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Kamotch's Custom Songs Discussion: The Smith Street Band's "Forrest" for C3X!

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#1 Kamotch

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Posted September 25, 2017 - 02:32 AM

So now that I've got some releases under my belt, I figured it was time to put out a discussion topic. As some of you may know, I have a WIP topic with an insanely long list of songs I wish to eventually bring to the database. If you want to see what I have in store, you can visit that topic here, but I'm gonna have to ask that you not talk about any future releases here in this topic. Someone might want to be surprised, so no spoilers! Here, I want discussion to be exclusively about songs I've already released. I'll be posting here now whenever I release a new song instead of the old topic.
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#2 Kamotch

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Posted September 30, 2017 - 07:02 AM

New Release:




Andrew Jackson Jihad is no longer the name of this band. They officially go by AJJ now. However, I once read that Sean Bonnette, the singer/guitarist, considers everything released before their 2013 album "Christmas Island" to be Andrew Jackson Jihad releases, and anything after to be AJJ releases. So I've decided to release this track under their original name. All future releases by the band will abide by those rules as well. The title of the album is also up for debate. While most people refer to this album as "People Who Can[...]", the initial physical CD release with the iconic rabbit image featured the "People That Can[...]" title. So I've decided to keep the original title, grammatical errors and all.


As for song info, this is probably their most well-known song. They used to perform it live at every single show, but I think they've since grown tired of it and don't play it as much. But it's a good introduction to the band, so if you like what you hear, check out the rest of the album.


I was actually really struggling to finish two other songs this week before ultimately deciding to finish and release this. It was the perfect song to break me out of my funk: it's short, catchy, fairly simple, and I had already had a guitar chart ready. Fun fact: this may have been the first full guitar chart I had ever completed back when Harmonix first released the RBN tools. And now it's been recycled into a full band custom available to everyone! Enjoy!


EDIT: Also I've updated both the Modest Mouse songs to match the album art of previous releases.


EDIT2: Just updated Brave As a Noun to fix a drums issue, also bumped it from tier 2 to 3 on drums.

#3 Kamotch

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Posted October 4, 2017 - 05:26 AM

New Release:




Bomb the Music Industry! was such a great band. They gave away all their music for free and only performed all-ages shows. They really just wanted to put themselves out there. They broke up in 2012 after a bandmate moved to Australia, but their last album, "Vacation", was an amazing send-off. Jeff Rosenstock, frontman of BtMI!, has since gone on to have a fantastic solo career, with his 2015 album "We Cool?" in the running for my favorite album of all time. But "Vacation" is definitely a contender as well. This song is my favorite song from the album, and like a good portion of the songs I release, I at some point or another considered it my favorite song in general. Fans of the band will no doubt want to download it, but I hope others do as well. It's a fast-paced pop punk jam, so if that sounds appealing, check it out!
When I authored this one, I couldn't help but notice how fun it looked to play on all instruments, with the drums requiring particular skill. Hope it turned out true.

#4 Kamotch

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Posted October 14, 2017 - 03:05 AM

New Release:




I'm always surprised Superchunk isn't more popular. Founding members Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance also founded the Merge record label. Several artists have released albums under Merge, including Arcade Fire, Neutral Milk Hotel, Dinosaur Jr, The Mountain Goats, Spoon, and Titus Andronicus. Drummer Jon Wurster also drums for the Mountain Goats. Not only that, he is also known for his work with Tom Scharpling on internet radio show "The Best Show". It even landed him a guest spot on Cartoon Network's Steven Universe, of which Scharpling voices Steven's father Greg.


Superchunk has put out ten studio albums, each of which have at least a few great songs. This song, Hyper Enough, is the opening track to their 1995 album "Here's Where the Strings Come In". The single and video were a moderate success for the band back in '95, and they've retained a kind of cult following, but I don't feel they've ever gotten the recognition they deserve. This song is a rocker for sure, so if you like what you hear, just know that there are plenty of other great songs from the band, many of which will be coming to the database at some time. So look out for those in the future!


