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Yaniv's workshop - Arcade Fire 9-Pack for C3X!

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12.10 - Arcade Fire 9-Pack!


So, after all those magnificent Canadian opening acts opened up our evening, it’s time to clear the stage for one of Canada’s biggest and best rock bands: the Grammy-winning, critically acclaimed and brilliant:


Arcade Fire

The Canadian hmm, sextet (well they currently have 6 members) broke into our lives in 2004 with the masterful “Funeral”, widely considered a masterpiece, and one of the best albums of the decade, and have since released 4 more albums (which will all be represented in RB after this release), headlined just about every festival imaginable, and have left a huge mark on rock music. They already have a few songs on our DB - I’ll mention them below - but now they’re getting a major, career-spanning 9-pack, which means we’ll have cover for most of their classic tracks and anthems. We’ll do this in chronological order, by albums… So, here we go!

Funeral (2004)

Out of nowhere, back in 2004, a married couple and a bunch of weird Canadian dudes broke into our lives with this impeccable and astounding masterpiece. “Funeral” was a defining moment in indie rock, not only according to critics (best album of the decade according to LAS Magazine and Under the Rader, #2 at Pitchfork and Consequence of Sound, #3 at Paste and Popmatters, and many more) but mostly according to fans who keep coming back to it, and the countless bands it influenced.

Before today we only had one track from this great album - Ollie’s version of the great ‘Rebellion (Lies)’ - which was definitely not enough. So, today we bring you 5 (!) further tracks from this masterpiece.


Custom by agaed
Vocals by yaniv297

They say you should start strongly, but I honestly can’t think of a band who started their debut album as strongly as Arcade Fire. I’ll use a lot of superlatives in this post, but here’s a definite one - in this narrator’s humble opinion, this is Arcade Fire’s best song. Not only that, but one of the best songs of the decade and pretty much my whole life. There’s just something about it - I don’t know, man. It’s something else.

Introduced by some piano, into an iconic guitar riff, “Neighbourhood #1” (or as it’s known among fans, “Tunnels”), kicks off with ‘And’ - as if to symbolizes we’re in the middle of a story - and than takes you into a journey into childhood, filled with infectious guitar riffs, groovy beats, and a brilliant, emotional delivery by singer Win Butler, before finishing in some climatic “oh oh oh”s. It translates perfectly into an RB, with all instruments being fun and varied, and overall it’s just a damn great custom and song.


Custom by yaniv297

How do you follow one of the best album openers in history? Well, Arcade Fire did perfectly. The second in the Neighbourhood series, “Laika” is “Tunnels” quirky, weird little brother. Not quite as anthemic or stadium-ready (even though it’s damn great live), it’s an addictive, fun and peculiar song about a brother leaving the family going out on an adventure, which involves some weird stuff like being bitten by a vampire. Kicks off with a great drum beat, it has ultra tight rhythm section, accordion and strings charted to keys, and it’s fun all around - especially to sing (or rather, scream) along - “Alexander! Our oldest brother!”. It’s just addictive, trust me.


Custom by MrBurpler
Vocals by yaniv297

In episode three of our Neighbourhood series (#4 is on the album too, but wouldn’t be a great RB fit so isn’t charted here), this time we tell the story of an unfortunate power shortage in our town. “Power Out” is an epic, powerful and relentless track - and an absolute showstopper live. It kicks up firing on all cylinders, with a driving disco beat (drummers, prepare to work on that one!) and firing guitars, while later bass takes the lead in a fuzzy riff. Vocalist Win Butler absolutely spits out the stressful lyrics - “What’s the plan??” he screams as he describes as he goes out to “pick a fight with anyone”, before screaming in an iconic moment “Nothing’s hid from us kids!”.

Somehow, the song reaches it’s emotional climax when taking a step back to a melodic chorus, “when the power’s out in the heart of man”, before exploding into full on rock and roll madness again. A classic moment in Arcade Fire’s discography.


Custom by Kamtoch
Vocals and keys by yaniv297

When talking about Arcade Fire, the word “anthemic” is used often. Maybe it’s the U2 and Springsteen influences, but even as an unknown low budget band, Arcade Fire always aimed for a huge sound. But nothing, nothing in this album or the band’s career is as anthemic as the show-stopping, unique “Wake Up”. This is the show closer, the climax. Everything - from the opening guitar chords, to the bass-snare beat, to those huge soaring “oh oh oh”s - just screams big stadiums. Lyrics are sparse, each word counts, as Butler pleads: “Children, wake up”, before the song takes a surprising key change and ends on a double-pace, playful outro. The song made a big impact - it was used by U2 as a concert opener as early as 2005, and the band played the song with none other than David Bowie the same year. It also makes a rather brilliant custom - I’m sure you’ll have fun playing and singing along to this amazing tune.


Custom by yaniv297

So how do you finish an album where pretty much every single song packs a huge emotional sucker punch? well, by the biggest emotional sucker punch of them all. “In the Backseat” sees Win Butler’s wife and bandmate, Régine Chassagne, takes the lead vocals, as she tells the breaking tale of her mother dying in a car crash and the impact it had on her life. This song starts as a tender piano ballad, but in typical Arcade Fire fashion includes a big chorus, and ultimately finishes on a beautiful, amazingly powerful instrumental outro, with Régine delivering some of the most powerful “oh oh”s you’ll hear in your life, over a repeated strings melody and some driving drums and bass. It’s a unique and absolutely beautiful track, and a worthy closer to such an album.

