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#1 Cytosine

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Posted October 30, 2017 - 10:38 PM

Hey guys, first time posting. I'm really terrible at charting, and extremely new to it. I've done my best to work with the skills and knowledge that I have, but it's still pretty hard. It's taking me a long time to chart out the few songs that I am working on, and I've been staring at them entirely too long to know if they're remotely good or not. I'm seeking some feedback for both of them. Any feedback, good or bad, will be greatly appreciated. 

Rise Against - Like the Angel (Drums and Guitar expert only)


Iced Earth - Ten Thousand Strong (Rhythm Guitar expert only)


I know there's static or something in the second video, it's just how it recorded. Don't worry about the left hand side, I'm also looking for feedback elsewhere, and the left chart is auto-generated off the right in clone hero. Just ignore it. 

Like I said, any feedback is appreciated. 


#2 onyxite

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Posted October 31, 2017 - 01:36 AM

Hey, welcome and good job getting started!


I looked over Ten Thousand Strong. You've got a good sense of how to translate the guitar notes (how to pick notes/chords, show note motion, etc.) so you are off to a great start there. The main things that should be fixed up are measure timing and note quantization.


Looking at the beginning, it looks like you've got the correct tempo figured out, but the grid is an 8th note (half a beat) off from where I would put it. It's a bit non-obvious due to some syncopated rhythms, but the very first note in this song where all the instruments come in is the "1" of the first measure, so it should be on one of the thick grid lines. A good exercise to check if you have it right is to count out the beats, "1, 2, 3, 4" repeating, and keep going until you get to about 0:45 in your video. This is where the drums switch to a more traditional rock beat, where the snare drum is on beats "2" and "4", so you want to make sure you got the same result.


After you are confident that the main beat lines are in the right place, you should start cleaning up some of the note positions within each measure. It looks like you have the right number of notes in most places, but the timing between them is not quite correct. In this rhythm guitar part, every single note in the song should be on a 16th note position. For example, the very first riff, with a GR chord, a bunch of G notes, and then another GR chord, should be written like this on the first 9 16th note positions, from beat "1" to beat "3":


GR, (nothing), G, G, G, G, G, G, GR


So the gap between each of the Gs should be exactly the same beat-wise as the gap between the last G and the GR chord, and it should be twice the length of the gap between the first GR chord and the first G.


The only other change I'll say for RB specifically is that you should pull back the lengths of most of your sustains. In RB (as opposed to some GH charts) we always leave at least a 32nd note gap (often a 16th note) between the end of a sustain and the next note, even if the audio sounds like there's no gap between the notes.

#3 Cytosine

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Posted October 31, 2017 - 03:01 AM

I greatly appreciate the feedback. I've had massive headaches regarding the tempo and timing, probably because I'm using an ancient method of charting. I'm currently learning on how to use reaper so that I can properly clean up my charts. The same applies to my RA video. The drums just aren't on tempo, so I've gotta get that fixed as well.

The riff you're referring to was the bane of my existence for a while, but it never occurred to me to have the final G equidistant from the previous G and GR. I've been told the same thing about the sustains, and I thought I had already fixed that, but thanks for the reminder! I really appreciate you taking your time to look it over, and I'll take everything you said to heart and see what I can do to fix it all. Thanks, once again!

#4 Jimi369



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Posted October 31, 2017 - 04:29 PM

Great to see this kind of feedback on the forum. Good response as well.

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