For the guitar solo, lead and rhythm switch off in prominence, so I just charted whichever guitar seemed to be the focus at any given moment. I appreciate when folks chart rhythm to keys if they're both consistent, but honestly sometimes it's best to switch between the two on one chart to make it more fun to play.

#5 Kamotch

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Posted October 30, 2017 - 03:04 AM

New Release:




So finally here it is. I've put way more time into this song than any other song I've released. Not only did I have to author everything by ear (with only basic chord knowledge for the guitar chart), but I had two major setbacks: First my drum MIDI got completely erased and I had to start it over from scratch. Then, due to some problems that was causing the audio track to be out-of-sync with the MIDI, I had to completely redo the tempo map. But I persevered to get it done even when I wanted to give up. Why? Well because I think this is the best song that I've released so far.


Jeff Rosenstock is my favorite artist. We Cool? is my favorite album by him. And this song is widely regarded by fans to be the best song on the album. He even ends every live show with it now. It's a powerhouse of indie pop-punk. Super fun to play on drums, but the other instruments are no slouch either. It's good times all around! I urge anyone who's a fan of the genre to pick this one up.
P.S. Big thanks to user TomGuy for helping me out with the sync problem. I honestly don't think I could have released it without you!

#6 Kamotch

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Posted December 22, 2017 - 07:20 PM

New Release:


A 3-pack of (arguably) punk songs as part of C3thon!


Dead Kennedys - Kill the Poor
When I first skimmed through the database earlier this year, I was honestly surprised that this song hadn't been released yet. It's definitely my favorite Dead Kennedys track, and the only single from their debut album that hasn't been released as DLC. This song is the most challenging of the bunch overall, and really fun on all instruments!
Ramones - My Brain is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)
Another song I was surprised to see wasn't in the database. Though when I dug a bit to see how it compared in popularity to their other singles, it didn't seem to be that big of a hit. I had figured, however, with how many customs released by the band, surely this one would have one of them. Honestly I found out about the song from the movie School of Rock and just assumed it was one of their bigger hits. Hell, it's my favorite of theirs. Anyway, not too difficult on any instrument. Drums are a little challenging due to the quick tempo, but the key part is so boring I considered not even charting it haha.

New Order - Ceremony
In a surprise twist, this song is... not my favorite song by this band (gasp)! Bizarre Love Triangle having been released already as official DLC kind of stopped me with that (though I'll have to look into the possibility of doing the 12" single version of that song, which is the best version). This song is, however, my second favorite song of theirs, so close enough. Also, in a secondary twist, this song is not really punk. Written by Ian Curtis while the band was still Joy Division, this song is often classified as Post-Punk. So yeah, (arguably) punk. Drums require a certain amount of stamina, but other than that, not too difficult a song. Fun though!
So as I mentioned in the C3thon thread, I kind of had a rough month of November. Various horrible things kept happening to people close to me that required my attention. And then I was on vacation for the first two weeks of December. I originally intended for this pack to be a 5-pack to make up for the lack of songs released in November, but I couldn't finish in time. Expect the other two songs fairly soon (one much sooner than the other). And also expect a slower release schedule in general. Trying to do so much at a time can burn a person out, unfortunately. But enough negativity! Think positively! Donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation via our C3thon project page here:


Let's do some good!

#7 Kamotch

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Posted December 31, 2017 - 05:12 PM

New Release:




This song was originally included in my initial 5-pack for C3thon, but due to me procrastinating and not taking into account Murphy's Law, I wasn't able to finish the song in time. Of the two songs that didn't make it into the pack, this was further along by far. The other song doesn't even have a finished guitar or bass chart yet. But don't worry, I plan to have that out before the end of January at least.