Neon Bible (2007)

Following such a perfect album is never easy, and while I won’t claim “Neon Bible” is as good as “Funeral” - it’s still a worthy follow up. And at it’s best moments, it’s as good as the monstrous album it followed. One of those best moments, emotional closer “My Body is a Cage”, was already charted by the great BornGamerRob. And two more of those best moments are released today:


Custom by yaniv297

Starts with a church organ and an acoustic guitar, “Intervention” is a dark, cathartic and beautiful ballad, that (as is tradition) grows into a big emotional climax. It’s an ambitious tale of a soldier, fighting for his country, while also being an anti-religion tune. Naturally the main focus here is on the vocals, as the song builds from acoustic to full band, but all instruments are fun and great to play along. And if you sing, make sure you give your all on the big “working for the church while your life falls apart!” line.


Custom by Kamtoch
Vocals and keys by yaniv297

Originally recorded for their debut EP, “No Cars Go” is a joyous, upbeat and great anthem, of late-night escapism from a world dominated by cars and planes. ”No Cars Go” is a huge fan favorite and brilliant live song, and for a good reason. Led by a driven drum beat and accordion line, with great energy before exploding into a soaring climax, “No Cars Go” is a musical celebration of everything that’s good about Arcade Fire. And it promises to be an absolute blast on Rock Band as well.

The Suburbs (2010)

Time for the next one, the ambitious, great concept album “The Suburbs”. Regarded by many as another masterpiece, the album was critically acclaimed upon release and it’s a huge fan favorite. The title track, “The Suburbs” is already in our DB thanks to MrBurpler, who contributes here yet another great song:


Custom by MrBurpler
Vocals and keys by yaniv297

“Sprawl II” is a key track, and possibly the best track, in “The Subrubs”. Soundwise, it’s quite an unusual departure from Arcade Fire’s usual indie rock sound, taking a strong synthpop direction, and vocally led by the great Régine Chassagne. “Sprawl II” is a hugely emotional tune, discussing suburban life, and the difficulties of growing up in it. It became an instant fan favorite, a necessity on every Arcade Fire show, and widely regarded as one of Arcade Fire’s best songs.

Reflektor (2013)

This ambitious, dancy double album isn’t represented in today’s pack - however, make sure you check out Hotfuzz’s three pack of “Reflektor”, “We Exist” and “Flashbulb Eyes”!

Everything Now (2017)

I’m not going to sugarcoat it, “Everything Now” probably wasn’t a great period for Arcade Fire. After a lot of hype, the album was widely seen as a disappointment and as the first major misstep in their career. And the satirical promotion campaign (which among others, including a satirical article about an “Arcade Fire: Rock Band” game - now if only…) wasn’t well received either, with many thinking it’s not as smart as it think it is. But even in their lowest moment, Arcade Fire could still deliver some absolutely great songs, and one of them is right here:

Custom by yaniv297

As soon as I knew an Arcade Fire pack was happening, I had to get this tune in there somewhere. It’s probably not as big as the others, but honestly I spent the better part of last summer with this song stuck in my head and singing it with my (even more Arcade Fire obsessed than me) brother.
“Put Your Money On Me” is widely seen as a highlight and probably the best song of “Everything Now”. A catchy disco tune, which eventually evolves into an ABBA-style, infectious chorus with a three-part harmony. It’s been released as a late single and exceeded expectations, and it’s surely one huge positive spot in this era for Arcade Fire.

Setlist suggestion

So you have all those cool Arcade Fire tunes now, what do you do with them? Well, I’m here to help! This is a setlist I built, based on real life Arcade Fire setlists (mostly from the last two tours), and adjusted to the songs we have here in RB.
Kick off with the epic ‘Reflektor’ into the soaring ‘Laika’ and an early anthem in ‘No Cars Go’. Things get emotional in the middle, with ‘Intervention’ into ‘My Body is a Cage’, before treating your audience with two singalong anthems in ‘Tunnels’ and ‘The Suburbs’. Get into some disco groove with ‘We Exist’ into ‘Sprawl II’, before finishing the main set with the legendary one-two punch of ‘Rebellion (Lies) into ‘Power Out’ (It’s a shame we can’t connect the songs here like they do in real concerts…). Take a few minutes rest as the audience applauds, before breaking their hearts with ‘In the Backseat’, and finishing off with the most classic Arcade Fire show closer, the cathartic and huge anthem ‘Wake Up’.

Play this setlist for the ultimate Arcade Fire RB experience!


  • Reflektor
  • Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
  • Flashbulb Eyes
  • No Cars Go
  • Put Your Money On Me
  • Intervention
  • My Body is a Cage
  • Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • The Suburbs
  • We Exist
  • Sprawl
  • Rebellion (Lies)
  • Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)


  • In the Backseat
  • Wake Up


And most importantly, have fun!


28.9 - PJ Harvey 5-Pack and a Camera Obscura single!


I'm very glad to present my first major contribution to a C3X tour date!


So here she is, making her long-overdue RB doubt, one of the best, most consistent, creative and brilliant artists of the last 30 years – PJ Harvey. This modest 5-pack isn’t nearly enough to showcase all her brilliant work, and many of her best moments (from the stellar punky ‘Rid of Me’ to the 2011 political masterpiece ‘Let England Shake’) aren’t represented, but it’s surely a good introduction to her dark and brilliant work, with three of her own songs, and two very high profile duets.


PJ Harvey and Friends 5-pack:





1995’s “Down by the Water” was PJ’s breakthrough the mainstream, and a surprise hit. The song reached number 2 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart and received extensive rotation on MTV and college radio stations. Which was quite a surprise, seeing how it’s a fairly dark ballad about a mother murdering her own daughter. It’s very blues influenced, but at the same time quite modern with synthesizers and electronic instruments, and no guitars. Based on a great drums and synth-bass groove, it also includes some great call-and-response backing vocals, some great keys parts and a dramatic conclusion.





