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Coolkidx86's W.I.Ps (plans, charted, Ect)

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#1 Coolkidx86

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Posted August 18, 2017 - 01:13 PM

My laptop's hard drive is dead, so I can't chart anything right now, but I will be charting these whenever I get a new hard drive. I will update this thread saying when I get a new hard drive, and be warned I do like some novelty stuff. ;)


Anyone interested let me know if you're working on any of these or wanna collab in the future.







The Living Tombstone - Don't Tattle on me (Tattletail remix)

The Living Tombstone - I Can't Fix You

Random Encounters - Bendy and the ink machine musical

Random Encounters - Hello Neighbor the musical

Random Encounters - HuniePop the musical

Random Encounters - Resident Enis

Random Encounters - Resident Enis 2

Random Encounters - Senpai notice me (Yandere Simulator musical)

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