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Walk the Moon: Rock Band - Quesadilla! (08/30)

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Posted August 30, 2019 - 08:07 PM




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"Quesadilla" is the eclectic introductory track to Walk the Moon's self-titled major label debut, on RCA Records. This track is the perfect intro to Walk the Moon's music if you've never heard them before: a quirky, fun-loving indie beat that'll surely get you on your feet. Full of vibrant synthesizers, a danceable drum/bass line, and surf rock-esque guitar riffs, topped off with shy yet powerful vocals from all four members, what says summer better than Walk the Moon's "Quesadilla"? (No, that's not a euphemism.)


There are many highlights on this track, but I'll start with drums, played by Sean Waugaman. You'll get a lot of variety and challenge on this track (typical of Sean's drumming as a whole), from pounding tom work, to disco beats, to clicking a rhythm on the snare rim. The sheer amount of drumming on this track will leave some breathless, but it's a fun kind of pain! (That's the masochist in me speaking, of course. You'll probably have fun regardless of skill.)
Next up, keys, played by lead singer Nicholas Petricca. After an insanely fast intro trill, you'll get a break to rest your hand before diving into.. even MORE insanity, but with this insanity, it gets way more insane. It'll take many... MANY hours of practice to get this chart played right. Especially on Pro Keys, where the pre-chorus key riffs are an absolute shock when playing with someone who doesn't know the song, or is playing with one hand... or both! But, during the choruses, it's pretty standard synth stuff, which'll be easy enough.
Guitar, played by Eli Maiman, pretty much challenges your strum bar's capabilities, as he puts you through the wringer from the intro chords, to the chorus chords... and oh BOY that climactic ending. Let's just say, if you don't... ahem, exercise regularly, then your hand probably won't make it, as, even with lanes, the 32nd ascending rolls will be the final hurdle to conquer this track.
Now comes bass, played by Kevin Ray. There's nothing TOO special on this bassline, but it's still good fun to play, and has enough notes both to keep you on your toes and tap your toes at the same time.
Finally, vocals: lead singer Nicholas Petricca's voice is the cherry on top to this fine piece of indie rock work, singing about a beachside escapade with his lover, probably enjoying a quesadilla alongside it (after all, we gotta explain the title SOMEHOW, right?) All the other members (Eli, Kevin, and Sean) sing harmonies on this track, and they do a great job at it, too. Expect your typical slides, as well as long and short notes.
Overall, this is a great recommendation for a party song, as "Quesadilla" (and Walk the Moon's first major-label album in general) evoke a great party atmosphere that'll get even the guests not playing instruments to sing and dance along. Best paired with real-life quesadillas.


And now I must hide away for the next release...

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