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Yaniv's workshop - Yaniv and Kamotch present - Pavement 18 (!!!!!) pack!

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So, after the obscure indie singles, time for some guilty pleasures! Two songs from my childhood hero, and a pretty great pop musician, Robbie Williams!




"Strong" is the opener and one of the lead singles of Williams 1998's album "I've Been Expecting You". It was inspired by some of his most hardcore fans, who, Williams confessed, "scared the living daylights out of him". "I just wanted them to understand I'm not being rude, but I'm feeling a bit scared of everything," he said. It's a great rock-pop ballad, full of epic guitars and vocals, and a catchy sing-along chords.

The singalong potential was not wasted - on the final night of Williams's 2003 Knebworth House concerts, 125,000 ticketholders sang Strong to set the world record for Most Karaoke Participants. Williams and his audience held the record until 2009. It remains one of his most well known songs and a concert staple.




"Come Undone" was the second single from his 2002 hit album "Escapology". It's fairly dark in nature - Williams wrote this is about his days of doing cocaine and the effect it had on his mom: "They're selling razor blades and mirrors in the street," "Because I'm scum and I'm your son." It says a lot about it being high one minute and low the next, and the influences of fame. It was also equipped with a rather controversial music video, in which Williams is shown having sex with two models while unsettling images of snakes, rats and bugs are spliced in. It's controversial nature might have limited his MTV/charts success, but it remains one of his classic tunes, and it's great fun to play on all instruments.


Thanks, see you next time!

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Hello, Yaniv and Kamotch here, and we hope you like Pavement! Because if you do, we have one hell of a pack for you. (and if you don’t, now is a great time to check them out!). By now, it’s safe


Christ, when I saw all the Pavement songs in the database I nearly had a heart attack, had to come over here and read through this post to make sure I wasn't dreaming.  One of my favorite bands ever,




David Berman Tribute Pack


This pack will pay tribute to one of the finest songwriters or recent decades, David Berman. Mostly known as the songwriter and lead singer of the great Silver Jews, he eventually retired from music in 2009. He released one final album, "Purple Mountains" in 2019, which was extremely well received and considered one of the best albums of the year. He committed suicide in August 2019.

This pack will include 3 songs from his phenomenal "Purple Mountains" album, plus a Silver Jews classic.




One of the best songs Berman has written for Silver Jews, "Punks in the Beerlight" is a hard rocking classic full of great guitar riffs, and affecting lyrics about a couple struggling. "If we'd known what it'd take to get here, Would we have chosen to?", asks Berman, before reaching the catchy chorus that repeats "I always loved you to the max". There's a guitar solo, some cool drumming, and some lead vocals from his wife and bass player, Casey Berman, that will become a tragic figure in the next songs.


Also, please note I've previously charted the great "Suffering Jukebox" from Silver Jews.




The first single from "Purple Mountains" find David Berman in a completely different situation. After battling with depression all his life, and separated from his wife Casey, Berman wrote one of the essential depression anthems. Set to catchy, upbeat, happy music - Berman sings about all the happiness leaving his life and about his loneliness. "Lately, I tend to make strangers wherever I go/Some of them were once people I was happy to know". In Berman's own words:

"For a long time, I’ve struggled very, very much with what people call treatment-resistant depression. It never goes away from me and I’m surprised I’ve made it this far, really, in life. There were probably 100 nights over the last 10 years where I was sure I wouldn’t make it to the morning".


This song perfectly conveys those feelings, while also being somehow fun, catchy and great to play.




Another in the string of "happy" song titles, "Darkness and Cold" deals with the separation from his wife Cassie, and particularly the concept of her dating other people. Just read those cruel words:


"The light of my life is going out tonight

With someone she just met

She kept it burning longer than I had right to expect

The light of my life is going out tonight

Without a flicker of regret".


According to Berman, Casie wasn't actually dating anyone when the song was written - it was written as "preparation", as Berman knew that someday he'll have to deal with this idea, so he wanted to "experience it first through this song". Casie's going out, as Berman succumbs into his own depression - "Conditions I'm wishing weren't taking control". Musically, it's once again fairly upbeat, with some great lead guitar work and a nice country vibe. It's another hugely emotional masterpiece from David Berman.




The final song of this pack, the album and David Berman's career, this is Berman dealing with the terrifying realization that maybe he just wasn't meant to be in a relationship - "Maybe I'm the Only One For Me".

It's once again upbeat, country-rock vibe, fun and the lyrics are actually quite funny - including one of the most memorable line's of Berman's career: "If no one's fond of fucking me, maybe no one's fucking fond of me".