Yet another single from the same album, “C’mon Billy” never quite reached the success of “Down by the Water”, but it’s still a brilliant, fun song. Based on a classical guitar and a snare groove (no, I did not forgot the disco flip event – it’s all snare really, and accents are played on yellow), and a string arrangement (faithfully charted to keys), but the real star of the show is PJ herself – delivering a brilliant, desperate vocal performance, that by the end will have you jumping up and down octaves at will.





The 2000 album “Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea” is to this day, PJ’s most direct, mainstream work. It shows that when she wants, she can deliver a rock album as solid and rocking as anyone else. And “Big Exit” opens this album in this exact same spirit – simply speaking, it’s quite a banger! Kicks off with a guitar and keys riff, with bass strategically dropping in and out of the song and a relentless drum beat, it’s the most rocking song in this pack. And PJ herself, as always, is brilliant and delivers the big chorus with so much passion. Just a great song (and hopefully a great custom) all around.


Now, time for the duets:





According to PJ, she was always fascinated by the idea of having someone else sing on her records. “The Mess We’re In” was written by Harvey with quite a specific voice in her mind – Radiohead’s singer Thom Yorke, who she met in 1992 and kept in touch since. Yorke’s own band, Radiohead, at that time we’re quite busy neglecting guitar for their electronic, brilliant but polarizing “Kid A” (their best album IMO, but that’s a different discussion). But thankfully Yorke could still recognize a great rock song when he hears one, and he took a break from the bleeps-and-bloops to deliver a straight forward rock vocal performance, with some signature falsetto in the chorus. The result is an absolute charming, romantic breakup duet, with PJ taking the backseat on her own song and allowing Yorke to take the lead.






For a short while in 1995-1996, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey were the power couple of alternative rock. Both extremely talented songwriters of dark blues, rock and gospel, with much more sex and violence than usually found in those genres – it made too much sense. That relationship didn’t last too long (the breakup and the aftermath are all over Cave’s next album, “The Boatman’s Call”), but it did produce one musical souvenir: the deadly duet “Henry Lee”.


Taken from Cave’s “Murder Ballads” album., “Henry Lee” is the due’s take on the traditional folk ballad ‘Young Hunting’.  While the cover to the single presented the due kissing passionately, the actual content of the song is a lot less romantic – it features Henry Lee (sung by Cave) rejecting Harvey’s unnamed character for another girl (who he ‘loves far better than thee’), and than Harvey murdering Lee in revenge by throwing him down the well. It’s a brilliant song musically, and an amazing duet to sing, with Cave and Harvey trading verses and harmonizing in the chorus. It’s been a fan favorite for years, and my personal favorite from this bunch.



And another kickass single:






Lead by the brilliant singer-songwriter Tracyanne Campbell, Scottish band Camera Obscura has been one of indie music lesser known secrets for years. “Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken” is the opening track and lead single from their highly-acclaimed 2006 album “Let’s Get Out of this Country”, and simply speaking, it’s indie-pop perfection. A reply song to Lloyd Cole’s 1984 (also brilliant) tune “Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?” (hence the unusual title), “Lloyd” kicks off with some beautiful organ, and than goes into an ultra-catchy guitar riff. The song itself is brilliantly written, touching and the chorus is huge and fun to sing along to, along with some great harmony lines. It’s not hugely well known, but if you like indie pop or rock, I highly recommend giving it a try.



Please note: all songs were updated from the original uploads on Friday, with some bugs and mistakes fixing (most notably - the first verse of 'Big Exit' is now fixed to be talkies and not pitched). So I highly recommend redownloading the songs if you already have them.



Thanks, and see you next time!


21.9 - David Bowie's original "Heroes" with ejthedj!


So it's been quite lately, but not because I haven't been working. In fact, I'm sitting now of a somewhat astonishing amount of finished customs (26 in my last count) - all saved for some really epic C3X tour dates.

So now the journey finally begins, I'm glad to present my first contribution: 


Together with the great ejthedj - David Bowie's Heroes! The original, full version.




How can you begin to describe a classic like “Heroes”? For all of Bowie’s amazing works, this is the one that always stood out for me. The title track of his 1977’s album, written and recorded in Berlin, “Heroes” is an epic, emotional masterpiece about a (possibly gay) love story, with the Berlin Wall standing between the two lovers. It is groundbreaking and genius in almost every way – from Tony Visconti’s extremely creative production, Brian Eno’s synthesizers and effects, to Robert Fripp’s unique use of guitar feedback, and Bowie’s himself gave one of the best vocal performances of his lifetime.


Since his release, “Heroes” was widely regarded as Bowie’s best work, or close to it. It made countless ‘best songs ever’ lists, used in lots of movies and TV shows, covered by countless artists (from Coldplay to Depeche Mode, to King Crimson and Motorhead), it’s been adopted by Bowie’s himself as a staple of his live shows, usually as the set closer, and it’s currently Bowie’s most streamed song on Spotify – ahead of his many other hits. It’s been a staple of popular music ever since the song was released.


A pretty-weird cover version of “Heroes” (or actually, the single cut of the song) was released as early RB1 DLC, but now you finally get to play the original, full song, in all it’s 6-minutes epic glory, and join Bowie himself in delivering those classic lines. All instruments are varied and fun to play, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy playing this absolutely classic tune in his original and best version.


