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Guitar chords advice pls ...

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#1 doa

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Posted December 1, 2017 - 08:46 PM

The whole song is basically B down to G, up to D and then down to A. This progression takes 3 forms:


1. single notes (Y G B R)


2. power chords (see gems on left below) 


3. more open sounding "higher" chords (gems on right)





Is this the best way to chart this progression? It feels a little clunky to play - a lot of moving my hand up and down the buttons on the guitar (not necessarily a bad thing) and visually does not seem to flow like the songs I see other people chart (again is this necessarily a bad thing?).


Just wondering if there is a better solution that I am not seeing?

#2 Farottone


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Posted December 1, 2017 - 09:37 PM

You can try to anchor one note every 2 chords for a more natural progression.

#3 doa

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Posted December 1, 2017 - 10:27 PM

I'll give that a go, thanks! :)

#4 DoNotPassGo

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Posted December 2, 2017 - 11:40 PM

If I'm reading you right, you can also look at how far apart the roots are and work from there.




Knowing that make the higher D more "out of the way", while the other three are closer together.


B = Red Blue

G = Green Blue

D = Yellow Orange

A = Green Yellow


Just an idea of something I've done. Or, if not got more into the music theory of it. See what chords share notes being used and base movement off that.


In the end however, you're trying to squeeze a LOT of actual information down to 5 plastic notes  :D . Do what sounds best. Far's works as well, and so could a lot of things.

#5 doa

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Posted December 4, 2017 - 05:52 AM

Thanks for the advice DNPG.


I did try mapping out the gems from Green Red, Green Yellow, Red Yellow, Red Blue etc etc and it actually pretty much came out to my original pattern ... 


I've transcribed what sounds to me like the root notes onto my bass and worked from there. My guitar needs strings and it would take me too long to try and figure out the actual chords. 


Because it sounds like power chords I ended up going for:


Red Yellow, Green Red, Yellow Blue, Red Blue 


I think this should be OK because no hand shifting required to change chords often :)


Thanks again for your help guys :)

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