It's fun, rocking, and there's great guitars all the way through. This song is, according to Berman itself, "from an incel's perspective", but Berman says it's not the kind of message he actually wanted to spread. "I don’t intend it to be a love song to the self— it’s more of an ‘I’m stuck with myself’ song", Berman says. "If no one wants to fuck you, it’s your fault".


That's it, after those 4 amazingly emotional yet somehow really fun to play tunes. I hope you enjoyed it, see you next time.

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Radiohead - In Rainbows 3 Pack!




This one has been floating around in several partial versions, so here's the complete, full band version. It's based on a custom by TheOreo (which was appearance converted from old FoF charts), but all instruments were changed and improved as needed.

"All I Need" is the 5th track and the 5th single from Radiohead's classic "In Rainbows". It's a dark love song based on some gloomy drums and bass, that evolves into a rousing climax.





"Faust Arp" is a stark, short and beautiful folksy ballad. The custom here is based on an old guitar-only custom by Sideshow, who credits Obzen of FoF for the original guitar charting. I slightly revised the chart and added vocals and keys to create a complete version.

Thom Yorke said on the lyrics: "The more you absorb yourself in the present tense, the more likely that what you write will be good. Especially in this f--king town, where everybody's sitting in front of their desks for far too long, endlessly sweating over words that don't ever get heard. People are obsessive in this city and work becomes an end in itself. The polar opposite of that is Michael Stipe, who absorbs himself in other people and the life around him, and that's where he gets his ideas. I'm not like that, but I absolutely understand why he does it. Neil Young claims he writes lyrics and doesn't go back to them. If he does, he says, the worse they become. But that's scary. I mean, 'Faust Arp' is the exact opposite of that, pages and pages and pages and pages and pages and pages until eventually, the good ones stick".




Probably the biggest one in this pack, "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" is a Radiohead classic and was the first single from In Rainbows. Originally titled "Open Pick", "Jigsaw" is an upbeat, catchy, guitar based song that talks about a night of heavy drinking and the pickup scene at the bar. Not the most typical topic for Radiohead, but they pulled it off and it's considered one of their modern classics.

The custom is based on a drum chart by Sideshow and a guitar chart from FoF, originally credited to Anayalata. The guitar track was quite heavily altered though, and several parts were charted from scratch. Rest of the instruments added by myself. I particularly recommend the bass track - apparently nobody told Colin Greenwood there's a song going on, as he's playing almost-lead melodic lines for the entire thing, and it's groovy as hell.

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All I Need was indeed an FoF convert. It was from a shortly lived "RBRadiohead" project lead by user obZen before he just kinda ghosted. Fun fact is I did the vocals for the original chart. No idea if it's still there in the new custom version. Thank you for adding some more In Rainbows. I wanna voxtar Faust Arp.

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All I Need was indeed an FoF convert. It was from a shortly lived "RBRadiohead" project lead by user obZen before he just kinda ghosted. Fun fact is I did the vocals for the original chart. No idea if it's still there in the new custom version. Thank you for adding some more In Rainbows. I wanna voxtar Faust Arp.


If it was in TheOreo custom than it's used, but I did go over and edit all the instruments. Still it's probably mostly intact, I should give you credit for that :)


Faust Arp has a slight lyrical error towards the end. "You've" is written as "You_ve". Probably an incompatible character. Easy enough fix though.


Yeah that's me using a site that has bad apostrophe... I've been trying to avoid those but must have missed that one. I'll take a look.


And if we're here:


Lorde "Melodrama" 3-Pack!




The lead single and biggest hit from Lorde's great 2017 album, Melodrama. It's also a blast to play on Rock Band, upbeat, fun, with some great keys and really tricky drums (watch out for that disco beat!), and it will make you dance!
Lorde said: "The song is actually about a heartbreak. And it’s not something that I really am used to writing about. It took me a while to be able to figure out how to write about that. It was my first major heartbreak. The song is really about those moments kind of immediately after your life changes and about all the silly little things that you gravitate towards. I say, “She thinks you love the beach, you’re such a liar”. What the fuck, she thinks you like the beach?! You don’t like the beach! It’s those little stupid things. It sounds so happy and then the lyrics are so intense obviously. And I realized I was like, “how come this thing is coming out so joyous sounding?” And I realized this is that drunk girl at the party dancing around crying about her ex-boyfriend who everyone thinks is a mess. That’s her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild. And that’s the song for me".




The last choice for this 3-pack isn't obvious at all, it's not a single, it's probably one of the deepest cuts on the album. It doesn't have drums, guitar or bass. But it's my favorite.

