a few months later, I sent him a private message. He was receptive to improving the song and I was ecstatic. Finally, Rock Band would be forced to recognize my glorious vocal talents. I tapped out the correct pitches on a Yamaha keyboard, sent him the right notes, and bam, the custom was updated. Good enough! I did something! And he'd created a monster.


Months later, I was playing with that same friend, (drunkenly but accurately) voxtaring an Oasis song charted by funkydunkleman and I was so incredibly sad half-man-half-God Noel Gallagher's harmony wasn't charted. I contacted funky and that generous soul kindly and patiently taught me the rudimentary skills that transformed me into the vocal juggernaut I am today. Thanks to these two wonderful members of the community, I'm now not just a leech... I'm a legend! :v:


A few other names I should mention: Although I've never interacted with him, I watched Nyxyxylyth's vocals tutorial a dozen times when I began this adventure (I couldn't get the dad-gum scrubber working!) and it definitely helped me break into the field. Hopefully I can pass on some knowledge someday and we can keep growing the community. The more authors, the more customs, the more fun.


I must give a shout-out to TomGuy. I never realized how often I've worked with him until I just made the the list below! The guy has fantastic taste and is just a joy to interact with. Cheers to our many ventures, past, present, and future.


Similar recognition must be given to MrPrezident. He's been involved with some of my favorite customs releases by artists I'd only ever fantasized about having in my Rock Band library (Sam Roberts, the Sheepdogs... *hnnnggg*). He's always receptive to my incessant suggestion-giving and I always enjoy working with him to bring magic to life.


Oh, and I guess I should mention AJFOne23, who was the first author to contact me about working for him. Definitely an ego boost. The man moves mountains. Any time he contacts me I know he just wants to abuse me, but I'm okay with it, because the results are always stellar. He's also the guy who said, "Truth be told I'm only a drummer. So if vocals are your thing chart it the way that makes you happy." Giving me his blessing to use the charting rules as guides but break them to do what felt right in a chart really helped me learn. That's why my vocal charts generally have abnormally numerous but shorter tubes than you typically see... it lets you sing less like a robot and more like an authentic rock star!*


[End sappy story]


I'm always looking to collaborate with authors who love artists I also love. My suggestions thread generally features artists that don't have any songs in the database, but I have many other musical interests... you can check out my last.fm profile if you're interested. Lately I've been reaching out to authors proactively to get more songs by already-represented artists into the database. But I'd still love to see artists from that thread get into the database and my library as well... hint hint!


So here we are. I contributed vocals for all songs unless clarified in parentheses:


Alice Merton - No Roots (with RealCheese) (harmonies)

Band of Skulls - Sweet Sour (with TomGuy)

Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) (with RealCheese)

Billy Joel - Laura (with AJFOne23)

Big Wreck - Blown Wide Open (with grubextrapolate) (harmonies, bass)

Blue Oyster Cult - Black Blade (with nsw1-6)

Blue Oyster Cult - Cagey Cretins (with MFX) (bass)

Blue Oyster Cult - Then Came the Last Days of May (with bkloppenburg)

Black Keys - Gotta Get Away (with funkydunkleman)

Black Keys - Little Black Submarines (with RealCheese)

Black Keys - Next Girl (with beard216)

Dead Weather - I Cut Like a Buffalo (with beard216)

Dishwalla - Charlie Brown's Parents (with AJFOne23)

Distillers - Beat Your Heart Out (with beard216)

Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism (with Kloporte)

Elvis Costello - Welcome to the Working Week (with funkydunkleman)

Father John Misty - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings (with Chainsaw Octopus)

Foals - Inhaler (with Chainsaw Octopus)

Foals - Mountain at My Gates (with Chainsaw Octopus)

The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Mattress (with TomGuy)

The Gaslight Anthem - "45" (with TomGuy)

The Gaslight Anthem - Great Expectations (with TomGuy) (I only edited this one; TomGuy did the work!)

The Guess Who - Do You Miss Me Darlin' (with AJFOne23)

The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight / New Mother Nature (with AJFOne23)

The Guess Who - Share the Land (with AJFOne23)

Guster - One Man Wrecking Machine (with Spindoctor)

The Heavy - Short Change Hero (with Chainsaw Octopus)

Imagine Dragons - Amsterdam (with RealCheese) (harmonies)

Jack White - Freedom at 21 (with MrPrezident and Spindoctor)

Jack White - Would You Fight for My Love? (with funkydunkleman)

Jackson Browne - In the Shape of a Heart (with MrPrezident and Spindoctor)

Jimmy Eat World - Appreciation (with TomGuy) (harmonies)

Jimmy Eat World - Get Right (with TomGuy (harmonies)

Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me (with grubextrapolate) (harmonies)

Jimmy Eat World - Let It Happen (with TomGuy) (harmonies)

Joe Cocker - With a Little Help From My Friends (with AJFOne23)

Joe Walsh - Life of Illusion (with MrPrezident)

Joel Plaskett Emergency - Fashionable People (with MrPrezident)

Kaiser Chiefs - Every Day I Love You Less and Less (with MrPrezident)

The Killers - Bones (with RealCheese and Fat Ha1p3rt)

The Killers - Don't Shoot Me Santa (with RealCheese)

The Killers - Sam's Town (with RealCheese and Fat Ha1p3rt)

Kongos - Come With Me Now (with Fieldy92)

Maren Morris - Rich (with RealCheese) (harmonies)