That custom is mostly the work of ejthedj - I've only done tempo map and drums, and went through the other charts.


Video preview:



We're aware of some vocal issues, they will be fixed soon.



Thanks, and get ready for many more to come - and earlier than you might think!


2.8 - Neil Young 4-pack!


Hello C3! And now it’s time for a tribute to my single favorite artist in the world… Neil Young!


This Neil Young deep cuts pack allows you to go a bit further than the “Heart of Gold”s and “Rocking in the Free World”s you already know. Containing 4 brilliant and very different tracks, from 4 different album (Actually one of them isn’t even in a studio album), I cherry picked some of the best least known Neil tracks and made this pack! Three of them are upgrades of existing drum customs, one is brand new. Hope you like it  :)




Download Link


There’s so much to say about “Tonight’s the Night” – the bleakest album Neil made in his life, dedicated to do friends (including his former guitar player) who died from heroin use, and recorded when Neil was regularly drinking a bottle of tequila a day. It’s also, in my opinion, the best album of his career. And Mellow My Mind is my favorite song from it.

An heartbreaking ballad with Neil’s voice constantly breaking, it’s actually a really good Rock Band track as well. None of the instruments are too difficult, but they’re all varied and fun to play. No pro keys for that one, sorry.

Many thanks to MrPrezident for charting the very drunk vocal track to this one! I recommend doing a few shots before attempting to sing this. Haven’t actually tried this, but it sounds pretty awesome.







Download Link


From saddest Neil to angriest Neil. “Revolution Blues” isn’t Neil heaviest, distortion-wise, but he’s rarely been this angry. Based on the character of Charles Manson, who Neil knew before his terrible crimes and was deeply impressed by, this song was written when Neil discovered he was a terrible murderer.

Easily the best fit to RB in this pack, this song has 2 guitar solos, tricky and ever-changing drums, and bass guitar that sometimes seems to solo over the whole song. You’ll have a lot of fun playing any of those instruments.

Technically there’s also a keyboard in the song (well, at least the credits say so) but it’s barely audible most of the song so I couldn’t chart it. Also, video preview shows a slightly old version of the charts, so it’s been improved since. Thanks to MrPrezident for his assistance with charting vocals to this one!







Download Link


So we’ve done angry, sad, not it’s time for one of those chilled, relaxing and achingly beautiful tunes Neil is known for. “Lotta Love”, a highlight from his 1978’s “Comes a Time” album, is one of those beautiful, honest and touching songs Neil tracks, and makes a great custom too! If pro keys players felt left out with the two previous songs, this is the one where the keys shine, and you get to play some absolutely beautiful piano. Hope you like it!






Download Link


Last but not least, this is just as classic Neil as it gets. Written as early as 1969, recorded in 1974 and only released in 1977 “Decades” compilation album, Winterlong has made a name as Neil classic tune despite not appearing on any album. It was even covered by Pixies, who play the song live pretty often to this day.

It’s not difficult but it’s fun on all instruments, and includes some classic, CSN&Y style, vocal harmonies. A big fan favorite and for a very good reason!

Many thanks again to MrPrezident for charting vocals to this song!


Also, since I made a very stupid mistake (project splitting in two and stuff), the video preview shows a very old and inaccurate version of the drum chart. So if you catch some mistakes in the drum chart video (there's quite a few), rest assured they're fixed in the actual custom!





Huge thanks to Nolan for all video previews! Make sure you check our (mostly his) awesome work on the Dismemberment Plan 4-pack!



See you next time  :)


29.7 - The Dismemberment Plan 4-pack with Nolan!


Ok, these are technically not my customs, but I've done vocals and keys to all, and they're seriously one of the coolest pack of customs I've ever seen or played, so I highly highly highly recommend you check them out!


If you're not familiar, the Dismemberment Plan are a Washington based experimental indie rock band, and their 1999 album "Emergency & I" is regarded as one of the best indie albums of the 90's. It's ultra original and fun, there's nothing like it, and it translates amazingly to RB - especially if you're a drummer!


Personally I always wanted to chart these, but thought the drums were too difficult... until one day I saw Nolan just upload the full album on drums to the DB! I immediately contacted him and we made a plan, along with Meta123, to bring the whole album to C3! This is the first pack. I charted vocals, keys and pro keys, Nolan did everything else.


They all got really awesome preview videos and they're insanely fun, so make sure you check them out! Here they are:


The City



Their most iconic tune, this one includes an insanely cool drum beat (seriously just listen), an iconic synth riff and a brilliant catchy melody.





Short, punchy, immediate, and extremely non-symmetrical with an extremely catchy chorus, another ultra cool, unique fun track. 


Girl O'Clock



No words to describe this one other than complete madness. Absolutely insane devil-tiered drums that I'll never ever be able to pass, the most unique vocals chart I've ever done (seriously just listen) and just, well, madness all around. Also my favorite song on the record.


You Are Invited



A somewhat calmer, story-song about a mysterious invitation, based on a cool drum machine beat. Great fun to sing along to!


So that's it for now, hope you liked our work on those  :)


19.7 - Singles from Tom Waits, Simon & Garfunkel and Magazine!


Three new singles today!




Download Link

YouTube Video


I'm so happy to give one of my favorite artists in the world, and certainly the coolest human being on this planet, Tom Waits, his rock band debut!

"Make It Rain", from his 2004 album Real Gone, is an hellish bluesy song, with an absolutely brilliant and unique vocal performance from Waits. So unique, that I had no idea how to even start charting it, so I turned to one of the pros... and he didn't disappoint!
So thanks to the brilliant BornGamerRob for charting vocals on this!
Please note, the video shows a live version, because there's nothing quite like watching Waits perform this song (or any song, for that matter). The custom is the studio version, which is quite similar except having a much cooler guitar solo, by legendary guitarist Marc Ribot, and not whoever the random guy in the video is. If you want to hear the exact version of the custom, it's this one.