It's just a phenomenal song, with an amazing lyrics I absolutely had to sing in Rock Band. So it's here.
Also, really simple and nice piano to play along this great song.



The second single and final track from "Melodrama", "Perfect Places" is a beautiful song, with an epic chorus and some honest, profound lyrics.

Lorde said: "this is a special one. i was living in new york during summer last year, writing melodrama – i’d ride across the brooklyn bridge every day, or sit on the subway uptown in the heat, then go back home to new zealand winter for a week at a time to party with my friends. my life was like a weird little etch-a-sketch i kept scribbling on and resetting. and all last summer, i couldn’t shake the feeling that everyone i knew or saw was searching for something – trying to transcend the news and the screaming pavements, drinking that one drink hoping it’d get them someplace higher. this song comes from that endless cycle of evenings and the violent heat of the summer. it took us a very long time to get right, from an aching piano demo to where is it now. it’s close to my heart. i hope you like it".

(She really does describe those songs better than I do).


Have fun!

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Violent Femmes 3-Pack!




One of the most iconic tracks from the Violent Femmes legendary debut album, this brilliant song is a blast to play and sing across the board. It includes one of the Femmes most iconic moments - the famous counting bit from 1 to 10, which concludes with a blistering "10 IS FOR EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING". (My personal favorite is "Eight, eight, I forgot what eight was for"). Anyway, if you know the band than you know how big this song is, and if you don't - give them a shot!





This might not be one of their most famous songs, but it's a personal favorite. From the legendary "Add it Up" compilation, "36-24-36" is a high tempo, straightforward rocker that will make you work hard across all instruments. The lyrics continue the "angry teenager" character, as our narrator tells us about his desires and fantasies to, well, have sex with a lot of hot woman. It's 2 minutes of brilliant rock and roll.




"I Held Her In My Arms" was one of the lead tracks from the Femmes third album, "The Blind Leading the Naked". But the version charted here is an earlier - and IMO, much superior - version from their "Add It Up" compilation. Coming up right after the blistering "36-24-36", I always used to group those songs together, so it's only fair to chart them together too!

"I Held Her In My Arms" has the typically angry Femmes vibe, with a huge blistering chorus, and this time with a saxophone too - including a pretty epic solo, charted to keys. It's an amazing song, so have fun with it!
Hope you like it!
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Frank Sinatra 3-Pack


Many, many thanks to BornGamerRob for doing vocals on all of those! This pack probably wouldn't have happened without you,




An all-time classic, the jazzy "Fly Me to the Moon" finds Sinatra at his best. Originally written by Bart Howard in 1954, Sinatra's version is often associated with the Apollo missions. It's also a lot of fun in the game, particularly singing (thanks Rob!) and the keys part that I'm really happy with, which includes pretty much the entire orchestra and brass arrangement.




Pretty sure this one needs no introducing. I was shocked it wasn't in the DB, and, well, somebody had to eventually do it... and now you can finally belt out this all-time classic at your living room.




The last one on this pack is a classic duet from Sinatra and his daughter Nancy. Originally written by C. Carson Parks and recorded with his wife Gaile Foote, this is an all-time classic love songs and now you can play it along. Featuring some nice classical guitar playing, a full string arrangement on keys, and a surprisingly tricky harmony voice from Nancy Sinatra.

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Pulp's "Different Class" 3-Pack


Today we revisit some tracks from Pulp's 1994 masterpiece, "Different Class". Widely regarded as one of the best albums in the 90's, and a cornerstone of Britpop, this is a phenomenal album. Known for mega hits like "Common People" and "Disco 2000", but the rest of the tracks on this album are just as phenomenal.




"Sorted for E's and Wizz" is was the second single from the album, released as a double single with "Mis-Shapes" (previously charted by me). Based lyrically on a phrase that Cocker overheard at a rave, the song features lyrics examining the hollow and artificial nature of drug culture. Because of its subject matter, the song sparked controversy in the UK, where several tabloids attacked the song. It got it's live debut at Glastonbury festival - as frontman Jarvis Cocker said, "It just seemed like a totally appropriate place to play it for the first time". It's just a great, hugely affecting song.




Today we revisit some tracks from Pulp's 1994 masterpiece, "Different Class". Widely regarded as one of the best albums in the 90's, and a cornerstone of Britpop, this is a phenomenal album. Known for mega hits like "Common People" and "Disco 2000", but the rest of the tracks on this album are just as phenomenal.