Mother Mother - Infinitesimal (with MrPrezident)

Murder By Death - Comin' Home (with Chainsaw Octopus)

Noel Gallagher - In The Heat of the Moment (with funkydunkleman)

NOFX - Don't Call Me White (with Sideshow)

Oasis - Don't Go Away (with funkydunkleman)

Oasis - Stand By Me (with funkydunkleman)

The Offspring - Want You Bad (with Sygenysis) NOT YET UPDATED IN DATABASE

Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (with AJFOne23)

Queens of the Stone Age - I Appear Missing (with Chainsaw Octopus)

R.E.M. - Bang and Blame (with nsw1-6 and TomGuy)

R.E.M. - Begin the Begin (with nsw1-6)

R.E.M. - Finest Worksong (with nsw1-6 and TomGuy)

R.E.M. - Horse to Water (with TomGuy) (I only added harmonies to the Guitar Hero conversion; the default chart might need work!)

R.E.M. - Man-Sized Wreath (with TomGuy) (I only added harmonies to the Guitar Hero conversion; the default chart might need work!)

R.E.M. - Supernatural Superserious (with TomGuy) (I only added harmonies to the Guitar Hero conversion; the default chart might need work!)

An unreleased R.E.M. song with nsw1-6 and TomGuy

Another unreleased R.E.M. song with nsw1-6 and TomGuy

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 21st Century (with nsw1-6)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (with nsw1-6)

Red Hot Chili Peppers - She's Only 18 (with nsw1-6)

Rival Sons - Keep on Swinging (with Chainsaw Octopus) (I only edited this one and added harmonies)

Sheryl Crow - My Favorite Mistake (with bloosmurf)

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Hell (with AJFOne23)

Suede - Trash (with yaniv297) (I only lightly edited this one and added harmonies)

A Talking Heads song with nsw1-6

Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) (with yaniv297)

The Thermals - Now We Can See (with Kamotch)

Walk the Moon - Lisa Baby (with Fat Ha1p3rt) (I only edited this one and added harmonies)

We Are Scientists - This Scene is Dead (with TomGuy)

A We Are Scientists song with markmc, TomGuy, and Whizzer

A We Are Scientists song with markmc and TomGuy

A We Are Scientists song with markmc and TomGuy

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Callin' in Sick (with AJFOne23)

Welshly Arms - Legendary (I only edited this one and added harmonies))

The Wombats - Moving to New York (with Chainsaw Octopus)

Warren Zevon - Muhammed's Radio (with Nunchuck) NOT YET UPDATED IN DATABASE

Young the Giant - Mind Over Matter (with Chainsaw Octopus)


If I've revealed information above that isn't supposed to be public yet or I've neglected to include an author in a collaboration, please let me know!


*Results may very. And sometimes I'm guilty of over-charting... sorry!

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I guess I'll use this thread as my WIP thread as well. Normally my tastes are so obscure that I don't think I'd need to worry about someone working on the same songs as me, but what I'm currently charting is newly released and a pop masterpiece, so I thought I'd officially claim it. And that song is...



Holy Mountain by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds! A collaboration with MrPrezident at my special request. I plan to chart the whistling to keys and pro keys because (1) there are 3 vocal parts layered over each other at the end (2) I didn't notice any actual keys (but there are horns) and (3) you guys are babies and would probably cry if the whistling were pitched (don't worry, I couldn't whistle it either!).


Speaking of Prez...


What's this?? Why it's another excellent thread. Looking forward to what you create in 2018! Thanks for the shout out :)


Looking forward to what I create and you create and we create as well :)


You should have plenty of work, it seems vocals are generally the least favorite instrument for many authors.


I'd totally be down for "One-Trick Pony". Such a catchy song.


Yeah, I got into charting vocals because many seem to struggle with it or ignore it completely. I feel like I'm filling a needed niche. Also, perhaps someday we can get to One-Trick Pony, but I'm currently working on a different Paul Simon song with AJFOne23... :)


You could just say 4 unreleased R.E.M. songs, you know ;)


I know you're doing it in jest, just pointing it out


But this makes it easier to simply replace those lines with the new songs!

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and (3) you guys are babies and would probably cry if the whistling were pitched (don't worry, I couldn't whistle it either!).


For the record from one of the babies you refer to ( :P ), it's not that the pitching is an issue, it's the RB engine picking up accurate whistling pitches that sucks ass. Just charted whistling and used a ^ so people could actually whistle it for the fun of it and not lose their combo bonus.

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For the record from one of the babies you refer to ( :P ), it's not that the pitching is an issue, it's the RB engine picking up accurate whistling pitches that sucks ass. Just charted whistling and used a ^ so people could actually whistle it for the fun of it and not lose their combo bonus.


Whistles are almost never pitched for the reason you submitted.

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Finally bumping this because I've edited and updated the original post many times and pretend this community likes my vocal charting philosophy. I wanted to promote Kamotch's Thermals release and warn the general public that I totally charted whistling for an upcoming Vandals release (because the whistling is sung in live versions!) courtesy of Sideshow, MrPrezident, and myself. Just gotta get the dryvox recorded and the custom venue finished :)

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Bumping this because I got home from an Independence Day Eve Party and unexpectedly saw three songs with vocals by me uploaded to the database: Bang and Blame by R.E.M., Finest Worksong by R.E.M., and "45" by the Gaslight Anthem. What a pleasant surprise! I did vocals for these long ago and almost forgot. So enjoy!

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