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Authoring influences and appreciation

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#1 AJFOne23

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Posted July 17, 2017 - 10:24 PM

In light of recent posts and bad feelings I thought it best to post my authoring heroes and influences from the C3 expanded universe and I'd love for you to do the same. This mean people that inspired, mentored you, ect.


First up and I think this applies to us all is Farottone. Without him none of us would be here. Also the Genesis Chronicles inspired me to do the Chicago Chronicles.


Next up is Septekka or the author formerly known as BearzUnlimited. Not only is he a brilliant author but he's very generous with his time, wisdom, and knowledge. His beautiful venues inspired my own venue work.


Sideshow helped me get started. He ran my early charts through magma when I couldn't figure it out and encouraged me to start releasing my own projects. We've done many great collaborations since.


NWS1-6 has been my weirdo brother in arms from the beginning. We share a musical bond and he's helped me to improve in many areas that I was lacking in.


There are many more I could list but I want to keep this short and sweet. Please take some time acknowledge those who made you the author you are today.



#2 sailingwhisper

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Posted July 17, 2017 - 10:43 PM

All of the people doing discography projects and other large ones like the Genesis Chronicles and the Chicago Chronicles inspired me to do my Coheed and Cambria project. I'm not doing their whole discography, because frankly I don't like all of their albums quite as much as I like their first four, but I will probably update a few of the guitar-only songs from The Afterman albums.

#3 nsw1-6

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Posted July 17, 2017 - 11:37 PM

NWS1-6 has been my weirdo brother in arms from the beginning. We share a musical bond and he's helped me to improve in many areas that I was lacking in.


You're welcome  :D

#4 Sideshow

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 12:41 AM



AJFOne is one of those people who announces a big project such as Chicago Chronicles and then actually pulls through all the way.  Not to mention the commitment to other projects such as Frank Zappa, Mastodon, Stevie Wonder, Sound Garden, etc.  Truly a class act.

#5 naginalJJ

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 12:55 AM

Farottone of course, AJFOne23, DemonUnicorns, RollingGreen and DenVaktare for proving that a chronicles/discography project can actually happen!

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#6 BattlePenguin

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 01:12 AM

Cool idea!


First has to be Farottone. Thanks for everything you do on and for the site. When I released my first custom (Redbone - Come and Get Your Love), you asked to look at my project file and gave me feedback. The amount of detail you were able to give me showed me how much I had to grow, and inspired me to keep at it and keep making customs. House of Customs was also one of my favorite things regarding this site : )


For inspiring, I would have to go with Gigakoops. Never personally interacted with her, but her customs always feel of the highest quality. Almost all of her customs were hits with me. Also, maybe the biggest thing is her venues. As someone who loved doing venues I always looked up to her work. Both inspiring and showing me what is possible.


Next up are people I have worked with on customs with: Ultimate_MANG0, petegaveglia, AJFOne23. I enjoy working on songs with ya guys. We connect on musical taste, and I have grown and learned a lot while working with you. Each colab I come out of it feeling like I got better as a custom creator. Also always willing to give help when I ask.

Tails4eva / PopGoesRockband - Always a pleasure. Do enjoy working with you.

Fat Ha1p3rt - Same. I learn a lot from you and are always helpful. A joy to work with.


Thanks too to those who give feedback and appreciation to my customs. Especially TrojanNemo and samjjones who always have nice things to say about my work.


Lastly, thanks to everyone who makes and releases customs. Ya'll rock : )

#7 Bansheeflyer



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Posted July 18, 2017 - 01:19 AM



NarutoWarsStar1-6? Never heard of them. :P


All my collaboration projects have been an awesome experience for me because I get to see how other authors manage their charting process and I've learned quite a few things from them. Plus they've had the patience to deal with me despite me taking sometimes literal years to finish a collab haha. You guys know who you are, so thank you.