"Underwear" is one of those classic Pulp tunes exploring sexuality, and the darker side of it. Jarvis Cocker said "This is about going home with someone, which seems like a good thing to do when you decide to do it. But when you get to the actual nitty-gritty, when you are actually standing in your underwear you think I can’t go through with this, but how do you get out of that situation".

It's a phenomenal, sexual and dark song that's even more relevant in today's MeToo society, as it explores the pressure on girls to "go along" with what they're started and their inability to regret and refuse: "Once it's underway, there's no escaping The fact that you're a girl and he's a boy". And it comes with a blistering performance from the band, and Cocker himself.




"Bar Italia" is the album closer, and the final piece of the puzzle in "Different Class". It's like the characters of "Sorted for E's and Wizz" revisited a bit later - in the comedown stage. "Two sugars would be great - cause I'm fading fast and it's nearly dawn", sings Jarvis Cocker.

"Bar Italia" boasts a phenomenal, big and catchy chorus, full with feelings of paranoia and dread. "If we get through this alive, I'll meet you next week, same place, same time" - Cocker describes the inevitable outcome of another drug trip next week, assuming of course they survive this one. The final chorus do end on a more positive note - heavily implying the singer and his partner have decided to check in to a rehab place in Soho. Well, good luck.

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Radiohead 3 Pack + Mac DeMarco

The 3 Radiohead songs also includes my first attempts at a custom venue, so I would love to hear feedback :). Many thanks to atruejedi who guided me and answered the many questions I've asked him!


The first song and leads single from Radiohead's great "A Moon Shaped Pool" from 2016.

Written and developed for over a decade, the song title and lyrics were known to fans since 2007, but they've never actually heard it. I'll probably never forget the excitement of the song finally being released - Radiohead deleting their own internet presence, replacing their site with a bird, and the song eventually dropping. It was spectacular, and well, it still is.
"Burn the Witch" is strings based, and uses strings plucked with a guitar pick for percussion, along with some drums and bass. It is a criticism of authority and fascist regimes brainwashing their citizens. Rock-Band wise, it doesn't have guitar but keys players will have some fun with the various string parts, and singing is an absolute blast.


Another one from "A Moon Shaped Pool", "Identikit" was introduced in the "King of Limbs" tour. It's percussion based, with a slight electronic vibe but also very guitar heavy, and features two prominent voices. The backing vocals sing a repeated chant (which is quite varied melodically), who's exact lyrics were a mystery until Thom Yorke himself confirmed them on Twitter - and they also include the phrase "A Moon Shaped Pool". The song itself is beautiful with a great melody, before breaking into a synth-heavy breakdown and finally returning to another verse and a phenomenal guitar solo by Jonny Greenwood.


This is an upgrade of the original Sideshow custom, so thanks Sideshow for approving me working on it!
This is my favorite ever Radiohead song. The closer of the classic "Hail to the Thief", "A Wolf at the Door" is a very dark song. Thom spitting the lyrics in almost rap-like manner, with barely any room to breathe, the lyrics of paranoia, fear and desperation. We're not so sure what it's about - maybe an abusive husband, the mafia/underworld, the government interfering with your life, or (my favorite interpretation) about mental illness/anxiety which means the "wolf" knocking on your door is actually inside your brain. All of those work to an extent. But the feelings those song convey, they are unmatched and very clear.
Also, the instruments are all great on that one, so it's fantastic for Rock Band. Some really epic drum fills, and overall it's a great custom.
Plus - another custom by Mac DeMarco I released this week:
Have fun!


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Hey, I'm back!

Kicking off the new DB era with a 3-pack from Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 masterpiece, “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Widely regarded as one of the finest hip hop albums of the decade (and all-time), TPAB incorporates a variety of styles from traditional African-American music, including jazz, funk, soul, spoken word, and avant-garde. It’s lyrics tell a personal story of African-American culture, racial inequality, depression, and institutional discrimination. It earned 11 Grammy nominations, was named as a top 5 album of the decade by many publications including the Independent (who placed it first), Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Consequence of Sound and others. The Guardian has named it the 4th best album of the current century, and Rolling Stone magazine has recently ranked it as the 19th best album of all time (!) – the second highest ranked album from the 21th century.

If it’s not clear, those songs include very strong language, and frequent use of the n-word (right up from the very first line…).


"Wesley’s Theory” is the opening track of the album, and it’s a fitting and amazing opener for such a record. Produced by Flying Lotus, the track is noticeable for his live instruments, particularly a phenomenal bass performance from the legendary Thundercat. It also features guest vocals from Thundercat, George Clinton, Anna Wise an Dr. Dre. It tells the story of a young black rapper who’s rising to success and getting exploited by the entertainment industry, and the title references Wesley Snipes, the actor who ended up in jail for tax fraud. It’s my personal favorite from this album, I just find it amazingly fun and poignant, and it’s just a fantastic song overall.


