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The MGMT (WIP) Project



MGMT (or "The Management" pre-2005) is an electronic duo started by two guy who met in university. they currently have 3 albums under their belt and have stated that another is finished and ready for release later this year (2017). With tracks like "Kids" and "Time to Pretend", and lesser known gems like "Flash Delirium" and "Alien Days", I can safely say that I'm anticipating the upcoming 4th album.


I've been humming and hawing about doing this for a while. The school semester just started, but I've been listening to them a lot recently (the first two albums especially) and I can just see the Rock Band highways with the midi notes in my head. Obviously - as evidenced by the post - I've decided to tackle It.


Now I'll need help, I am starting to chart pro-keys and vocals, but I don't consider myself to be that good at it. So if anyone would like to contribute, let me know in the thread or PM or whatever. Any and all help is appreciated since it lets me release customs faster. I think that given I have a terrible release history I'm not going to release packs, but when a song is done, then it's done and I won't save it for a pack release. This means a) I won't forget about the track since I'll be released when it's done, and B) you get more customs faster! Yay!




Oracular Spectacular
1. Time to Pretend <--- Charted by Fat Ha1p3rt
3. The Youth
5. Kids <--- HMX RB4 release
6. 4th Dimensional Transition
10. Future Reflections



1. It's Working
2. Song for Dan Treacy
3. Someone's Missing
4. Flash Delirium <--- Can be found in this thread
5. I Found a Whistle
6. Siberian Breaks
8. Lady Dada's Nightmare
9. Congratulations <--- Charted by Ruggy



1. Alien Days
2. Cool Song No. 2
3. Mystery Disease
4. Introspection
5. Your Life Is a Lie
6. A Good Sadness
7. Astro-Mancy
8. I Love You Too, Death
9. Plenty of Girls in the Sea
10. An Orphan of Fortune

Little Dark Age

1. She Works Out Too Much
3. When You Die
4. Me and Michael
6. James
7. Days That Got Away
8. One Thing Left to Try
9. When You're Small
10. Hand It Over
Being Worked on now (Done):
  • The Youth
  • It's Working
  • Song for Dan Treacy (D)
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First song, "Pieces of What"




This song is a pretty short, ballad type piece. Very simple, but it's a song that feels long and short at the same time. The instrumentation build from a simple acoustic guitar pattern, adding in the bass and keys, finally with the drums at the end to give the song that extra punch. The song then ends (rather abruptly) with a string section that carries the vocal melody that preceded it. It's simple, layered, and is a song that one can easily get lost to.

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Just in time for the weekend...




The second track off their debut album. This song features a really nice vocal part, that kinda soars on the track. This album as a whole features some great song writing, the chords and flow of the song just fit, and you kinda get lost in it all. The lyrics don't really make much sense, kinda singing about nonsense, but a lot of MGMT tracks do that.


This track to me is highly overlooked, serving as the song that has to come after "Time to Pretend" I think it often gets over shadowed by it. It's a great song, fun instrumental parts, and another to add to the MGMT collection.

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MGMT Mondays!




The single off of Congratulations. This whole album is amazing and was a different step for MGMT. This was the end of the kinda indie-pop hits of their debut as this album has more of a straight up psychedelic sound with lots of instrumentation and sounds that almost fit in with some of the psychedelic rock acts of the late 60s. Just with a more electronic sound.

This song is fast-paced, making every instrument a little more challenging as a result. The chorus on this track features a sort of call-and-answer with the vocals, I'd imagine this song would pretty good for a party setting.

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It's a moon! A bird! A monster!...


It's a really great song!

Another off their debut record, the track has three distinct lyrical sections that relate to... well moon, bird, and monsters respectively. This is another song which features some odd times, if you count it out it's actually four bars of 6/4 then a bar of 4/4. Interesting stuff, and you wouldn't really notice it unless you actually count it out (say... for a Rock Band release). Electric feel off the same record does the same thing with it be basically all in 3/4.


The highlight of the track is the latter half that starts with just drums and two bass notes. The track then adds more instrumentation with keys and guitar, more and more instrumentation and drum fills are added, which leads to one of the best crescendos on the album. Non of the tracks are that particularly difficult, but all the parts are very fun. Another great addition to the MGMT customs list!

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After over year, we get a new song....



Another song that ends a bit too early for my liking, It's a pretty straight forward MGMT song (if that even is a thing), wing some very challenging keys in the middle, have fun FCing that!

We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...
We got the hand shake...

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MGMT Monday! Today we got the single from their 4th LP, Little Dark Age!




The hit single off their 4th record. Kind of a return to form for MGMT after the self-titled album came out, this song (and record) is very 80's pop inspired, and has a children's Halloween special tone to it- and that's not a bad thing!

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