As for the song itself, this seemed to be a hot track among charters. A couple people had already showed interest in charting it before I joined the forum, but I received permission to go ahead with my version. Then, during C3thon, another forum member had apparently started charting it and was planning to release the song as part of the Christmas bag. I talked it over with him and told him I already had claim to the song, and he politely backed off. Like I said -- hot track.


Drums are interesting because there's no bass pedal. But the real star of the track is the bass: 2 solos and plenty of interesting fills scattered throughout the song. Guitar and vocals are no slouches either, but that bass is something special. Enjoy!

#8 Nyxyxylyth


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Posted December 31, 2017 - 10:29 PM

That means "Add it Up" will be next week's HMX release.

#9 Kamotch

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Posted January 1, 2018 - 01:04 AM

God I hope not. They did just release Blister in the Sun a few weeks (months?) ago, so hopefully they didn't license this along with it. Either way, I don't have RB4 (or a next-gen console for that matter) so it was worth it to have it in my own library. But if by some coincidence your premonition is correct, GET IT FAST, FOLKS.

#10 Kamotch

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Posted January 15, 2018 - 02:55 AM

New Release:




The boys from Wakefield. The Cribs are much more popular in the UK than over here in states, but luckily they were "Similar to" other artists I listened to or else I'd never have found them. The Cribs are a peculiar bunch. All three main members are brothers, with twins Ryan and Gary switching off lead vocal duties. At one point in time, they had Johnny Marr in the band, though surprisingly that was when they released their shakiest material.
This particular track comes from the era right before that, when they had first signed with major label Warner in the US. The lead single from the album, "Men's Needs" (also available in the database by author Ruck Bogers 22) remains their biggest hit, but I definitely prefer this track as well as most of the other tracks on the album haha.
The drums are the most challenging instrument here, with fairly consistent double bass kicks throughout (don't be fooled, it's not hardcore metal or anything). The guitar and bass do enough to keep it interesting and the vocals, while pretty simple, are still really fun to sing along to.
All instruments charted by me. Expect more Cribs tracks from me down the line! Not just major label era, but career spanning.

#11 TomGuy

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Posted January 15, 2018 - 08:10 PM

Thank you for charting my favorite Cribs song.  This was a great surprise to wake up to this morning.

#12 Kamotch

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Posted February 4, 2018 - 05:26 AM

Late reply, but you're welcome! At one point that song was definitely my favorite of theirs, but now I just can't decide.




New Release:




Dinosaur Jr. was the first band I discovered through Rock Band that I truly fell in love with. I had never heard Feel the Pain before it was announced to be in the RB2 soundtrack, but after deciding I quite liked the song, I dived a little deeper into the band's discography. Music websites would often list their 1987 album "You're Living All Over Me" as their best, so I decided to check it out. I was blown away.
This song is the opening track to that album. Legend has it that bassist Lou Barlow's throat bled after screaming the opening lines to the song: "What is it? Who is it? Where is it?"
Dinosaur Jr. lets their love of distortion shine during the song's intro. Guitarist J Mascis is kind of a guitar god in the indie scene, but this song is one of his tamer efforts. That's not to say the sound isn't just as heavy as those songs that include some of his blistering solos. Drums are decently difficult, involving some disco beats and some crossovers. Nothing an experienced drummer's gonna find too much trouble, but difficult enough to keep it interesting. If there's one instrument that's lacking in this particular song, it's the bass unfortunately. Lou Barlow's a great bassist but his style doesn't really translate well to Rock Band.
For those familiar with the song, you probably are wondering what lyrical interpretation I used for the chorus. For those who don't know, there was once a long debate about whether the line was "A rabbit falls away from me, [etc.]" vs. "I grab, it falls away from me, [etc.]". J used to say that either interpretation was fine because he basically didn't care (indifference is kind of his thing), but after being pressured for so long, he eventually said that the "rabbit" version was correct. So what interpretation did I use? The other one of course. Look, I clearly heard the "g" while meticulously authoring the vocal part, so I'm pretty sure J just said that to appease the masses who think the song is called "Little Furry Things" haha.
Anyway, all instruments charted by me. Expect more Dinosaur Jr. from me in the future. I kind of lucked out with my first song from them not having a guitar solo.