“King Kunta” is the third single and one of the biggest hits from the album. It once again heavily features Thundercat who plays a groovy bass line and also co-produces the track. The title refers to Kunta Kinte, a fictional 18th-century slave, the main character of the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley. Kinte is known for having his right foot cut off because of his attempts to escape his plantation, which is heavily referenced in the song. The song also references “Smooth Criminal” by Michael Jackson – who’s listed as a co-writer – and ends up with a rousing sample of “We Want the Funk” by Ahmad Lewis, as the song climaxes in a celebration of guitars and vocals.


“The Blacker the Berry” arrives near the end of the album, and it’s possibly the most emotional and angriest moment in it. It features a furious Kendrick Lamar heavily discussing racism, hate against the black community, while also being critical of himself – “I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015” he repeatedly sings. It’s a deeply personal and angry song, and also features a phenomenal chorus by Jamaican artist Assassin. It ends on a highly controversial note, when Lemar finally explains his own hypocrisy, in a line that’s been seen as judgmental of the black community, but Lemar has stood by it and insists it’s based on his own experience. Anyway, it’s a phenomenal song from a great album.


Hope you'll enjoy the songs, there's a lot more to come so stay tuned! See you soon :)

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  • yaniv297 changed the title to Yaniv's workshop - Kendrick Lamar "To Pimp a Butterfly" 3-pack!

Arcade Fire - One Song from Each Album!

Thanks CapnKris for the preview videos!


From their first and masterful album “Funeral”, “Crown of Love” is one of the album’s most heartwarming and beautiful moments. A touching love ballad, it builds on gentle piano before entering the blistering chorus – “If you still want me, please forgive me…”. The song builds up as it climaxes in a dramatic vocals section, before doubling the tempo to a disco-influenced outro. Overall it’s an amazing and touching song from a great record.

Preview Video


From the second and underrated “Neon Bible” – “Windowsill” is a very strong song that touches on politics, MTV and disappointment in the USA. Building on acoustic guitar,  it’s one of those epic and touching Arcade Fire songs – it was chosen to close their big headline show at Primavera Festival for a good reason! It’s an underrated song from an underrated album, and a blast to sing along.



From their epic “The Suburbs”, “Suburban War” is one of the most loved and biggest highlights of the album. Over brilliant guitar arpeggios, the song discusses old friends, childhood, references the title track (actually repeats a whole verse), but the real highlight is the second part of the song – an epic climax based on a brilliant drum pattern, as Win Butler repeats “My old friends, they don’t know me now” as the song builds to a rousing conclusion. It’s a huge fan favorite and one of my personal favorite songs, and for a good reason.

Preview Video


From their ambitious double album “Reflektor” – for me, “Awful Sound” is the best song of that album by far, and one of my favorite Arcade Fire songs. It’s a psychedelic sound that builds from a very tense groove, into an amazing, big chorus (with a huge drum fill in between). The second verse is even more tense, with a huge build up before finishing with a length, Beatles-style coda. The lyrics uses the fable of Orpheus and Eurydice as a metaphor for the toxic relationship of a couple. It’s yet another fantastic song from this great band, and one that’s fans are sure to appreciate.

Preview Video


From their latest and controversial album, “Everything Now” – I bring you the title track and lead single. It’s a huge anthem, with very heavy disco influences, and was made for stadiums – there’s actually a bit that’s sung by a huge live audience, and recorded live by an actual crowd at an Arcade Fire show. The album got, hmm, a mixed reception – but the lead single is a very strong and fun song that’s a worthy addition to your Rock Band library. So have fun!


Hope you liked the songs, see you next time! :)

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  • yaniv297 changed the title to Yaniv's workshop - Arcade Fire - One song from each album! Plus Kendrick Lamar!
9 hours ago, Bat Ramps said:

Awesome! Love having more Arcade Fire, especially from the first 3 albums. Thanks a lot!


9 hours ago, Dangus said:

I’m so excited for everything noW! One of my favorite songs of the past couple years!

thank you!

Thank you! Don't sleep on "Awful Sound", it's possibly my favorite of this pack (between this and Suburban War, but I think Awful Sound possibly makes a better custom. Those drum fills!).

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  • yaniv297 changed the title to Yaniv's workshop - Yaniv and Kamotch present - Pavement 18 (!!!!!) pack!

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