Hope you like that one, because I plan to chart quite a few more Tom Waits tunes in the future! (if you're a fan and there's specific ones you want, let me know!).





Download Link

YouTube Video


Legendary post-punk band Magazine with their most famous, and one of their best, songs.

Legendary guitar riff, great solo, and lot of fun on all instruments. One hell of a rocking number - check out the video!
Thanks Nolan for the video preview!




Download Link

YouTube Video


I'm sure this one needs no introducing. 

Not only a classic, but one that fits Rock Band perfectly. Lots of little guitar lines, brilliant bass that feels like it's soloing all over the song, insanely difficult keys parts (including sax parts charted to keys), and of course those famous vocal harmonies.
I knew it's a big one, and felt quite a responsibility when I decided to do it, so I was sure to give my absolute best to chart it and get it as good as I can. I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out - hope you liked it too!
Thanks Nolan for the video preview!



Hope you enjoyed those!


14.7 - Wilco "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" 4-Pack!


So, today it’s (finally) the time to release a pack that me and the great mrcoupdetat have been working on for a very long time. A tribute to one of the greatest albums of the 2000’s, Wilco’s masterpiece “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot”.


Those four songs from the album were already available as drum-only customs, but they’ve been updated and upgraded in any way to give those songs the full experience they deserve. And they turned out to be absolutely fantastic customs, in my humble opinion  :)

Thanks again to mrcoupdetat for his great work on those songs!


And a huge thanks to Nolan for the preview videos!


Just a note on the preview videos: after they were done, I ended up doing another round of fixes and changes on all the songs. So they’re a bit out of date – the customs you’re getting are actually better than the videos show! There are a few charting bugs in the videos – they’re all fixed in the actual custom. Especially the vocal tracks went through a major rehaul. But the videos are still great to get a general feel of how the custom is.




Download Link

YouTube Video


The epic opening song to this masterful record, this is a Wilco classic and one of their most beloved tunes. At it’s core it’s a fairly simple folk ballad, but the instrumentation and the production are masterful. Drums are original and entertaining, bass is fun and changing, keys are varied and include a few great piano melodies, and there’s even a drum solo! Before it eventually climaxes with long synth drones and a final, higher-octave verse.




Download Link

YouTube Video


Not quite what the name implies, Heavy Metal Drummer is a fun, catchy and probably the most poppy song on the record. Pretty straight forward on all instruments, it’s a great one to relax and sing along to.




Download Link

YouTube Video


If you’re looking for a challenge or some insane charts, this is the one for you! With no less than 3 guitar solos, and one of the most unique drum tracks I’ve seen (actually it’s a combination of several different percussion tracks), this song definitely delivers great entertainment on all instruments. And it’s a freakin’ great song too!

Oh and mad respect to mrcoupdetat for charting that guitar track – wonder how long this one took!




Download Link

YouTube Video


Finishing with the prettiest one, Jesus Etc is a stone-cold indie classic. A beautiful love ballad full of string instruments (here charted to a pretty busy keys track), this is in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful songs written in the last decades. A classic.


19.6 - The Replacements 4-Pack!


Probably the best punk rock band of all time, and after I already did their classic "Can't Hardly Wait", The Replacements now get their own 4 pack! The pack includes 2 updates of previously drum-only customs, and two brand new songs!


Please note - for all updates, I'm also seriously updating the drum chart (I've gotten better at those), tempo map, etc. So even if you're only a drummer, and you have the old version - I highly suggest downloading the new one! It's much better.


And now, the songs...




Download Link

YouTube Video


Kicking it up with a classic (but honestly, they all are!), "Favorite Thing" is an ultra fast, furious and brilliant punk-rock masterpiece, from the all-time classic album "Let it Be". This one will get you sweating and screaming!




Download Link

YouTube Video


"Kiss Me on the Bus" is a brilliant, catchy, jangle pop/rock track. An all time classic and really a fun song!




Download Link

YouTube Video

My personal favorite of the pack, "Color Me Impressed" is a fast-paced and brilliant punk classic from the band. An early classic, one of their defining songs and biggest classics, this one will make you sweat and test your stamina - especially on drums! And it also has a pretty tough guitar solo. 

Download Link

YouTube Video


Representing the more quiet side of the Replacements, "Swingin' Party" is a gentle rock masterpiece, with brilliant lyrics, from the classic album "Tim". It's beautiful to sing, includes an incredible melodic bass line (especially the chorus) and should be a nice way to chill after rocking out to the other tunes. It's now regarded as a classic, covered by artists like Lorde and many others.


Come vote for who you wanna see next!


I'm wondering which packs I should start working on next, so I thought, why not ask the community?

Here's a poll with a few options I'm thinking about. Vote for who you would like to see most!


A few important notes:


-There's a few packs that are already in progress. They will be the next released, and they are not a part of this poll. This poll is about which ones to start from fresh - there will be at least 3 different releases before then.


-I want to hear your opinions and I will take it into consideration. However, I do not guarantee anything, and since I do it for my own enjoyment, I reserve the right to work on whatever I choose, regardless of the poll results.

So I'll take it into consideration but I will not decide solely based on it.


-A note about Leonard Cohen: he's a bit of an odd pick since he's usually a bad fit for Rock Band (guitar only songs/electronic background).

