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Green Day Revolution Radio Tour Experience

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Posted September 12, 2017 - 06:30 PM

So, I got to go to see Green Day last night in Albuquerque, New Mexico (where I live) and I just wanted to share my experience.




We paid extra to go into the pit (my first time) and damn was it amazing. I attempted to completely DIY dye my hair but failed (twice) so that kind of sucked, but anyway... In the light, my hair was shining.


Catfish and The Bottlemen:


Great band! The poor singer tripped on a cord though. Bassist's hair was cool and the guitar player was wearing a small hat. Drummer was great, I might want to play some of their songs in real life.


Worth charting?: Definitely! Some of their songs seemed easy to chart.


Intermission between the bands:

The stadium was playing Bohemian Rhapsody; everyone was singing.

After this, the "mascot" bunny for Green Day came out (which had Tre Cool (drummer) inside the costume) and he threw some small plush bunnies to the crowd (I didn't catch one but I bought one earlier anyway). He went back for a few minutes then the real deal happened.


Green Day:


Holy crap the crowd was freaking out (they haven't been in New Mexico for 12 years). I was in the very front of the pit, but eventually got pushed like 5 rows back (stupid bastards).


When I was in the front of the pit, Mike Dirnt (the bassist) stared at my hair for like 10 seconds (which was the best f***ing moment of my entire life because he is my favorite member).


Jason White (the lead guitar player) was playing boulevard of broken dreams once and he smirked when I said (Go Jason!)


Three people got on stage (one of them was in front of me in line XD). The first was the kid in front of me in line. Billie Joe (the main singer and he plays rhythm guitar) threw the guy off stage into the crowd. The second was another guy and he got to sing Longview and also jump into the crowd. The last was a girl who played guitar for a song called Knowledge and got to keep the guitar she used.


I would say a hell of a lot more but I have to go XD. It was amazing!!!!!!!

Want to help me chart Green Day songs? Send me a PM!

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