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Yaniv's workshop - First (of many) C3X contributions - David Bowie's "Heroes" with ejthedj!

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Posted August 1, 2018 - 11:36 PM

Happy to be a part of this pack, but you certainly did all the hard work.  I am sure these will get played a lot with my group.  Thanks!

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#102 yaniv297

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Posted August 2, 2018 - 08:49 AM

Happy to be a part of this pack, but you certainly did all the hard work.  I am sure these will get played a lot with my group.  Thanks!


Thanks for your contributions! A lot of hard work, but wouldn't say all of it - I don't think those harmonies in "Winterlong" were so easy to chart...


Your work is awesome, I recommend anyone to give your songs a try because they clearly are the result of hard work.


Thank you Farottone! Very high praise coming from you :)

#103 rcale

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Posted August 4, 2018 - 08:45 AM

Thanks for the Neil Young songs. 'Revolution Blues ' looks great fun for us plastic bassists!

#104 yaniv297

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Posted September 21, 2018 - 08:47 PM

So it's been quiet lately, but not because I haven't been working. In fact, I'm sitting now of a somewhat astonishing amount of finished customs (26 in my last count) - all saved for some really epic C3X tour dates.

So now the journey finally begins, I'm glad to present my first contribution: 


Together with the great ejthedj - David Bowie's Heroes! The original, full version.




How can you begin to describe a classic like “Heroes”? For all of Bowie’s amazing works, this is the one that always stood out for me. The title track of his 1977’s album, written and recorded in Berlin, “Heroes” is an epic, emotional masterpiece about a (possibly gay) love story, with the Berlin Wall standing between the two lovers. It is groundbreaking and genius in almost every way – from Tony Visconti’s extremely creative production, Brian Eno’s synthesizers and effects, to Robert Fripp’s unique use of guitar feedback, and Bowie’s himself gave one of the best vocal performances of his lifetime.


Since his release, “Heroes” was widely regarded as Bowie’s best work, or close to it. It made countless ‘best songs ever’ lists, used in lots of movies and TV shows, covered by countless artists (from Coldplay to Depeche Mode, to King Crimson and Motorhead), it’s been adopted by Bowie’s himself as a staple of his live shows, usually as the set closer, and it’s currently Bowie’s most streamed song on Spotify – ahead of his many other hits. It’s been a staple of popular music ever since the song was released.


A pretty-weird cover version of “Heroes” (or actually, the single cut of the song) was released as early RB1 DLC, but now you finally get to play the original, full song, in all it’s 6-minutes epic glory, and join Bowie himself in delivering those classic lines. All instruments are varied and fun to play, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing this absolutely classic tune in his original and best version.


That custom is mostly the work of ejthedj - I've only done tempo map and drums, and went through the other charts.


Video preview:


We're aware of some vocal issues, they will be fixed soon.


Thanks, and get ready for many more to come - and earlier than you might think!

#105 yaniv297

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Posted Yesterday

So, a 5-pack from one artist coming to C3X this Friday! Plus another additional single of mine, and many more others.

Go to the trivia thread to try and guess the artist and songs:


Please note, those pictures don't necessarily represent the song title (actually, only two of them does) but might represent a prominent line from the song. Might be a hook, opening line, or memorable from any other reason.

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