However, the Cohen songs considered are all live versions, mostly from 'Live in London' but also other recent live records. Those are all full band arrangements, include live instruments and will be varied and interesting to play.


Waiting for your responses! Feel free of course to reply here too.


12.6 - Two more!




Download Link

Video Preview


Amazing song by one of the world's best current bands, The National.

From their 2017 album "Sleep Well Beast", this song quickly became one of their biggest hits, and even appeared on the FIFA 18 soundtrack. Like pretty much every National song = it has absolutely brilliant drums. But quite rarely for a National song, it includes a brilliant guitar solo (in fact I believe it's their first guitar solo ever).
A great song from a great band, and fun to play on all instruments.



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Video Preview (note: it shows solo vocals and not harmonies, but the custom has harmonies. Also drums are outdated version and been changed a lot since).


The brilliant 1966 hit from the Easybeats, "Friday On My Mind" is a rock and roll classic. With a surprisingly complex chord progression, cool three-way harmonies and nice guitar lines all over, it's an absolutely brilliant song to play and sing!
Thanks doa for the preview videos! 


11.6 - Singles by Suede, Big Star and Chris Bell!


I've promised more soon and here we are!




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Another brilliant tune by Suede. Guitar, bass and drums are absolutely brilliant on this one - guitar is just riffs all the way through, bass is ultra melodic. And singing that chorus is just huge! "You're taking me over...". And keys are, well, they're there for completion sake but I don't expect anyone to actually play them. But the rest just rocks.




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Video Preview (note: it shows solo vocals and not harmonies, but the custom has harmonies).


A power pop masterpiece and one of the best songs in this genre, September Gurls is just poor fun.
Drums are full of fills and an absolute blast to play - one of my favorites. Guitar and bass are pretty and melodic. And those harmonies are gorgeous! Just a blast all around.



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Video Preview (note: it shows solo vocals and not harmonies, but the custom has harmonies).


"Every night I tell myself, 'I am the cosmos,
I am the wind'.
But that don't get you back again".
Where do you even start with a song like this?
One of my favorite customs I've made and songs I've authored, "I Am the Cosmos" is a hugely emotional, devastating and purely beautiful masterpiece. Written by Big Star member Chris Bell, it's a devastating ballad of loss, one of the best songs of the 70's and one of the best I've heard, honestly.
It also works really well in Rock Band. Drums are full of fills, bass is melodic and fun, there's a nice guitar solo in the middle, and those harmonies are simply gorgeous. Also, watch out in the outro, for one of this song's hidden secret - a slight lyrics change near the end. Originally it's buried in the fade out, but here's the fade out is reversed and it's hard in it's full glory.


Thanks doa for all video previews!


10.6 - Singles from Bowie, Sufjan Stevens and Trail of Dead!


It's been a while since I posted new tracks, but I've been working on lots of customs... this is just the beginning!




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Video Preview


An update of one of my earlier songs, another brilliant song by Bowie, from his masterful "Low" album. This one has groovy bass, guitar lines all over the place, cool drums, and, well, a really easy keys part. Have fun!




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From indie hero Sufjan Stevens, this is just the second Sufjan custom in the database.

"Chicago" is one of his greatest anthems, from his masterful Illinoise album, it's ultra catchy and really beautiful. It includes really cool keys part (piano, trumpet solos, strings) and it's brilliant for vocals. Rest of the instruments are fairly standard (guitar is pretty nightmarish at times), but it's a beautiful tune and one that was really missing from Rock Band IMO.




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It's OKKKK I'm a saaaaaaaintttt I forgaaaveee your mistaaaakesss
Even if just to sing this one line, I knew this song had to be in rock band!
From the brilliant Trail of Dead and their 2002 masterpiece "Source Tags & Codes", this is a brilliant rocking song. Guitar and bass are fun but not too difficult with lines all around, drums will definitely test your endurance a bit (especially the chorus), and vocals will have you screaming that huge chorus. I'm a saaaaaaaainttttt!


I've also done drums for a custom by 'Soul Love' by David Bowie, a custom by MrPrezident - get it here.


Thanks doa for all preview videos!


17.4 - Manic Street Preachers three pack!


I know I've been mostly busy with upgrading my old customs, but I felt like I needed a break to work on some brand new songs. And here they are! A three pack by the mighty Manic Street Preachers, with some songs long overdue for Rock Band. It's based on their 1994's masterpiece "The Holy Bible", featuring two tracks from this album, and also the huge single "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next". Now for the first time, with preview videos too! thanks doa for the videos!




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The opening track from the Manic's masterpiece, "The Holy Bible", and what an insane opening. Not a subtle opening, the song (right after an opening quote from a pimp), jumps into a tight guitar riff with alternating 7/4 and 4/4 time signatures, before kicking in with the not-so-subtle opening line "For sale? Dumb cunt, same dumb questions" and proclaiming that "All virgins are liars honey". It than explodes into a huge, and hugely NSFW chorus, before a rather calmer bridge with nice harmonies.
It's a huge, rocking explosive song, that gets pretty emotional near the end ("There is no part of my body that has not been used", exploring themes of sex trade and abuse. If "The Holy Bible" has been described as a "voyage into the depths of the human psyche", this song is the album in a nutshell, and it's a must for your library.
Check out the video too! It's not the final version but it's 99% close. I think I fixed one missing yellow tom in the choruses.