#13 Kamotch

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Posted May 2, 2018 - 11:10 PM

So I don't know if anyone's been paying attention, but I haven't released anything for a while. My last release was almost exactly 3 months ago. This doesn't mean I've grown apart from the community or anything. In fact, I'm just as invested as ever! I still chart songs in my free time nearly every day. I've got a handful of songs just on the cusp of being finished. But why haven't I just finished them already? I'm going to be honest with you, I HATE timing out vocals. It's become the bane of my existence. Occasionally I'll be like "Fuck it, I'll just do it." But I get a couple phrases in and remember just how boring and time-consuming the whole process is. I had to resort to another option to get these songs out. Since I can't compromise the vocals and release a song with only partial instruments, I decided it was time to collaborate. I turned to one of the few members of the community who actually enjoys charting vocals - atruejedi! He offered to help me out with Now We Can See, but unfortunately he's pretty busy with other things to do more than that for now. So! If you are a vocals charter who generally likes my releases so far, feel free to get in touch with me via PM and maybe I can start getting songs out at a decent rate again!




New Release:




So The Thermals broke up a couple weeks ago. It really hit me hard because they had been one of my favorite bands since early high school. I wanted to get a Thermals track out as soon as possible as a tribute to them and what they meant to me.
Back in 2007, my brother showed me a performance they did on Last Call with Carson Daly of their song "A Pillar of Salt" (stay tuned for that one eventually). It was eye-opening. I had never heard music like they were playing. It was raw and energetic. The singer was just kind of shouting the lyrics instead of singing them, but it sounded just right. This was my gateway into punk music. My brother and I bought the CD shortly after - "The Body, The Blood, The Machine". We loved it. This was a new experience for me; I had never listened to albums as a unit before. Up until then, they had been collections of single tracks that you could skip around to the good songs. But not on this record, even the couple songs I wasn't too fond of as standalone tracks felt essential.
Fast forward to early 2009, I had long since dived into the rest of their discography by the time they debuted this track. I honestly think it was the first time I had listened to a new song by a band I was a fan of. Up until then, it seemed like any "new" song I heard I was just discovering years after its release. So I was excited to hear their new single. "Now We Can See" was probably the poppiest thing they had ever released, but it still had that same punk energy I recalled from their previous album. Talk about an ear worm. When they released the rest of the album a couple months later, I was a little bummed that nothing came close to the title track nor the rest of their discography. But I still dug it well enough. The title track remains one of my favorites of theirs.
They've since released 3 other albums, mostly hit-or-miss but The Thermals have always had a special place in my heart due to how much they helped shape my music tastes. So here's to The Thermals! Expect more tracks from them by me down the line! Mostly early-era stuff but a few later gems are on the table as well.
Guitar, bass, drums, and preliminary vocals done by me. Vocals overhaul -- including timing out notes, phrase marking and overdrive -- done by *** atruejedi *** A true jedi indeed!

#14 Kamotch

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Posted May 20, 2018 - 10:42 PM

New Release:




Finally this long-awaited (for those who've known it's coming) song gets released! Originally I had planned to release this as part of C3thon last year, but when I had to cut down my 5-pack to a 3-pack due to personal reasons, this was one of the two to get the axe. I was able to release Add it Up not too long afterwards, and intended for this one to follow soon after that. That didn't happen of course due to my increasing disdain for polishing vocals. But with the help of super cool user *** GreenPanda12 ***, I was able to get this one released before the year 2020. Not only did he fix up the vocal chart, but he also completely revamped and finished up the very bare-bones keys chart I had started. I originally was going to put a key-less V1.0, but thanks to Panda, we get the full-band treatment!
So Morrissey is kind of a dick. Lets get that out of the way. One of the reasons this one was cut from my original 5-pack was due to then-recent statements he had made casually defending Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein during the height of the #MeToo movement last year. But for as long as he's been in the public eye, he's been no stranger to controversy. I don't have time to open all of those cans of worms, so I'll just pivot away from the frontman himself to say that The Smiths as a band were great! They are highly influential in the indie rock scene especially, and considering this is one of their most popular songs, I'm honored to be the one to bring it to you guys!
Guitar has some difficult chord changes that'll keep you on your toes. Drums are pretty simple. Bass was actually surprisingly varied and seems like a fun alternative to the chord-heavy guitar chart. And if you're a fan of the song, I'm sure singing along will be just great!
Anyway guitar, bass, drums, and rough vocals done by me. Polished vocals and keys done by GreenPanda12! Thanks again for the help, Panda!

