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C3Thon Updated Release Thread

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#1 DemonUnicorns

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Posted November 29, 2017 - 09:35 PM

Make-A-Wish foundation donation pagehttps://worldwish.rallybound.org/c3
C3thon Spotify Playlist by rcale: https://open.spotify...gApJRLRSvaIAvXB
1. November 24th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Time Machine pack by Various Authors (19 songs)

2. November 24th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
The Beatles - Beatles For Sale by Farottone (9 songs)

3. November 25th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Twangy Three pack by Bansheeflyer (3 songs)

4. November 25th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Smashing Pumpkins single by DemonUnicorns (1 song)

5. November 25th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Luis Fonsi feat. Daddy Yankee single by maotico (1 song)

6. November 26th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Go Punk Yourself pack by TheSheepQueen (5 songs)

7. November 26th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Joe Cocker by AJFOne23 (1 song)

8. November 26th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
The Devil Went Down to Georgia by GhostByob (1 song)

9. November 27th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Pop It Up pack by TheSheepQueen (4 songs)

10. November 27th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
New Wave pack by DemonUnicorns (3 songs)

11. November 27th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
70s 6-pack by nsw1-6 (6 songs)

12. November 28th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Lights by Oddbrother (1 song)

13. November 28th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Strawberry Trapper pack by SuperRiderTH (2 songs)

14. November 28th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Pixies 7-pack by Kloporte and MrPrezident (7 songs)

15. November 29th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Shakunetsu Beach Side Bunny by Samyaza (1 song)

16. November 29th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
The Phantom of the Opera by atupomaruru (1 song)

17. November 29th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Canada 150 Week (Day One) by MrPrezident (6 songs)

18. November 30th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Space Jam by BattlePenguin (1 song)

19. November 30th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Bleep Bleep Micmac pack by TheSheepQueen (4 songs)

20. November 30th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Canada 150 Week (Day Two) by MrPrezident (6 songs)

21. December 1st, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Alice Cooper Pack 02 by Whizzer (3 songs)

22. December 1st, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
achtzig to oities - a pan-european concert by Jimi369 (8 songs)

23. December 1st, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Canada 150 Week Finale by MrPrezident (6 songs)

24. December 2nd, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Boll Weevil by GreenPanda12 (1 song)

25. December 2nd, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
U2 pack by nsw1-6 (9 songs)

26. December 2nd, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
I'm 'n Luv Wit a Stripper by BattlePenguin (1 song)