Actually some of my greatest influences are the people who give me encouragement and wonderful feedback on my work. The enthusiasm they give me is inspiring and I appreciate them very much. I don't like singling out people because it's definitely not limited to these two, but Rushfan2112 and Funk Meister Freud have been very encouraging and our conversations give me inspiration to chart songs. That and I still owe them both for kindnesses they have done for me in the past.


Of course I can't forget the amazing charter Bansheeflyer. He's just such a creative, fun, and humble person and he inspires me to chart every day. Such a great person.


Recounting my collaborations with other users I haven't realized just how much I've been collabing with AJFOne23. Though between the massive Chicago catalogue and the current Chris Cornell stuff it's not all that surprising.

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#8 VreyIsGrey

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 02:14 AM

For inspiring, I would have to go with Gigakoops. Never personally interacted with him, but his customs always feel of the highest quality. Almost all of his customs were hits with me. Also, maybe the biggest thing is his venues. As someone who loved doing venues I always looked up to his work. Both inspiring and showing me what is possible.

Gigakoops is actually a woman.  :)

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#9 BattlePenguin

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 02:28 AM

Gigakoops is actually a woman.  :)

Ah, thanks! Fixed

#10 froogle

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 04:03 AM

Let me take you all back to February 2014, when I finally decided to tackle charting. Really the only reason I wanted to try charting in the first place was because nobody had uploaded the songs I wanted to play. My first songs I made are probably among the worst charts ever, and I'm glad they are no longer online. I gradually started to improve, all thanks to my pal Yhughu on FoF forums. 


My first collaborations on this site were with Kloporte. We did Pearl Jam - Animal, remember? You should, we got a butt-load of replies an' stuff. I worked with Sygenysis and Nunchuck on a couple songs, released some songs on here by myself (mostly guitar only, how low class and foolish......) I have also worked with people such as Sideshow, AJFOne23, and MrPrezident. I am currently working with my friend TheWay123 on some songs.


All those names are most definitely among the people who have inspired me to create and publish charts, and those names only make up a small fraction. Now, bear with me, this next line is nothing short of cheesy, but I mean it 100%, Everyone who has downloaded, liked and gave feedback to any of the songs I released, either on here or on FoF, is part of the reason I still do this. You rock!

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#11 Ultimate_MANG0

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 04:10 AM

Farottone is a big one for me. When C3 was still doing weekly releases, it was him who would ask to have a look at my work and offered help and even offered me to work on songs for him. I wouldn't be constantly doing this if it wasn't for his encouragment. SailingWhisper  is a machine. For another project I'm starting up, he has pushed out so much for the first release! (Which will be out shortly) I was seriously suprised at how much work he did in so little time, and while things have slowed down, I hope to continue working with him. Ghostbyob is awesome at she does as well. Actually accepting my offer on doing every Naruto song couldn't have been easy to make, but we are doing it (while going very slowly, sorry about that) Her work is always great and makes what I need to do a breeze. I want to also thank my current partner in crime, GreenPanda12. From what started as wanting to do a venue for a coldplay song has exploded to doing the entire discography of Paramore. This guy has also taught and helped through learning vocals, and while I'm still shit at them, it's thanks to him I'm getting better.


Thank you to everyone who authors in anyway, shape, or form. Your work put smiles on many peoples faces everytime they boot up rockband, including mine :)


#12 MrPrezident


    C3U Moderator

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 05:17 AM

I'll just say a quick thanks to my buddy Spindoctor who was the first guy to approach me, after announcing my Canada 150 project, to offer support.  He's been there for me ever since too.  


All the other great people I've learned from, contributed to and from, and had fun working with, mortarion42, Dash  RiprockmrcoupdetatSamyazaMrBurplerTheWay123Froogzer and of course Farottone for C3U and inspiring so many people like me.   Literally wouldn't be here without TrojanNemo.   Thanks all.

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#13 funkydunkleman

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Posted July 18, 2017 - 06:22 AM

First, a big thanks to Farottone. It was his AC/DC track that finally made me hop onto the custom train. Also helped me with Who Can it Be Now? and Big Gun becoming C3 releases.

