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Kamotch's Custom Songs Discussion: The Smith Street Band's "Forrest" for C3X!

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Posted January 26, 2019 - 08:04 PM

So once again, I've let the new releases pile up since my last update to the thread. But hey, no one's posting here anyway, so I don't think it matters too much that I've been slacking haha. I imagine most people will already know about these releases from the database or the C3X threads, but if for some unlikely reason this is how you come to find out about these tracks, that's fine too! The more exposure, the better!


New (Old) Releases:




Back in middle school, I was still trying to figure out what type of kid I wanted to be (I eventually settled on the artsy type). But in the meantime, I would just copy whatever my older brother was doing at the time. He was a theater kid, so I decided to be one as well. During this time, we would also go to our local library and rent CDs to burn onto our desktop computer. Mainly these consisted of comedy CDs and They Might Be Giants albums, but Broadway musical soundtracks weren't uncommon. This also happened to be around the time Rent was making a resurgence in relevance, with the movie due to be coming out soon. So naturally we eventually wound up ~rent~ing it. It was by far my favorite of the Broadway stuff I had heard. To this day I haven't heard a Broadway soundtrack more in-line with my music tastes, even though my music tastes have evolved over the years. And if I had to pick a single favorite track from Rent, it would be this one.
Even putting aside the fact that this is from a Broadway musical, this is just a good song. Mainly a duet, it switches off between a rockin' alternative number and a piano ballad, finally culminating in the grand finale where both singers are joined by the rest of the cast. Like most Broadway tunes, the vocals are definitely a highlight, but honestly it's gonna be a tough choice deciding which instrument to play. Every instrument keeps it interesting for most of the song. Guitar, bass, and drums have the occasional break during the piano-focused portions, but it doesn't take long for them to get back into the action. Keys are clearly the most consistent, however. No matter what instrument you decide on, I do hope you have a good time!
This custom was made possible with the help of the Broadway Rock Band mastermind and talented keys-and-vocals charter, Emotional Flight! I may have tempo-mapped the song and charted the core instruments, but as you can see from the tiers, the bulkiest instruments were done by Mr. Flight. And from what I understand, he did most of the other songs in the pack all by himself! He deserves a standing ovation!


New (New) Releases:




Alongside Yaniv's release of Blur's "Beetlebum", these songs make up "C3X: The Studio Sessions"! While originally a larger pack, these songs are supposed to be the (Original Version)s of songs released by Harmonix that were either live, re-records, or covers.
So the original version of this song, officially released by Harmonix, was the live version from Old 97s' album "Alive & Wired". While musically that version of the song is still solid, if a little sloppy, the vocals are extremely choppy. It happened to be the last song on a 30-song set, so I'll give them a pass on that one for not being 100%. But it did always disappoint me that I could never sing along properly to the song, so I took it unto myself to author the original version.
The guitar is pretty fun, but decently difficult. Bass is fairly simple, but also varied enough to stay interesting throughout. Drums keep a fast steady snare beat, with the accents charted to the yellow pad. When Harmonix charted the live version, they exclusively charted the accented hits, but I opted for the more difficult option, hence the devil-tier rating. It won't fail an experienced drummer, but it's not uncommon to break your streak. I'm usually a drummer myself, but I'd probably rather sing this one instead, considering the vocals were originally my motivation for charting the song in the first place. So yeah, vocals are fun. It's a fun song! Enjoy!




Today is Australia Day apparently! When I heard about the date dedicated to Australian bands/artists, it ended up being a perfect fit for me. I had, at the time, recently downloaded the album "More Scared of You than You Are of Me" by The Smith Street Band after having learned about them through their relationship with my favorite artist, Jeff Rosenstock, who produced the album. The band is almost aggressively Australian. The first song I heard by them, also the first song on the album, immediately caught my interest. I had it on repeat for like a week straight! Anyway this is the song. Happy Australia Day!
Every instrument is fun, in my opinion. The guitar has a neat little solo! The bass is super varied! The drums are blah blah blah fun! Luckily MrPrezident was kind enough to provide a preview video so you can see for yourself! Enjoy the song!

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