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Bloke's Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Customs!

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Posted November 3, 2017 - 02:40 AM

'Sup, I make customs.


All my customs are Rock Band 2 customs, meaning that they're playable on both RB2 and RB3.

My customs lack overdrive and good venues because I cannot do it for the life of me, and I'm looking for authors who can do that part for me.




"Yatsu" is the first track off of my upcoming album, also named "Yatsu"! This custom is kind of pointless since it's just two phrases on vocals, both of which are all talkies, but whatever.




The second track off of the album. This custom needs overdrive and a better venue, so if you can, here's the link to the MIDI with the accompanying stems:




In nearly every game that composer Kazumi Totaka has written music for, there is a hidden 19-note tune named "Totaka's Song." Mario Paint was thought to be the first game to have this song, but it was later discovered to be in the game "X" on the GameBoy.




A song with no instruments. As such, there are no instruments in the custom. Basically, what I did was export this custom with only guitar in Magma C3 Roks, then I used Onyxite's RB2 Auto Converter and selected "Keys On Guitar." Since keys–which isn't present–replaces the only instrument in the song, it essentially exported with no instruments at all. Although, the converter does export through Magma V1, so Magma fails because there are no instruments. Despite this, the auto converter, as quoted, "optimistically bypassed" it and exported anyway. For some reason, I initially exported with devil-heads, but for some reason the auto-converter decided to export it with 4 dots. There's no reason to download this custom other than the novelty of having a custom that is literally impossible to play.


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