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Video Preview


Another track from the brilliant "Holy Bible", "Revol" is probably the most rocking song I've done yet. The second single from the album, it's full of explosive guitar riffs, a huge chorus, tricky lyrics which uses names of Russian leaders (and others too) to establish a point about the writer's own sexual frustrations and fears, while throwing in a few Nazi Germany references in the chorus (in German too!), because hell why not. It's the catchiest song in the Holy Bible, and manages to be a big anthem while being as f***ed up as the rest of the album. Have fun.
Check out the video too! It's not the final version but it's 99% close. I fixed the last word in the song - should be "revol" instead of whatever's in the video.




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Video Preview


Our final track of the pack finds the Manics 4 years later. Guitar player and Holy Bible lyricist Richey Edwards now isn't a part of the band, after his mysterious disappearance.

This is the Manics biggest anthem, most successful single and big show-stopper. It's a lot more anthemic and accessible than the Holy Bible tunes - even though the lyrics aren't particularly lighter ("If I can shoot rabbits, than I can shoot fascists"). It's probably the song you know from the pack, and it's a brilliant fit for Rock Band 3, using full advantage of the harmonies system. It's one of the most iconic rock anthems of the 90's, and it's here now for you.
Check out the video too! It's not the final version but it's really close. I think I fixed a minor mistake in the vocals in the first verse ("and cold" lyrics aren't in sync), and redone a bit of the guitar solo so it now has more strums I missed the first time around.


Thanks and have fun!


Older songs:


#2 DrJewge

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Posted October 15, 2017 - 06:33 PM

Wow! Some awesome tracks!
All I play are drums so it's great to have another dedicated drum charter about.


Any clues as to what future tracks we can expect?

#3 yaniv297

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Posted October 15, 2017 - 06:37 PM

Wow! Some awesome tracks!
All I play are drums so it's great to have another dedicated drum charter about.


Any clues as to what future tracks we can expect?


Thanks! There's much more to come, a lot I've already charted actually and just testing now. I really wants to make them good, so the testing sometimes takes a bit...

I'm new to this so I would love to hear any feedback on the charts :)


More from those artists, also a lot of other bands on my waiting list. So far I'm testing some Springsteen, Pavement, The Replacements, and many more bands are on the list.


In the meantime, here's a new 3-pack I just finished testing:


Suede 01

"So Young"

"The Drowners"



The best britpop band in the world (Sorry Blur and Oasis!) with this great three pack. Two classics from the first album, both really fun on drums, and my favorite Suede song - the huge anthem "Trash". Have fun and make sure you sing along!

#4 BornGamerRob

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Posted October 15, 2017 - 07:21 PM



RE Your Expert Only:
You can use CAT reductions to at least get off the Expert only. I know there are a lot of people here who do like reductions, and at least using the automation gives them an option, even if it's not your handcrafted preference.


I'd definitely be willing to exchange some vocals for Suede for some drums. Been looking to chart more Vapors, so maybe that's up your alley. If you like Suede, it's up your alley. =-)


Anyway, thanks and welcome!

Check out my video playlists: YOUTUBE | VIMEO (superior)

#5 yaniv297

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Posted October 15, 2017 - 07:40 PM

I'll look into the cat thing, maybe I'll do the harder and the more popular songs.
Of course, if anyone wants to collab to make a full band song, I'll handle all difficulties by the book.

I'm ashamed to say I don't know Vapors - feel free to PM me some songs you wanna do! If I like them we can do them :)

And if you want to do Suede, PM me and I'll send you the RPPs and everything you need. I plan on doing more Suede sometimes too. I also want to do some Pulp who are similar, if you're into them.

#6 rcale

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Posted October 15, 2017 - 10:57 PM

Oh wow. You have great taste! Ive been desperate for some Suede (especially from Suede and Dog Man Star), so I really hope someone adds bass to your work. :)

E: Pulp too!

#7 yaniv297

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Posted October 16, 2017 - 12:07 PM

Oh wow. You have great taste! Ive been desperate for some Suede (especially from Suede and Dog Man Star), so I really hope someone adds bass to your work. :)


Next Suede pack will definitely have Dog Man Star tunes too :)


Anyway, just finished testing more customs! and it's more Neil Young! So many of his classics are missing, I had to do some of them :)


NEW! Neil Young Rock Classics Pack

"Everybody Knows This is Nowhere"


"Walk On"


A three pack of great classic rockers by Neil. None too difficult, but fun to play! And Powderfinger chart keeps changing all the time (Seems like the drummer is figuring out his parts live...), which makes it quite annoying to chart but nice to play :)


Edit: Replaced Ohio with Walk On!

#8 yaniv297

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Posted October 17, 2017 - 12:44 PM

Another day, another pack! 


Bruce Springsteen Classics Pack



"The River"


A pack of 3 absolute classics from Bruce. From the rousing "Badlands", to the chilly and beautiful "River", to the epic, amazing "Backstreets" - those are absolutely essential tunes IMO.


As noted, it's a shame those are drums only - if anyone wants to help me turn them into full band ones, I'll be so happy to do it!

#9 AJFOne23

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    San Diego, CA

Posted October 17, 2017 - 01:22 PM

finally someone else doing Bruce  :excited:

#10 yaniv297

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Posted October 17, 2017 - 02:50 PM

There's a lot more Bruce coming, some very soon :).

Once again, if you want to chart guitars and other stuff for those songs, or at least some of them, it would be amazing.

#11 AJFOne23

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    San Diego, CA

Posted October 17, 2017 - 04:43 PM

make sure you check my WIP. I have lots of Bruce in progress

#12 yaniv297

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Posted October 17, 2017 - 05:02 PM

Yeah I know, I'm not doing any of the first two albums because of you! I'm doing some later stuff.