Major thanks to oscarj08 for showing me his database for AC/DC midis. It made authoring their songs much easier and really increased the frequency of how often I could release them. Without him I'd be lucky to have half the AC/DC content out there that I do.
Thanks to ShadowMaurix for adding harmonies to Style.


Thanks to Colonel 32dll for pitching the vocals for the AC/DC pack we released to C3.


Thanks to jimi369 for doing the full German vocals to 99 Luftballons for me. Also perfecting the hell out of Nobody Does it Better.


And thanks to Atruejedi for already pitching vocals on D'ya Know What I Mean? and Would You Fight for My Love? as well as offering help on a few more.


I'm sure I'm forgetting people I've worked with, but those were the ones I could remember right now.

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#14 Colonel 32dll

Colonel 32dll
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Posted July 19, 2017 - 05:13 PM

Strong influences and great appreciation (and I will overlook people):


Nyxyxylyth - Nyx was my customs-authoring "first contact" back in early 2013 (pre-C3).  He taught me how to chart vocals before there was a video tutorial and he is a great teacher. His help and guidance in the "Show Floor" days was invaluable.


Farottone - For his early encouragement, his support and insight through the years, his hundreds of fantastic customs, for including me in his multiple amazing customs collaboration projects, the development of CAT (magic, plain and simple) and for being the true soul of C3.


TrojanNemo - Aside from his amazing customs, he developed/improved nearly all the tools we use to create customs with ease and has always been a strong defender of the community and its authoring members.


Troipoison - My first Full Band customs collaborator, Troi could chart drums and strings, I could chart strings and vocals. We produced, with the help of others, a handful of popular customs.


CrazyCanuck - He and his son created some fantastic drum tracks that I used to create Full Band customs. His huge collection of drum tracks are still being tapped for FB collaborations.


Funkydunkleman - Another early co-conspiritor, I worked with Funky on the above-mentioned AC/DC and some Bob Seger. He added drums to my most popular (mediafire) download, "1985".


Lowlander2 - My first "official" C3 release was under his guidance and watchful eye. The process was initially frustrating for me, but he was patient and helped me produce several well-received, polished customs.


Nunchuck & Sygenysis - I've had the honor and pleasure of pitching the vocals for over 75 of their Funhouse customs (Sy has since taught himself to pitch, but the backlog is huge). Producing 3-8 customs every single week since January, 2015, they are simply the greatest customs-building team in the community, hands down. The Funhouse overflows with creativity and social interaction and has become a C3 cornerstone.


AFJOne23 - I've contributed to some of AFJ's recent Soundgarden and Audioslave customs and he is always easy to work with. He's added drums to several of my customs bringing them up to FB. His dedication to Chicago is inspiring and my RB library thanks him.


MaybeTowelie, SpinDoctor, DenVaktare, EmotionalDaisy, DoNotPassGo, H3ADShOt3, Clumsy Plumsy  - All great collaborators through the years adding things to my incomplete customs or my doing the same for theirs.


Orange Harrison - He basically brought The Beatles Rock Band into RB3. It takes me forever to scroll through all The Beatles songs in game - thank you for that incredible body of work, I think it deserves special mention.


All Other Authors - There are far, far too many authors whose songs I enjoy to name them individually, but please know that my appreciation extends to all those who have sat before Reaper for hours on end, eyes glazed over and a little bit of drool running out of your mouth. Whether I played your custom or not, thank you just for taking the time to learn authoring then sharing your work here. This extends to those who have not learned to author, but contribute in other ways by fleshing out stories, providing metadata, reviews, play testing and other behind-the-scenes work most of us never think much about. Kudos to all involved.


Community, Non-Authors - Aside from those who come to C3 just to download the latest customs, there are many people who keep the forums alive and strong with their input and support. There have been personal tragedies shared here by several members and the outflow of support warms your heart. Differences of opinions aside, this is one of the better, more supportive communities on the web.

