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2 years since played RB or Customs, question on updates

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#1 Tamster

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Posted July 4, 2017 - 03:13 PM

I primarily used my Xbox 360 for Rock Band. Yes an expensive adventure. It has been several years since I have played my xbox 360. I started my xbox up, hoping to play Rock Band 3. Xbox won't let me do anything until I update. I took the thumb drive out (update4) and tried to see if it would work, no still wants me to update. If I update will I still be able to use my thumb drive with my Customs? Is there anything that is new that I will need to do? Thank You very much for the help.

I did get an Xbox One, with the new RB4, and I was hoping to be able at some point be able to put my Customs on there. But haven't seen anyway to do this yet...


#2 Farottone


    The Lean Mean Customs Charting Machine

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Posted July 4, 2017 - 03:48 PM

With your TU4 stick in, configure the Xbox to disable Internet access.

#3 i0brendan0

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Posted July 4, 2017 - 03:49 PM

Also no, you cannot put customs on RB4.

#4 Whizzer

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Posted July 4, 2017 - 04:14 PM

If you do update, you'll most likely have to put your customs back unto the USB stick again. The filesystem changed, for the better, but it's not compatible with the old one.

#5 Tamster

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Posted July 5, 2017 - 02:39 AM

Whizzer, are you saying I should make a new stick with updated files? Where can I get this? Sorry it has been awhile. I need to start writing this stuff down, so I can remember the how too'.... Thank You

#6 Whizzer

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Posted July 5, 2017 - 07:36 AM

You can still use the old tools, but the new file system is much easier to work with on PC (and Mac/Linux).


If you update your Xbox360's software, there's no going back to the old stick. You can probably still get the customs off of them with the old tools, but I've never used them myself.


Your Xbox360 can then format the stick with the new file system. Then use C3 CON Tools' RBtoUSB function to put your customs back onto your stick. The customs themselves don't have to be changed in any way.


Hope that helps.

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