#13 BornGamerRob

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Posted October 22, 2017 - 04:31 AM

Hey Yaniv! Thanks again for the contributions. Was just playing some of your stuff and noticed there is no drum fill sections so there's no way to initiate overdrive. I think that's because in Phase Shift, you author differently and they aren't necessary. Just thought I'd drop a note in case you hadn't realized you needed it for RB authoring. 

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#14 yaniv297

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Posted October 22, 2017 - 04:45 PM

Hey Yaniv! Thanks again for the contributions. Was just playing some of your stuff and noticed there is no drum fill sections so there's no way to initiate overdrive. I think that's because in Phase Shift, you author differently and they aren't necessary. Just thought I'd drop a note in case you hadn't realized you needed it for RB authoring. 


Oh thanks man! I honestly had no idea. I played it all in Phase Shift and was able to initiate overdrive easily. I'll go through the songs and fix it, thanks :)


What did you think of the charts otherwise?

#15 BornGamerRob

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Posted October 22, 2017 - 08:59 PM


Oh thanks man! I honestly had no idea. I played it all in Phase Shift and was able to initiate overdrive easily. I'll go through the songs and fix it, thanks :)


What did you think of the charts otherwise?


Played your Suede charts. Really good man. Awesome work!

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#16 yaniv297

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Posted October 24, 2017 - 02:42 PM

24.10 Update: It's been brought to my attention that since I didn't author drum fills, all those tunes were impossible to gold star in RB3 (I didn't know that, in Phase Shift you can activate overdrive just fine without it!). Also, because of a bug I've had, all the album artworks were wrong - there was a very bad resolution picture of Springsteen instead.


Because of that, I've updated all the songs to include drum fills and proper artwork.

If you've downloaded an old version, please replace it with the new one! And if you find any further errors, please write me. Thanks :)

#17 yaniv297

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Posted November 4, 2017 - 11:36 PM

Hello, here's 9 new songs!


Bruce Springsteen Classics 02

"Land of Hope and Dreams"

"No Surrender"

"The Promised Land"


Second Springsteen classics pack, and this time it represents several decades and not just the 70's! "The Promised Land" is another 70's classic from the Darkness album (see more below...), "No Surrender" covers the 80's, while "Land of Hope and Dreams" is an epic 7-minutes long fan favorite, debuted live in the 90's and finally released in 2012's "Wrecking Ball". All songs are a blast to play, so have fun!


Springsteen's Darkness at the Edge of Town pack

"Candy's Room"

"Darkness at the Edge of Town"

"Prove it All Night"


Even more Springsteen! And the second of the "classic albums" packs (after David Bowie's Low), it's a 3-pack of classics from the Darkness at the Edge of Town album. "Candy's Room" will test your endurance with a series of 16th notes (and it's a great song too!), "Prove it All Night" (my favorite of the bunch) is just a blast to play, while "Darkness" is a classic, powerful power ballad. With "Badlands" and "The Promised Land", I've now charted half of the album already. Hmmm...


The Replacements 01

"Can't Hardly Wait"

"Favorite Thing"

"Kiss Me On the Bus"


First customs in the database for the best punk band of all time! In my opinion of course. Anyway, each of their three classic albums is represented here. "Kiss Me On the Bus" (from "Tim") is a brilliant jangle-pop tune from, "Favorite Thing" (from "Let it Be") is full on, fast and loud punk (honestly I can't play it properly, it's too fast for me!) and my favorite Replacements song, "Can't Hardly Wait" (from "Pleased to Meet Me") is just a beautiful touching yet upbeat tune.


Also, there's another album pack coming very soon - 3/3 songs charted, 2/3 songs approved, I'm just having some difficulties with the tempo of the last one. Once I'll get it right I'll upload all three!


Hope you loved those! And as always, if anyone wants to chart more instruments - to anything - PM me!

#18 yaniv297

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Posted November 12, 2017 - 10:17 PM

Hey, it's time to release my first full band collaboration! If you've wondered why Thunder Road, one of Springsteen's best songs (and my personal favorite) was suspiciously missing from 3 different Bruce packs... well here's your answer. A full band custom was in the making, collaboration with ejthedj, and now it's ready!


Get it here!

Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road


I would like to say a huge thank you to ejthedj, who done the majority of the work, including an absolutely insane (seriously, insane) pro keys chart. I've had a blast charting the drums (all difficulties) to this one.


Also, on a minor note, I've updated 'Darkness at the Edge of Town' to include some missing tom hits from the pro-drums chart. So if you're playing pro, be sure to redownload it here.


There's much more coming, I'm quite busy at studying but there's more to look forward too!

#19 yaniv297

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Posted November 20, 2017 - 12:21 PM

A new release!


Pavement 'Crooked Rain Crooked Rain' 3-Pack

"Gold Soundz"

"Silence Kid"



A 3 pack of highlights from one of the best rock albums of the 90's! Play along to the brilliant Gold Soundz (Pitchfork's best song of the 90's, and for a good reason!), the opener Silence Kid (man that tempo map was annoying to make, fun to play though!) and my personal favorite, the wild rocker 'Unfair'. Brilliant music and fun charts all around!

#20 yaniv297

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Posted November 21, 2017 - 09:55 PM

David Bowie Modern Pack


"No Plan"

"The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"


We already have so much vintage Bowie, but how about some of the newer stuff? Lazarus is an heartbreaking tune from the amazing 'Blackstar', with great jazzy drumming. "No Plan" is an underrated outtake from Blackstar, and one of my favorite Bowie tunes ever. And to make this pack a bit less depressing - here's the ultra catchy "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" from Bowie's comeback album "The Next Day".

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