27. December 3rd, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Eternity by Samyaza (1 song)

28. December 3rd, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Steely Dan single by Dash Riprock (1 song)

29. December 3rd, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
The Light That Blinds by GhostByob (1 song)

30. December 4th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Rapper's Delight pack by Samyaza 
(8 songs)

31. December 4th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Dance of Death by ElectricSkylab (1 song)

32. December 4th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
It Wasn't Me by BattlePenguin (1 song)

33. December 5th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Acoustic Vibes pack by GreenPanda12 (3 songs)

34. December 5th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Styx It to Ya by DoNotPassGo (3 songs)

35. December 5th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Mission by ejthedj (1 song)

36. December 6th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Metalworks pack by TheSheepQueen (5 songs)

37. December 6th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Reaching Dreams pack by SuperRiderTH (2 songs)

38. December 6th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Classic Rock pack by GhostByob (3 songs)

39. December 7th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Paramore pack by GreenPanda12 (3 songs)

40. December 7th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Pictures of Killers pack by Fat Ha1p3rt (3 songs)

41. December 7th, 10PM EST-4:00 CET
Gohan wa Okazu single by kueller (1 song)

42. December 8th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
For Britain Only pack by TheSheepQueen (5 songs)

43. December 8th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Arctic Monkeys 4-pack by Kloporte (4 songs)

44. December 8th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request 50th Anniversary pack by AJFOne23 (4 songs)

45. December 9th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Sad Machine by Oddbrother (1 song)

46. December 9th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Lover’s Dance pack by SuperRiderTH (4 songs)

47. December 9th, 10PM EST-4:00 CET
Radiohead: Rock Band Part 2 - The Bends 6-pack by Septekka (6 songs)

48. December 10th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Random Singles pack by GreenPanda12 (4 songs)

49. December 10th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Hop and Pop pack by Bansheeflyer (2 songs)

50. December 10th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Female Pop pack by BattlePenguin (2 songs)

51. December 11th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
63 to 68 pack by TheSheepQueen (3 songs)

52. December 11th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
The Sounds pack by Kemiroch (3 songs)

53. December 11th, 10PM EST-4:00 CET
Club pack by Ultimate_MANG0 (4 songs)

54. December 12th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Sonic the Hedgehog pack by GreenPanda12 (4 songs)

55. December 12th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Slide by Bansheeflyer (1 song)

56. December 12th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Angels & Airwaves single by DemonUnicorns (1 song)

57. December 13th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
You Are the One by Oddbrother (1 song)

58. December 13th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Rush's Clockwork Angels by DoNotPassGo (13 songs)

59. December 13th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield by GhostByob (1 song)

60. December 14th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Day of Metal: Gojira 4-pack by Spiralshadow123 (4 songs)

61. December 14th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Day of Metal: Daughter of the Moon by Bansheeflyer (1 song)

62. December 14th, 10PM EST-4:00CET
Day of Metal: Reach Out by nsw1-6 (1 song)

63. December 15th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Disconnected by Oddbrother (1 song)

64. December 15th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Snow halation by SuperRiderTH (1 song)

65. December 15th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
11th Hour by naginalJJ (1 song)

66. December 16th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
Nickelpack by GreenPanda12 (3 songs)

67. December 16th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Sticky Fingers 5-pack by Kemiroch (5 songs)

68. December 16th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET
Decades Track pack by GhostByob (7 songs)

69. December 17th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET
80 to 95 pack by TheSheepQueen (6 songs)

70. December 17th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
There Will Never Be Another Tonight by TheWay123 (1 song)

71. December 17th, 10PM EST-4:00CET
Roundtable Rival by GhostByob (1 song)

72. December 18th, 6:00AM EST-12:00 CET
Soul & RB -part 1- Three queens and a king. by Jimi369 (3 songs)

73. December 18th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
Slowdive pack by DemonUnicorns (2 songs)

74. December 18th, 10PM EST-4:00CET
Chocolate by the 1975 by TomGuy (1 song)

75. December 19th, 6:00AM EST-12:00 CET
Soul & RB -part 2- For easy listening and a birthday girl by Jimi369 (3 songs)

76. December 19th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET

I'm on a Boat by atupomaruru (1 song)

77. December 19th, 10PM EST-4:00CET

Gentleman by GhostByob (1 song)

78. December 20th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET

All-American Rejects pack by DemonUnicorns and GreenPanda12 (6 songs)

79. December 20th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET
HAARP pack by kueller (3 songs)

80. December 20th, 10PM EST-04:00 CET

Vessel - twenty one pilots by Fieldy92 (10 songs)

81. December 21st, 6AM EST-12:00 CET

Going Out Like That by Oddbrother (1 song)

82. December 21st, 2PM EST-20:00 CET

Funk & Soul pack by AJFOne (5 songs)

83. December 21st, 10PM EST-4:00CET

Sahara by GhostByob (1 song)

84. December 22nd, 6AM EST-12:00 CET

Michigan Garage Pair by Nyxyxylyth (2 songs)

85. December 22, 2PM EST-20:00 CET

C3thon's (Arguably) Punk Pack 02 by Kamotch (3 songs)

86. December 22nd, 10PM EST-04:00 CET

Blurryface 3-pack by maotico (3 songs)

87. December 23rd, 6AM EST-12:00 CET

One-Winged Angel by atupomaruru (1 song)

88. December 23rd, 2PM EST-20:00 CET

Feelin' Alright by StackOverflow0x (1 song)

89. December 23rd, 10PM EST-04:00 CET

U2 Twofer by nsw1-6 (2 songs)

90. December 24th, 6AM EST-12:00 CET

House of Customs Movie Studio Sampler pack by Farottone (6 songs)

91. December 24th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET

Paul & Art pack by Bansheeflyer (3 songs)

92. December 24th, 10PM EST-4:00CET
Christmas Bag pack by Various Authors (23 songs)

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