#15 Dangus

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Posted May 21, 2018 - 04:56 PM

Great release Kamotch!  :rock:  :rock:

#16 rcale

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Posted May 21, 2018 - 09:38 PM

Cool! Thank you.

#17 Kamotch

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Posted May 27, 2018 - 02:34 AM

New Release:




So I've had this one nearly-done since October of last year. I was planning on releasing it sometime leading up to my slot in C3thon, but ended up only having time to finish up the 3-pack. It's kind of just been sitting around mostly-charted for months. Once again vocals were main reason it wasn't released sooner. But thanks to user *** Kloporte *** , that hurdle was once again crossed! Thanks a lot to him! Not very common for me to release more than one song a month, let alone 3, so be excited and enjoy the third available track from Modest Mouse's '97 masterpiece The Lonesome Crowded West!
Drums on this one are pretty intense. I believe it's the first song I've released with a devil-tier instrument. There's a section that might fail even an experienced expert drummer if they didn't know what's coming. Guitar is also no slouch. If we were able to assign a more accurate placement in the difficulty rankings, this would probably be pretty high up in tier 4. Bass isn't really much trouble. Vocals have a decent amount of talkies, so feel free to try and imitate Isaac Brock's screaming for those parts, if you can keep up that is.
Anyway guitar, bass, drums, and rough vocals done by me. Polished vocals by Kloporte! Woo!

#18 ejthedj

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Posted May 27, 2018 - 03:20 AM

Ah, a Seattle band :) Actually Issaquah, which is sort of a suburb of Seattle if you can brave the I-90 bridge lol ;) Excellent work. Way to show there's more to Seattle than grunge (though they're in Portland now)

Rush Rockband Resolution (R3):



#19 Kamotch

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Posted June 12, 2018 - 06:28 PM

New Release:




Silent Alarm is a great album! We need more songs from that album in Rock Band! There are a few songs in the database already, but none of them, aside from the Guitar Hero convert, are truly complete. So here's the first fully-original ~completed~ Bloc Party release, which also happens to be the blistering first track on the album: Like Eating Glass! As has become the new normal for me, I've once again commissioned another charter to take up vocal duties. This time it was ***Septekka***. Really cool dude. Very professional work. I really hope to work with him again soon!
Now for the song, every instrument stays pretty interesting once the song gets going. The drums are definitely the highlight, with some fun but tricky little drum fills scattered throughout. Also the fairly consistent bass pedal might tire your leg out. Bass is also super varied. If there's a weak link, the guitar earns that title only by default. The verses can get a little repetitive, but everything else is pretty interesting. And how much fun you have on vocals is always determined by your love of the particular song, but I personally can't wait to belt out the opening lyrics at my next Rock Band party.
So yeah guitar, bass, drums, and rough vocals done by me. Polished vocals by Septekka! AND... custom venue done by Septekka! Yes, this is my first release to have a custom venue, so I'm excited about that! And, as if he hadn't already done enough, he's agreed to record a video preview to top it off. Expect that sometime within the next few days. Thanks again, Septekka! I really appreciate it!

#20 Kamotch

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Posted October 13, 2018 - 07:33 PM

So I've had a few releases since my last update to this thread, so I might as well tell you about them! Please note that mostly all of my future releases will be a part of C3X, so they will likely revolve around a general theme.