#15 Gigakoops


    Resident Movie Nerd

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Posted July 19, 2017 - 06:29 PM

I'd just like to show my appreciation for the help I've received over the years from Nightmare Lyra, BearzUnlimited, GhostByob, GreenPanda, Pksage, Chips, Linos Melendi, Wingsoveramerica, and Dash Riprock for helping out with customs of mine over the years! Sorry if I may have forgotten you, and you've helped me as well, do know that I also appreciate the help! Without all of you, a lot of the customs I've released and have worked on wouldn't be possible!


I'd also like to thank Rocker1999 for helping me figure out RB2 converts! While today there's a tool that allows anyone to make an RB2 con file, back before then I received a lot of help with my converts, and it's all thanks to them!


And last, I'd like to thank both BravoGangUS and Linos Melendi for making preview videos for my customs outside of C3's official releases (and also thanks to Linos for making that vocals version of Sandstorm, that is quite amazing). Sorry if I may have been a bit pushy at times, I'm still trying to work on tone on the internet.  :sweatdrop:

#16 RealCheese

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Posted July 19, 2017 - 06:31 PM

Definitely glad I found MrPrezident. Through his assistance, I was able to finally figure out Reaper and Magma and start making customs.

#17 ghostbyob

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Posted July 19, 2017 - 06:32 PM

Farottone and TrojanNemo for all help and tools (C3 Magma [The original Magma from HMX it's a terrible headache], CAT, C3CONTool)

for us in this community.


Ultimate_Mang0 and atupomaruru for bring their help and talent when I ask for a hand for X song.


and everyone (Linos Melendi, ShadowOfTheServer, XflamedX, Matsthemaster10, DoNotPassGo, Nightmare Lyre, Gigakoops, Mathespio, BravoGangUs, AddyMilldike, ElectricSkylab, Sinner, Lowlander2, Egead, Auriscope, RyanHYK, FbS-13, Sideshow, LyokoFreaks, Ardebitis, Sygenysis, Nunchuck, nsw1-6, dennyjayx, DVDSmith, BassSinger313, Fate/Neptune, bernie1491) involved in the project J-Rock Band for bring a big library based in japaneses artists with an amazing quality to simulate the work from Harmonix like an official content.

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#18 Spindoctor

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Posted July 19, 2017 - 06:56 PM

For me there are many but My biggest influence would have to be Nunchuck. We started off as a couple noobs who were willing to try whatever. We made some really bad customs/converts but never gave up the hope that one day we would be good at this. There is definitely no one with more passion for this game and site we are a part of than Nunchuck. Thanks for all you have done buddy. There are others to numerous to mention but I will give a shout out to my current partner in rhymes MrPrezident. He is definitely a good shit & lot of fun to work with.

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#19 AJFOne23

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Posted July 19, 2017 - 10:45 PM


#20 DenVaktare

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Posted April 12, 2018 - 07:00 PM

I'm certainly late to the party on this one, but it's never too late to show appreciation. I'm definitely going to miss people here.

There's just too many awesome individuals in this community! I'll try not turn this into a chronicle mini-series, but here we go:


pksage - His "How-To" twitch video was my starting point. His sense of humor kept me heavily engaged through it! I very much thank the benevolent overlord.


Nyxyxylyth - Besides giving us the very detailed tutorial on Vocals charting, he once very quickly and kindly answered a question of mine that allowed me to contine on Rosetta Stoned. Thanks, Nyx!


Farottone -  I don't have much to add to what's already been said about this incredible guy, so I'll thank him both for helping to create what this community is and for his constant dedication to it. I also very much appreciate the guidance regarding pitched vocals on my C3Thon contribution.


TrojanNemo - Besides bringing customs to the game and donating 10% of our C3Thon goal, this guy not only coded most of the tools we use, but then released his source code? What do I say to that?


espher - The Rock Band Harmonies Project was and still is an inspiration. I'm still floored by it!


Colonel 32dll - He very kindly allowed me, a complete amateur at the time, to bring drums to a few of his customs. The fact that he not only trusted his work to me, but also gave me some advice is definitely something that has stuck with me! Thanks for allowing me to get some traction, Colonel!


