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In Need Of Reaper Compilers (I have the BPM, chart, and audio)

help compiler compile

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Posted February 4, 2017 - 11:05 PM

I have been trying for countless hours trying to compile two songs in reaper. I just cant do it. Magma just doesnt like me i guess.

So, if anybody is willing to take the time to help me with this custom creation i would extremely appreciate it.


The songs i have the BPM, chart, and audio for are 

Green Day - See You Tonight (FB) (Guitar, vocals, harm1, harm2)

Green Day - Ordinary World (FB) (Bass, guitar, vocals)


See You Tonight BPM = 95.072096 though the entire song

Ordinary World BPM = 84.985836 though the entire song


I will provide audio, album pic, and chart if/when someone is ready to compile.


Like i said reaper/magma hates me. It says (track name) at 3.1 it should be at 1.1 even though it is. I have tried multiple fixes but still isn't working.


If the compiler is going to compile the song(s) in magma here is the info

See You Tonight:

Artist: Green Day

Master: Yes

Song: See You Tonight

Track #: 1

Album: ¡Dos!

Release date: 2012

Genre: Alternative

Language: English

Authors: Nekowill ✗ω✗ (Guitar) IMMCTNTJK (Vocals)

This song is a convert and is expert only.

Vocal gender Male (2)

Song Rating: FF


TomGuy is most likely working on this song:


Ordinary World:

Artist Green Day

Master: Yes

Song: Ordinary World

Track #: 12

Album: Revolution Radio

Release date: 2016

Genre: Alternative

Language: English

Authors: Hoph2o (Guitar) IMMCTNTJK (Bass and Vocals)

This song is a convert, rhythm on bass, and expert only

Vocal gender Male (1)

Song Rating: FF

#2 TrojanNemo


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Posted February 5, 2017 - 04:27 AM

I have been trying for countless hours trying to compile two songs in reaper. I just cant do it. Magma just doesnt like me i guess.


REAPER will never compile a song for you because that's not what REAPER is for. Magma has no idea who you are and trust me, it has no particular issue with you. But you seem to have started and want to get in running without learning to walk. The errors that Magma is telling you and the problems you're experiencing with Magma are because you haven't taken the time to learn the process well, and throwing the error-filled files at others for them to fix them is a cop-out. Take your time and learn how to do things yourself.

#3 mb1nightmare

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Posted February 5, 2017 - 04:50 PM

Nemo said everything! Now, let me quote myself from an answer I gave in another post of yours:

This is your starting point:


#4 Nolan

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Posted February 6, 2017 - 02:50 AM

Dude, I have your exact issue pretty much every time I try to make a custom. Magma is just super picky. One thing I'd suggest that helps though is to not use the midi cleaner... that seems a little counter-intuitive but when I do use that it gives me so much more trouble. Eventually you should be able to get the song to work, but it is a struggle.

I primarily play drums and sometimes chart stuff

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