New (Old) Releases:




I had originally intended to release this song much sooner after news of his death last year, but already had so many works-in-progress to start a new project, especially one as daunting as this one. This is one of rock's greatest classics in my opinion, and I wanted to do it right before releasing it to the public.
So I just pretty much completely did my own charts for every instrument without consulting the Guitar Hero charts much. I did, however, study the vocal chart because that's still the instrument I'm most uncomfortable charting (harmonies are still up in the air shhhh). Everything else I hope you all enjoy! Drums are pretty basic, bass is varied enough to be interesting if not super difficult, and guitar is a goddamn monster. Inexperienced players are likely to fail just at the end which is super annoying, yes, but it's still fairly accurate.
Unfortunately a keys chart was not included due to using the assets from Guitar Hero. The stem that included the keys part also included other miscellaneous instruments, so I just wasn't sure how to go about charting it. Maybe in the future it can be updated with a keys stem.
R.I.P. Tom Petty.




When I first made my list of suggested songs for the project, I just knew this one would be picked. It's a great song I was surprised hadn't been done yet. And compared to most of my other songs, it's pretty simple. Little did I know the time signature would make the animations look completely awkward! Luckily, after some fiddling, I was finally able to fix the problem.
Guitar is mostly just the same 4 chords, but at least there's a tiny bit of variety for the bridge. Bass is fairly interesting for such a slow song. Drums were super hard to decipher, but the results are actually kinda fun, if maybe not 100% accurate (I tried, I really did!). And in a surprising twist, this one includes the horns charted as keys! As someone who doesn't own a keyboard to test it, I really hope it turned out fine! But hey, it got through Magma at least! Anyway, enjoy!




Like Aeroplane, I suspected this song might be picked for the project, especially considering Banshee's involvement. This is probably their most popular song that hadn't been charted yet so I'm happy to be the one to bring it to y'all!
Released on their self-titled first album, this song is from the era when they still used a drum machine. So the drum track is a little difficult since it's basically trying to emulate a computer. The guitar is actually pretty interesting, though mostly chords. Bass is nothing special, especially during the verses when it gets pretty boring. I think vocals are actually the star of the show in this one. There are no complicated harmonies or anything like that, it's just a fun song to sing. The lyrics are so delightfully weird, I love it. I ALMOST didn't include a keys chart because I was having trouble finding resources for it. But I was able to utilize a MIDI I found online which really helped. Hope it worked out properly. And hope you all enjoy!




So I am pretty proud of myself for this one. This is the longest song I've authored by about 2 and a half minutes. Not only that, but every instrument is fairly difficult! This is also the first chart I made that utilized a Big Rock Ending. So this is a big release for me!
So if you've ever heard this song before, you'll know that bass is the real star of the show. On top of the fact that it stays consistently varied and super fun, it includes THREE bass solos, the final one of which is a real doozy. Guitar is mostly just variations of the same three chords, but it includes a solo that breaks up the monotony a bit, and the ending will definitely trip you up if you're not paying attention. Drums are pretty fun too! A lot of snare rolls and a fair amount of ghost notes. Vocals are the only problem here. Gordon Gano does of a lot of talk-singing that I was unsure of whether or not some phrases should be talkies or not. I tried matching the pitches as best as I could, but sometimes your best isn't good enough! Haha sorry if it's too difficult. I can go back and fix the chart if I get too many complaints. Other than that, enjoy the rest of it! Or enjoy all of it!




I originally learned of this song when someone "leaked" a fake setlist for Guitar Hero: World Tour back in the day. I've been a fan ever since and always thought it would make a good Rock Band track. Surprised it took until today for it to be released, considering the amount of MCR songs already in the database.
So guitar is the most difficult instrument with a fairly heavy riff that plays during the intro and outro of the song. On top of that, there's a pretty intense guitar solo. Drums includes some pretty quick fills that can definitely break your streak, but other than that, it's deserving of its Tier 4 rating. Bass isn't much, mostly just long strings of notes. Vocals could probably be a highlight of any My Chemical Romance song, so that's no different here. Hope you all enjoy it!