Sideshow - An author I've greatly enjoyed collaborating with! He's also frequently left comments on my thread and I much appreciate it!


CrazyCanuck - His reasons for getting into authoring definitely inspired me! Not to mention he brought us some excellent drum stuff. Yay Godsmack!


Bansheeflyer - An excellent moderator if there ever was one. Seriously, bravo, Banshee! Thank you! Also churns out great customs.


Funkydunkleman - His relentless attack on the AC/DC discography is truly inspiring.


Gigakoops - She truly made it Christmas when she delivered "Eulogy" by Tool. I'll never forget how excited I was watching the teaser video! Her customs are of an excellent quality and I've downloaded near everything. Thank you, Gigakoops! I'm a big fan!


Nunchuck & Sygenysis - Fun fact, if you were to draw blood from these guys, it would be composed of 120% dedication. Not possible? I didn't think so either. The number of customs this duo has churned out is just staggering. 


RyanHYK - The first custom I ever got to play was charted by this author. The quality sent me scouring for more! Thanks, Ryan!


AJFOne23 - An author fiercely devoted to the community and customs. I'm happy I've gotten to collaborate when I have!


Spindoctor - A really stand up guy with a massive thread of customs. He helped bring some of those nostalgic favorites from the older guitar heroes to us!


MrPrezident - This guy has made sure that I feel like I'm part of the community and I owe him for that more than he knows! Thanks very much, MrPrezident!


sailingwhisper & RealCheese - For bringing pitched vocals to a few of my customs. Very much appreciated!


oscarj08 - I've definitely been a huge fan of his work. He contacted me and we went back and forth to produce the current versions of the drum charts for "The Pot" and "Right in Two." Huge thanks!


Convour - For bringing some excellent songs to the game, and for trusting me to bring upgrades to "Sober" by Tool!


Nyoxide - Also for bringing some excellent songs to the game, and for trusting me to bring upgrades to "The Patient" by Tool!


xlxAvaricexlx - His customs were well charted and challenging, and at the time helped improve my drumming!


naginalJJ, BobQuentok, MrKnifeGuy, beeobee, bluesfan38, Mr.Burpler, Thomas O'Malley, Drivenunder4, lyrrah, questionmark, chexmixho, neomax1986, hobzee77, Distressed Ping, djmike 534, DieTheShisno, Damage Inc. - This crucial group of people hands down kept my thread going. I'm incredibly thankful to them and definitely would not have made as many customs as I had without their constant comments and excellent feedback! I can't retire until they each have their favorite track in the game haha!


Rushfan2112 - A beacon for positivity on these forums. His comments have provided so much fuel for so many threads, including mine. Thank you so much!


FarCry2112, hunttj, lifeismusic5, hotfuzz, manta, vsTerminus, DeathPancreas, BornGamerRob, Septekka - Another group of people who've taken the time to comment and whom I've gotten to chat with a little bit. Thanks so much!


MissingElements, Clumsy_plumsy & Chainsaw Octopus - Authors with content I've very much enjoyed, and whom have taken the time to comment on my thread! Thanks guys!


Atruejedi - The quality this guy approaches things with is just admirable. Every one of his posts is a treat.His request thread set the bar so high it's floating out in the cosmos somewhere. I've definitely enjoyed working with him and look forward to any future projects!


Funk Master Freud - Another awesome person who is dedicated to making sure to leave comments on near everything he comes in contact with. Thanks so much, Funkmaster!


Everyone who has left comments on my songs in the database (positive or negative), a huge thank you! Your feedback is crucial. Pyro852, Melsy, brystmar, ronier83, zombiefo0d, and fakedrummer89 are definitely some standouts, but there are plenty of others!


I'd also like to thank Grinnz and TheSmpati. Both individuals aren't currently a part of the C3 community (that I'm aware of), but both have given me lots of inspiration!


Lastly, I'd like to thank you. You're reading this now, you're part of the community, and this wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for you.

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