This was one of the first customs I started working on, it's just been in limbo for probably about a year. I'm glad it's finally been released to the world! All it took was a council of people picking it as part of a community project for me to finally finish the sucker up.
Drums start the song off with a pretty difficult fill. Overall drums aren't as fun as I originally expected the song to be. I suspect the awkwardly quick cymbal/cymbal-snare/cymbal pattern might be the result of a drum machine because it's fairly awkward to play. But honestly once you get the hang of that, it's still pretty fun. Guitar can easily trip you up if you're not careful. The Bodhisattva-esque hammer-on chords in the hook are probably the most difficult part, so if you master those, you should be set. Bass is interesting enough, especially during the verses. And vocals will (hopefully) be great if you like the song!




I've had this one nearly-ready for months now, but I had to put off completing it in order to work on my C3G contributions. But after that was finally over, I thankfully didn't have to wait long to release it. I was lucky that the song fit in to such an early week's theme!
This song was popularized by the cartoon Adventure Time, in a scene in which Marceline the Vampire Queen covers the song for a Battle of the Bands competition (she loses her pick mid-way through the song, hence my hint haha). I had been aware of Mitski, but that scene was actually my first exposure to her music. Good stuff! I may chart more of her songs in the future.
It's not a particularly complex song on any instrument, so if you're already a fan of the song, vocals are probably going to be the star. Drums are varied enough to keep it interesting, even if not really difficult at all. Guitar and bass are easier still, but guitar at least has a fun little ending solo. And what's this? Keys are also here? Yes! Are they super boring and only come in about halfway through the song? Maybe, but at least they're THERE. Hope you guys enjoy!

New (New) Releases:




Co-author yaniv297 writes:
"When talking about Arcade Fire, the word “anthemic” is used often. Maybe it’s the U2 and Springsteen influences, but even as an unknown low budget band, Arcade Fire always aimed for a huge sound. But nothing, nothing in this album or the band’s career is as anthemic as the show-stopping, unique “Wake Up”. This is the show closer, the climax. Everything - from the opening guitar chords, to the bass-snare beat, to those huge soaring “oh oh oh”s - just screams big stadiums. Lyrics are sparse, each word counts, as Butler pleads: “Children, wake up”, before the song takes a surprising key change and ends on a double-pace, playful outro. The song made a big impact - it was used by U2 as a concert opener as early as 2005, and the band played the song with none other than David Bowie the same year. It also makes a rather brilliant custom - I’m sure you’ll have fun playing and singing along to this amazing tune."
So true. As for the charts, I was in charge of guitar, bass, and drums - none of which are too difficult. Vaniv took vocals and keys duties. I can't speak for Yaniv's parts, but none of my charts are too difficult. Once the song changes tempo about 2/3rds of the way through the song, however, it switches it up enough to keep it interesting. Hope you enjoy it!




Co-author yaniv297 writes:
"Originally recorded for their debut EP, “No Cars Go” is a joyous, upbeat and great anthem, of late-night escapism from a world dominated by cars and planes. ”No Cars Go” is a huge fan favorite and brilliant live song, and for a good reason. Led by a driven drum beat and accordion line, with great energy before exploding into a soaring climax, “No Cars Go” is a musical celebration of everything that’s good about Arcade Fire. And it promises to be an absolute blast on Rock Band as well."
That it does. This one is actually quite fun on drums! Definitely the star of the song, apart from maybe keys, but I didn't really have a hand in charting those. Like "Wake Up", I was in charge of guitar, bass, and drums, while Yaniv did keys and vocals. I'm sure if you're a fan of the song, you'll have fun playing any instrument, but yeah drums and keys will probably be your best bet. Enjoy!

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